Computer Science — Online (Oregon State Ecampus)


Computer Science — Online (Oregon State Ecampus)

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Disability Access Services at Oregon State University. [music] Laurye Clampitt: I was interested
in starting to figure out where I wanted to
get a Master’s Degree. A lot of the Master
programs for computer science I wasn’t eligible for. My husband was
looking for a program at the same time as well. He stumbled across the Oregon State Ecampus
Post-Bachelorate Degree. This program gives me
a more competitive edge with some of the
newer college graduates that are coming out that not only do I have the degree, but I also have the experience. Lara Martin: It’s
hard to get experience if you don’t have experience. And so taking those classes that
give you more computer science experience really help
you in the workforce. Right now, I’m a data analyst, and so, it’s nice because
the classes I have been taking are directly applicable
to my job now. I really enjoy to
cook in my spare time, when I have the time to cook. So I liked the fact that
it was a year program or two years program. It was really flexible. Laurye Clampitt:
I do work fulltime. I have four kids. I don’t have time to drive
places to really take classes, and I knew from reputation that
it was a really great school. Justin Wolford: One
thing I’m kind of pushing for in this program
is to really build an online sort of
portfolio to help them when they move off
from the program. And so trying to structure the courses so they come out with some sort of larger
project to show off. The idea of making good software instead of just
trying to ace the test I think is probably the most
important thing in this program. Lara Martin: I’ve taken
online classes before, and I think the
instructors in this program have really gone out of their way to make it more like
an on-campus experience. Like some of them hold
office hours on video chat, and so we can actually
see their faces and talk to them in real-time. Charles Clampitt: You don’t
have that in other places. There are a lot of
diploma mills out there that will take your money and not give you the quality or even the help that you need. And Oregon State had all
the pieces put together and put together very well. Lara Martin: The
field is growing. Technology is
advancing to a point where we need more
people who can use it, and O.S.U.’s connected in industry. It’s going to make a
huge difference for people that are looking for jobs and are looking for those
connections in the field. Laurye Clampitt: I honestly
feel like being in the program that there are people in there that really want to
see me be successful and see me finish. And I think that that, more than anything, is what is so incredibly
valuable about this program. [END]

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3 thoughts on “Computer Science — Online (Oregon State Ecampus)”

  1. jason avina says:

    The OSU post bachelor Computer Science degree has some major concerns. One, the program isn't ABET accredited, which matters to employers. Two, there are no math classes required. How can you develop applications for engineers when you don't even know calculus for example? If Khan academy can offer online math classes or Coursera I see no reason why OSU can't. That being said at least OSU is ahead of the University of California for even offering this program, so major props for that.

  2. jason avina says:

    or I guess California State University would be he more direct comparison, either way though.

  3. jason avina says:

    Thanks for replying. I actually think its a really exciting program, so that's just my two cents of constructive criticism. I'm actually considering applying that's why I'm so interested in the topic.

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