Convenient ways to save money, travel and go to school online!

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Convenient ways to save money, travel and go to school online!

Good morning everybody, I’m Olga
Villaverde. And I’m Amber Milt,
welcome to the Balancing Act. Engage in positive social
change, that’s the mantra of one university as they try to offer
a curriculum for the leaders of tomorrow. You know what,
tomorrow sounds like a great day to get away or at least to plan
a getaway. We have travel tips
that’ll have you cruising to a tropical destination. Plus we’re
in the kitchen once again with our friend, Chef Ralph Pagano. Mmm, we’ve got all that and so
much more. It all starts right
now. (music). I choose the social impact
program because I consider myself to a social
artist, and what I mean by that is I’ve dedicated my career to
looking at society and social ills, and trying to bring
solutions to impact issues like poverty. Poverty has been my
main focal point. The value of
higher education in today’s competitive job market cannot be
overstated. Learning to become
compassionate leaders in an interconnected world is equally
important. With us to discuss
positive social change and revolutionary engagement skills
from the college classroom and beyond, is Dr. Eileen Aranda,
President of Claremont Lincoln University. Good morning. Good
morning Olga, how are you? Great. Thank you so much for
being here doctor. Well thank
you for inviting us to the Balancing Act. We have so much
to talk about and the first thing I wanted to ask in terms
of just your opinion is like that need for society to evolve. It’s necessary, right? It is
necessary. In fact, if we don’t
evolve we’re probably going to implode. That’s right. So we
need to learn to get along together. We need to learn to be
able to resolve the issues that cause us difficulty without
violence, with respect, and so at Claremont Lincoln University
that’s what we teach. Those
engagement skills to allow that to happen. And I know you’re
very passionate about teaching those engagement skills. Explain
that a little more. Engagement
skills. That ability to draw out
other peoples perspective. So we
teach mindfulness, focus, we teach dialogue. That ability to
draw out other peoples ideas, not just your own. Collaboration, how do I work
with a group, and finally change making, how do I actually get
something done? It strikes me as
a very forward thinking environment. Am I right? It is,
it is. We took the best of
traditional education when we decided to build a new
university. So we have faculty
that facilitate, we have practitioners that come out of
our programs. It is an exciting
way to learn. So how does that
apply then to the online program? Well online is the way
to learn for the 21st century. Everyone is used to their
digital devices. We learn, we
talk, we engage through the internet, and so education needs
to be the same way. There’s a
new term called ubiquitous learning, which means I want to
learn everyday, every way, on demand, and at Claremont Lincoln
we do that. And online, when it
comes to doing those programs, what can one shoot for in terms
of, a masters degree for example? What is offered? You
can get a masters degree, you can get certificates, you can
subscribe to a lecture series. We have education for everyone. A huge variety. Now when it
comes to that personal 1 on 1, a lot of people just sometimes say
‘You know I’m not into it’ or ‘I just don’t like it cause I feel
like I’m not gonna get the help I need, the connection I want,’
that personal 1 on 1 touch. Not
so anymore? Not so anymore. In
fact online education is much more intimate than traditional
classroom education? How so? Because you’re engaged with a
group of people. Everyone talks,
not just the 5 people who always have a comment about everything. It’s not the instructor who is
the one sharing information, it’s all of the students. Everyone’s engaged so you really
learn the material about your colleagues better than it used
to be. So you really don’t feel
like you’re alone. You’re not
alone. You’re engaged with a
whole group of people. If you
want, 24/7. Whenever you can do
it. On the plane, on the train-
On the go. On the go,
absolutely. What about cost and,
y’know just kinda debt in case it’s so expensive cause
students, unfortunately, get a lot of student debt. They do,
and graduate education can be very expensive. Now it’s a good
return on your investment. No
matter what you make it in the end. That’s right, but in
traditional education there are a lot of built in costs, that at
CLU we’ve really tried to eliminate. So at Claremont
Lincoln University you can get a masters degree in 15 months for
15,000 dollars. Oh wow. So you
can leave with an accredited degree and not be in debt, and
be able to do the job, find the career that you want to do. And
definitely get that bump in the salary and more opportunities
and doors open. And the ability
to really do things that make your life meaningful. So for
anyone out there, who may be thinking of one ‘I’ve thought of
getting my masters, and always there’s something that stops me,
and there really should be no reason whatsoever,’ closing
thoughts? Claremont Lincoln has
