Content Strategy: Online Education or a Degree?

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Content Strategy: Online Education or a Degree?

Let’s say you spend $46,000
on a marketing degree at Harvard, and that cost can go upwards of
a couple of hundred thousand if you choose to go for an MBA. You’ve worked for months
to earn that degree and you’re in debt. But it’ll pay off in a career, right? Okay, now picture this. You just got a job at a marketing agency. Your boss asks you
to meet with their client, John, and figure out his marketing plan. It turns out John wants a serious
content marketing strategy. His buddy, Joe, runs an agency, and all of his leads come organically
from their strategic content that ranks highly in Google. Plus, John hates ads. So John’s asking you if your agency
can come up with a content strategy for his site and brand… set and prove content ROI, and create a budget for him
in a manageable way to where he can get awesome content,
reports and results. Now if all you had
was that marketing degree, would you know how to answer John? 6 years ago, I flunked out of nursing school
and I was considering my options. My passion was in writing
and entrepreneurship. I thought about an MBA
at a Pennsylvania college for $40,000 but I just didn’t want to get in debt, and I didn’t want to spend
12 months of my life studying in college. Now, I’m a disciplined self-learner,
so I took the other route. I decided to jump into a freelance career and teach myself how to write content
for the web and earn clients. Within 3 months of teaching myself
online writing skills, I had more clients than I could handle
so I decided to start a company. I decided to expand by looking for people
that loved writing as much as I do and start a team. So I jumped headfirst
into my 5 minute business idea and I call it Express Writers, and I literally started with nothing but $75, and I coded my own web site from scratch. My little company grew 200%,
year after year, and to date we’ve sold over
$4,000,000 worth of content to clients around the globe. We have over 40 people on staff today and 99% of our leads, revenue and business
comes through the content I create. Here’s the thing – I didn’t go to school
to learn how to do content successfully, and I’ve interviewed many experts on my show,
The Write Podcast, and I’ve learnt that they have experienced
the same thing. They’ve told me similar stories
of dropping out of college and succeeding through trial and error
and creative implementation after mistakes. For me, it took 6 years
in this industry of content marketing, full time, to learn how to do it well. This industry will be worth
313 billion dollars by 2019. Yet, only 9% of businesses
feel confident about their strategy. So even if you go to college,
you work hard to earn that marketing degree, you’re not guaranteed to know how to handle one of the biggest marketing industries
of our time which is content marketing, and the pain point in that industry
which is content strategy. As I’ve worked in my content agency
with both clients and writers, I keep seeing this pain point come up
over and over, and that’s why I’ve poured
everything that I know from the last 6 years of creating content
and selling over $4,000,000 worth into a course called The Practical Content Strategy
Certification Course. I’m going to be upfront. This course is not for a student
that just wants a certificate or a pass after reading some information, and this isn’t for a student
that wants education from a corporate, non-practical perspective. My course is a practical, advanced,
hands on course for the entrepreneur, freelancer,
agency owner or team member, marketer and consultant. So by the end of my course, you’ll no longer create content
that doesn’t matter, you’ll never run out of content again, and you’ll be overwhelmed with content,
out of time and unsure of the actual ROI
from the content investments you make. Instead, you’ll have a wealth
of content ideas to pull from whenever you need them, you’ll know how to research trending topics, you’ll be able to formulate
high ROI keyword reports and identify SEO content opportunities. It will become second nature to you. You’ll be able to build
a seamless editorial calendar in minutes, track and prove
the ROI of the content you create, and you’ll know how to consult and manage
the expectations of your clients. And throughout this course, you’ll actually get to build
the mini parts of a brand content strategy with personal feedback from me and my team. I’m also honored to have
guest experts join me in this course including Sujan Patel, internet entrepreneur, and expert content marketer, Michele Linn,
VP of content at Content Marketing Institute, and Steve Rayson, the co-founder of BuzzSumo. So back in June, we had a closed beta launch of this course
for about 20 students, and that beta launch went so well
that we heard our first student saying that this training will position him
as a pioneer in the industry in their city. So, as we relaunched, I’ve repackaged this course
into multiple formats, including an all access pass where you can get all of the information
including personal mentoring and feedback in order to earn certification. Or you can just pick one of the 6 main classes
that make up this course and refine a weak area
in your content strategy skills. So be sure to look around the site
and request your free copy of the curriculum. I hope to see you inside my course.

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