Coolest College Classes from Around the USA!


Coolest College Classes from Around the USA!

that there are not too exciting but
actually very interesting and inside western or you know that some of the
course coming from elite daily and then coming up in a
couple that he has a lot to have some more specifics on some other parts of
the time i thought were work really quality about i’m not one of my
favorites off of this is nothin but inci bay and that is literally a college class
diane this is coming from all grill in college and they have annex beer mental
college where students can keep their own course for a semester selling this one i guess
unseen picked dot on the history of rap music in it significance in american
society i’d like to happened on this list but we always talk about how college is
so hard to pay for and madison but live suffered comments and added kids i think that that professors can
use uh… a popular issue to related back to something and really
educate students about about differently the thinking about the world but a lot of by also think you might
just be wasting your money so you know if you know i don’t i don’t doubt on the
story but i just i had a different there may have and i was going to ask we we have to use a number of a vote
liberal arts courses aleph yet you know that lake if this is mentioned on like
the five o’clock scissorhands just explode the qualities thing wrapped but you’re studying music laker jazz
history classes and then suddenly deathly trap has it been around for
three-and-a-half years it’s been around for decades now there’s been lots of
people it’s got geographic differences aside in a different styles rise and
fall like i wouldn’t want to take the class of
zero although it did proposing a rap but it’s studying it studying music adam per
se may prompt that if you’re gonna go if you take a liberal arts classes usually
so ya and i’m not going to care for a cure falling in world seemed anis automatically charging you offer
and they’re all meet writing for talk ready but if you’re taking eighteen in in cell fell free to stop your time with some of
these fun extra classes letters from your family i’ve got one so the one that
i wanted to instantly isn’t kinky crafts charities that reid collins and so it
says it’s a course in which students learn to
make things like a leather cops and collars that they can either sell or
keep themselves at the end of semester um… so this is the book sounds fun
because they say cops in collar scott knows what else you’re making a like that might be fun of but also this can
actually make sense of you and make some extra money uh… right now with the
whole popularity of fifty shades of gray making super high-quality like bondage
gear and stuff like that maybe to make some actually read this article recently
i forget what magazine it was but talking about how there are like really high and very
pricey facts always leg lake there hasn’t been vibrators me out of the
league long glasses dot better like thousands of dollars it’s becoming like pat and if that is
simple especially for women it’s like discussion in their league new age of of liberation or whatever it may be due
related that anticipate the other one of the african-american kyra why wasn’t i
relax a little of she select from a pool there whenever and i wanted to start a
bit very briefly i want to start a business that just made like super picked up with this one little gold and platinum diamonds and
stuff like that to sell to like celebrities i want to have abandoned
that idea don had pat pending hamper sitewide now because
you’ve shared like probably ten times on the shelf i just wonder how many other
when you have the reactor and that i forget about i never got about that but
i think that some celebrities of one really awesome look you know i’m sure
crystal who got to talk about anything even like you know do you hold the bat
while they’re free cellphone cover exactly paragon until really exited the nothing that you
think that we talked about class like this before there’s another lady gaga
snow inspired class called lady gaga and the sociology of fame um… and to the extent of talks about
the meaning in importance of the music it says here are not that interested in
it but if you’re talking about like like gender norms and yeah i think that
it would produce some interesting material i’m not going back to what i
was talking about what i said earlier was there’s a way to take this and he’s
having an educational course like that like gender norms but other than it is
not a delight a block class at least a time like this
when you talk about her size another something discussed behind the
today unbiased in their view of the united
uterine hotter hardest nancy leave and sometimes not someone i have
been talking about is not nightmare invited and glove not bad
anti-trust called harry potter led to that in ohio state actually and then it says the most important
inspiring letter a series of the past ten years as family need knowledge for
its revolutionary storytelling abilities so it doesn’t actually saying
what the class and since simpson i study of the the that have said i was on the basis of the
world i mean it’s gotten many books it’s
actually it’s not a kids book as special as you go into the fourth and fifth
member of written for adults i think downpayment permissions usually rally is
late but charles dickens’ of our time kids there no-load dickens but you know that makes
me live at daycare alley and some other early a m um… i’d delete that these
are gonna be the balcony but like a hundred years from now on people are sub
i could see that hotter and football but but yeah i i have no private server
them setting aside personally think that uh… i mean look at it if you’re a math uh… seem it doesn’t
make any sense to take this but if you’re in english student why i’d if i
was doing english in my creative writing unlawful class on game of frozen that
serious because that it was a major change to american
fancier just affairs in general as an american version of fantasy very dark
and all that having this survey makes sense uh… but what i want to talk about that
i think it is ridiculous and i actually don’t think should be class at learning
from utube noteworthy is that i want to use as much as possible and you do but
let me give you descriptions cost it teaches students how the most
effectively utilize the wide variety of tutorials in lessons one can find a
muted from dance moves to computer software this class is all about
learning to basically do anything without leaving your house requiring addl agarwal and something yet boulet like at tel nine we are ok
complicated anything unless i think my fantasy