education for everyone. The
degree that we have, the courses that we teach enhance anyone’s
education, anyone’s career. They
are the things you need to do to know the mindset and skill set
to be able to work in the 21st century, build relationship. Where can we learn more? Thank you
so much. And remember, we’re
online by design. We’re online
by design. Thank you doctor so
much, appreciate all the information. Thank you. And if
you’d like more information on Claremont Lincoln University you
can go to our website and that’s or log on to
Facebook/theBalancingActFans. (music). People definitely look at my now
experience in combination with my education as a lot more
valid. As my suggestions, my
opinions, the strategies that I propose to the work that we do
are taken more heavier now than they used to. (music). All right, Olga, I’ve heard you
like to cook. I love to cook! I
know you don’t like to but- I like to
eat. I love to cook, so it’s a
good combination here, but let us not digress, get it? Oh
lettuce. Thank you. Chef Ralph
is in the kitchen this morning with a QuickByte that puts a new
twist on lettuce wraps, my favorite. (music). Welcome to my kitchen. This is
QuickBytes with me, Chef Ralph Pagano. When it
comes to eating, I like to take a cue from the Indian culture
and I like to get my hands on. I’ve been fiddling with my food
since childhood, and these moo shu-like lettuce wraps are
another great excuse to hold dinner in the palm of my hand. So today, I’m gonna make these
cool Asian lettuce wraps. Now
check it out. We cook these
noodles in a big pot of broth that we use the seasoning pack
to flavor up. You know ramen
noodles, you can use them so many different ways, and the
seasoning pack really is packed with so much flavor, you’re
gonna love it. Here, the
noodles, to that I’ve got a dressing that I want to make. I’ve got sesame oil, soy sauce,
some fresh ginger and garlic, they taste great, a little bit
of cayenne pepper, give it a little spice, little heat. This
I’m gonna dance around carrots, green onions, red peppers, you
want yellow peppers, you want orange peppers, you want white
onions, you want beets, now’s the time to put ’em in. They can
all dance together in the bowl. I’m gonna add some nice diced
chicken. I took this chicken and
steamed it, but I marinate the chicken first with a little bit
of rice wine vinegar and ginger so the chicken’s got a lot of
flavor. Put that all together
like that. Put everybody in
there. Some cilantro too. And
this? The star of the show,
Maruchan Ramen Noodles. These
noodles are absolutely fantastic. Maruchan for making
these noodles for close to a 100 years, and they know what
they’re doing. I’m gonna use
these chopsticks to spin this around. This dish right now is
smelling so good, that soy sauce and sesame really jump out at
ya. The peppers get to dance
around, I got these lettuce cups, so this is fresh flavor,
this is so easy. Now check this
out, you can make this in the morning, you can make this in
the afternoon, you can make this the day before, and have it in
the fridgerator. The kids come
home from school, you pop out a lettuce wrap, you grab your
chopsticks, you put the noodles, make sure it gets some carrots,
make sure they get some of this cilantro, it’s nice and fresh. Ah man, look at that. The
carrot. That I could be eating
all day long. You wanna learn
more about ramen noodles from Maruchan? You know I do. Log
onto You
can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well. You want to
share your favorite ramen noodle recipe with us? Send it to us,
we’re dying to see it. Remember,
this has been a QuickByte, but chew slowly. (music). Wow. He’s got some great
ideas and they look fabulous. And healthy too. Mmm. Yes. You know
what else is a good idea though? What is? And
healthy thing to do? You want to
be prepared before you hit the road. This is true, and here
with some travel tips, courtesy of Sunoco, is Debi Marie. Travel tips, brought to you by
Sunoco. On the racetrack or the
road home, Sunoco, fueling victories everyday. Water, drink
plenty of it throughout the day. From home, office, to working
out, it’s even great advice for those long car trips. Being
hydrated keeps us alert on the road, and you know what? Your
car needs hydration too. Think
of the fluids and oils as hydration for your car. Probably
the most important lubricant is oil, along with coolant in fact,
it’s the one that should be checked most often. Oil keeps
the engine running smoothly, lubricating all those moving
engine parts. Check oil levels
with the dipstick. If it’s a
quart low, go ahead and add one. It’s easy to do. Just make sure
the dipstick is the one for oil, and they’re color coded. Yellow
is the most common. Coolant, it
works to keep your engine cool during hot and summer months but
during the winter and cooler months it works as an
anti-freeze to keep your engine block from cracking. When you’re
checking your coolant levels, be sure your car hasn’t been
running for at least 30 minutes. Remove the cap slowly and fill. How about your windshield? Keep
fluids topped off, so look for the windshield wiper icon, pop
the plastic top, and pour. A
