Contour Makeup Has Gone Too Far (Hot Date)


Contour Makeup Has Gone Too Far (Hot Date)

(upbeat music) (electric buzzing) – It’s like I want a burger
but I just saw Cowspiracy and it made me really hungry
so I already had one for lunch. – You have something on your face. – Like an eyelash? – No, like dirt, dirt and mud I think. – Oh, it’s my contour makeup. – You look like you’re in
Broadway’s The Lion King. – I know, but it looks
really good in pictures. (camera clicking) You see, contour makeup
is an optical illusion. By putting highlighter and
bronzer on certain parts of my face, I can accent my cheekbones or make my lips look poutier. – But in real life you look
like a dirty sand skeleton. – Real life is fleeting,
Instagram likes last forever. (camera clicking) – Okay, I guess if I look at you through the phone camera you look normal. – Thank you. (yelling) Oh, I thought you were a
dumpster mummy, I’m sorry. – Oh shoot. I need a touch up.
– You need a bath. (squelching) – All better.
– How is that better? You’re wearing enough
makeup to drown an elephant. – Family. Enough makeup to drown an elephant family. Grown ups too, none of them are babies. Like four to seven adult elephants. What, I’m gonna look great
in our pictures tonight. Here, let me show you, come over here. (camera clicking) Oh my god. You look disgusting. – What’s up the world? From award holders Murph and Emily comes a new webseries called Hot Date. – That’s right, it’s going
to be coming to you weekly, and if we play our cards right, maybe we’ll actually win one of these. – Yes. These are other peoples’.
– These are other peoples’. – But… We’re holding them, so, who’s the real winner?

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3 thoughts on “Contour Makeup Has Gone Too Far (Hot Date)”

  1. Simo_Simo says:

    She reminds me of English women. Wait, far too elegant to be one.

  2. Oma Rumunna says:

    Still funny.

  3. Lea Lopez says:

    What shee need is just to blend the rough edges…. Look at me, watching 7 season of Drag Race and im a make up expert

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