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100 thoughts on “Coolest College Classes from Around the USA!”

  1. HitchensImmortal says:

    Owl, cowl, growl, fowl, prowl, scowl, howl. As opposed to bowl.

    Not an difficult mistake to make.

  2. TheHabsification says:

    these are the reasons people don't get work after coming out of uni they do pointless courses

  3. LindwurParty says:

    Sounds great – wish we had that class here!

  4. TheHabsification says:

    its pronounced as rolling not as rowling

  5. Ryan Donahoo says:

    I have honestly never heard of a college only charging you for 12 hours when your taking anything over 12. What colleges do that?

  6. Nökkvi Þórs says:

    what is that t-shirt referencing?

  7. gangstamind187 says:

    The thing with rap is that it has ties to inner city youth. It's been molded by history, so studying it can help us learn a lot about the unique experiences of youth across the U.S. Just had to point that out…

  8. supp de says:

    Aww, Tractor Driving class at UC Davis is not on the list!

  9. leo j says:


  10. Kuinton says:

    John would you kindly tell lisa I find her make up very pretty and well done?

  11. ILikeChickenZ1 says:

    Not a kids book? I read the 7th harry potter book in 4th or 5th grade. After reading all the other books

  12. Kaitlyn Withakay says:

    As a proud Harry Potter nerd, I must point out that "Rowling" rhymes with "bowling," Lisa!

  13. That Man's an Animal says:

    Making leather items huh… Sounds like an arts n crafts class. Should have em cut the hide off a cow n tan the leather themselves. Probably wouldn't wanna use that shit in bed after going through that.

  14. CoolJZero1 says:

    John if they had a star wars course would you join it

  15. ThinkTank says:

    Comparative politics of the Outer Rim.. sure 🙂 – John

  16. ThinkTank says:

    I shall – John

  17. CatMoca says:

    There are plenty of degrees like that. It is common. And there is plenty of value in learning about issues with gender, and gender norms

  18. OtherAnimal says:

    ………….FUCK Harry Potter.

  19. Thatchickx03 says:

    Hopefully not twilight, lol.

  20. anarchsnark says:

    I took a class about American culture and the Simpsons. Best class EVER!

  21. Michele says:

    Coolest college class I took – it's a toss up between Sexuality in the Enlightenment Age and Grimms Fairy Tales in Context. 🙂 Imagine your teacher talking about orgasms, big dicks, and rough sex (read Fanny Hill)…and reading the GOOD Grimms Fairy Tales (which were actually household tales) where there is blood and guts and death. Just great reading all around.

  22. Jonathan Fesmire says:

    There's a lot of that–though not dull-in Darth Plagueis. Just sayin'.

  23. Jonathan Fesmire says:

    Lisa: JK Rowling rocks. But Stephen King is the Charles Dickens of our time.

  24. jlo52bubbles says:

    There's a class at OXY about Chinese ghost stories! I thought it was pretty awesome when I read into it:)

  25. davidthesurfer says:

    too much makeup lisa

  26. Armitzel says:

    "Sociology of Fame" would be a cool class, but I wouldn't want it to focus on Lady Gaga. Perhaps Michael Jackson or other public figures.