clean windshield gives you better visibility, especially at
night. The power steering fluid
container is a plastic tub with a cap. Pop it open and check it
out. If you’re on the road and
you find that you’re low on any fluids or oils, stop into
Sunoco. Fill ‘er up, and hydrate
her up. Stay hydrated and your
car will love you for it, and don’t forget, drink your water. Hydration is good for cars and
people too. Well, that’s it for
now, we’ll see ya next time. Happy trails. Travel tips
has been brought to you by Sunoco. On the racetrack or the
road home. Sunoco, fueling
victories everyday. (music). Hey, How do you Maruchan?
(commercial). (music). Frankly, and be honest, you know
this, proper hydration is key 24/7
365. We need to be drinking
enough water all year round. Now
here to remind us why proper hydration is always important
and to share some great hydration tips is Matt Sheehan
from Primo Water. Good morning! Good morning! How are you? Thanks for being here. I’m doing
great. Alright, basic question,
basic answer. Are we drinking
enough water? We’re on the right
track, but we are not there yet. Doctors for years have been
telling us that eight glasses a day. We are on more of the two
to four glasses a day, but really excited to see some of
the trends. Where in 2017 it’s
predicted that Americans will drink more bottled water than
they will soda and that’s a really exciting trend to see how
American families are focused on health. Because it’s really
important for our health, isn’t it? It’s incredibly important
for our health. A few things
happen when you’re dehydrated. Number one we can get very
moody. Our mental acuity can
change. Just how sharp we are
during the day. Most important
the way I look at it is our energy levels can dip low and
you don’t need a lot of soda or sugar to do that. What you need
is you need the water substance in your body. Drink more water
and you’ll have more energy. And
I know you can look good also when you’re aging because I’ve
been told that if you drink a lot of water it helps. You must
drink a lot of water! Oh thank
you! You are such a sweet heart. I love this man! Haha! You can
come anytime. Alright, so tell
me why we’re not drinking enough water? What’s the problem? We
need to make it a habit. What’s
really important for us it to set it up in our households so
it’s a habit. We have one of
these in our households. I have
three kids. Seven, five and
three. My three year old goes
right to the dispensary, gets his little red spider man cup
and he goes right away and gets his water. We have to think
about water as a habit, not as a product. And when we do that
we’ve heard for years from consumers that they drink more
water because they have a solution in their house, not a
product. And this really
creates that good habit as supposed to grabbing the soda? It sure does. In fact in our
household there is no soda. We
make sure that our kids this is the option they have to drink
and they’ve been doing it since they were little little. I have
a thirteen year old and an eleven year old and to this day
they have not tried soda and I’m happy about that. Well you’re
doing a great job as a parent then! But I do think we need
more water. So let me ask you
this, what’s the difference let’s say between filtered
water, tap water and Primo water? Let me start with, it’s
an important question, let me start with Primo water. We use
reverse osmosis which breaks down water and goes through a
purification process. That’s
very different than tap and it’s very different in filtered water
itself. So we feel very proud
about the extra care we put into the water and it’s very
different than tap and filters. Filter will take some things out
of the water, but not all of it. And tap is good in many parts of
the country, but as we are seeing there are places that
have really challenging tap water and what we see in those
areas are consumers more and more are coming to a long term
solution so that their families can have a habit in their
household. That’s where it
starts. Now when your family
gets through one of these how do you refill it? Two ways to do
it. You can refill it yourself,
take it back to the store where you got it and fill it yourself
in a self refill station, or you can exchange it for another five
gallon container of water that’s prepackaged. And plenty of
storage to do that? Twenty five
thousand stores are around the country so we are literally
around the corner from your house and every American’s house
that there is. And not only are
you drinking good water, which is good for you, you are also
helping the environment. We sure
are. And Matt is it affordable? It’s extremely affordable. Really? Yes, this, if you refill
this, it’s 37 cents a gallon and in some places it’s 27 cents a
gallon and that crock that we see there that’s extremely
affordable for an American family to commit to water. Alright, so I had my cup of
coffee Matt and I’m going to grab a glass of water because I
need to now have one for the morning and for our viewers out
there where can they get more information? I like this one! It would look
good in my kitchen. It looks
great. It’s simple. A lot of
people love it. Thank you so
much for your time! Healthy. Cheers!
(music). And speaking of water, the
waters of Bermuda certainly are beautiful. You listening to that honey? I hope my husband
hears that. Olga is
back with some affordable options from an unexpected
resource that could have you, and hopefully me, cruising in no
time. You’re gonna want
to check this out. (music). Whether it’s a stock
up size of paper towels, a giant flatscreen
TV, or everything you need to throw a party,
shopping at BJs Wholesale Club means saving lots of money,
but did you know you can also book travel at a discount? So
the next time you’re in line at the checkout, wishing you were
cruising in the Caribbean, you might consider booking your
vacation online. Where will BJs
travel take you on vacation? Okay, so I know where I’m going,
I’m thinking a cruise to Bermuda for my entire family, which is
perfect because with me is the President and COO of Norwegian
Cruise Line, Andy Stuart. Also
joining in on the conversation this morning, Senior Vice
President of Partner Brands for BJs Travel, Camille Olivere. Good morning to both of you. Good morning. Can you tell I’m
excited? Yes. Born and raised in
Miami, I love cruising and I know we’re going to be talking
about cursing in just a bit, but first let’s talk about BJs. I’m
really surprised. Now there’s
travel. Cause when I go to BJs,
you know I get food I save money. Yeah, we’re actually not
in the stores so a lot of people don’t actually realize that
there is a travel benefit, and when you book travel through BJs
we’ve negotiated the best possible rates on behalf of the
members, and also they get a gift card every time they book. And they get great deals to
cruise. That’s right. I’ve never
been to Bermuda, and rather than flying there and renting a car,
and doing that hotel thing, I can cruise there. You have to
cruise to Bermuda. It’s a
wonderful destination and at Norwegian Cruise Line we have 2
ships, one based in New York, one based in Boston. The
Norwegian Breakaway, the Norwegian Dawn, and Bermuda’s an
unbelievable destination. And to
cruise there’s the best. You
don’t have to fly, you have a couple of days at sea, and we
all love the days at sea just to enjoy the ship, watch the world
go by. You feel good, the kids
are right there with you, they can go have a good time, you
don’t have to worry. Exactly. The kids get a little bit of
freedom, which is hard these days, and they can enjoy kids
programs and parents, the dining is unbelievable, 9, 10, 20
different dining choices. French
restaurants, steakhouses, every choice you can imagine. Something different every night. So the diet can be a little
challenging. Who cares! And when
you get to Bermuda there’s beautiful beaches and that
little British flavor that I have a penchant for. So it’s a
great, great way to go to a beautiful destination with
Norwegian Cruise Lines. So
Camille, tell me how I can go to Bermuda on Norwegian Cruise
Line, save money, and what do I have to do? You have to be a
member of BJs, and then you can book through BJs Travel, and
then you can get your fabulous Norwegian vacation, and get your
gift card. I’m there. Thank you
so much for your time. I
appreciate it. Andy, thank you
as well. Thanks Olga. And of
course if you’d like more information on traveling to
Bermuda on Norwegian Cruise Line, you have to go to or go to our website, Can you tell I like cruises? (music). And that’s our show for today. Great show, right? It was. It
went by so quick. Especially the
food, but head to our Facebook page and our website, follow us
on Twitter, we’ve got great information there. Thanks for
watching everybody, we’ll see you next time. (music).

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