  27. Windir2112 says:

    I took a class this year in university that was an Introduction to Existentialism class but through the lens of Alan Moore's Watchmen. Essentially we discussed all the philosophy within the book like Nietzsche and Heidegger and stuff like that. Probably the coolest class i've ever taken.

  28. andre yap says:

    im a potterhead to lisa!

  29. altosax1st says:

    We at Rutgers had a Harry Potter and Genetics seminar

  30. The2005rwb says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  31. ThinkTank says:

    that's one class? – John

  32. Godgives Goodhead says:

    John has highdeas

  33. Matthew Potter says:

    You're correct, phonetically it is not a difficult mistake. My point is just that it's a name that's been in the public sphere for fifteen years now, so most people "should" know how it's pronounced by now.
    I think Stephen Fry made a funny comment on the subject. After clarifying he said, "So if any of you hear someone pronounce her name "Rohw-ling", you have my permission to hit them over the head with — not with Order of the Phoenix, that would be cruel. Something smaller, like a fridge."

  34. tdevil619 says:

    those classes must be from S.H.I.T. – South Hamptons Institute of Technology.

    – Accepted

  35. Kamau Agard says:

    OMG… . so much tension between them lol

  36. maria y says:

    when i went to Berkeley, I took a class on Yaoi and Psychology of Women (it was one of those classes also taught by undergrads). I had no idea what Yaoi meant until the instructor said "i'm so glad so many of you enjoy gay porn" and it finally made sense why this class was full of girls. hahaa.. uhh..this would happen to me… lol
    I ended up staying in class though, it was an easy A and it was actually kind of interesting but not needless to say… gay anemie porn is not really my thing.

  37. Brenediction says:

    I want to take Wumbology, the study of Wumbo.

  38. Otaku: Phase II says:

    I'm a math student and I would take the Harry Potter class.

  39. Eddie Subarashi says:

    the youtube thing is sad and true sad cuz ur in a class to do omething u can do for free true cuz so many people learn so many things sure doubt ur gonan be grandmaster at soemthing but its a good start

  40. Sovereign Inquiry says:

    Not really, I hear people talking about majors and stuff and sometimes when they refer to collages, i dont know if they mean a collage or a collage in university.

  41. duke9891 says:

    lol. because my university just built their second new athletic training facility in the last 7 years i can garuntee you i will never take a bullshit credit like that

  42. HitchensImmortal says:

    A university is just a collection of colleges. If it's 'just' called a college it's just one school with one field of study.

    College is also a common word to use when describing the time you spent in secondary education, at least in the US it is. Most people will say 'when I was in college' as opposed to 'when I attended university' even if they attended a major university.

  43. Uglyknees says:

    It's not American fantasy, neither Harry Potter or JK Rowling are American.

  44. Sovereign Inquiry says:

    Ah, well collage doesn't mean secondary education at all here. Thanks all the same.

  45. Casey Jones says:

    JK Rowling is the modern day Charles Dickens?


  46. Brier Lappin says:

    John would you tell Lisa to stop speaking for women? She's making them look bad.

  47. yeahr rightr says:

    not a harry potter nerd? well after watching all the movies the books and going back to them, that makes you a harry potter fan closet case

  48. HitchensImmortal says:

    Well if you're actually talking about a 'collage' that's just a collection of pictures on a matte. I certainly wasn't under the assumption that's what you intended to say.

  49. Brandon Espino says:

    "hopefully not twilight"

  50. Noah Smith says:

    Harry Potter revolutionary? Wow, that's a slap in the face…

  51. mji245 says:

    I Would waste my time with youtube class..

  52. Thestralsxxx says:

    At my school we have a defense against the dark arts class. It's like religious studies and anthropology and stuff. And a class on the hunger games.

  53. AnimeAddict161 says:

    Imagine if someone filmed the youtube class and put it up on youtube. XD

  54. TopHatKitty says:

    The youtube class may be for older people though. I recently went to a social media seminar with my father because he doesn't understand how it works at all.. and I was just like…on instagram and tumblr on my phone the whole time.

  55. KuzcoCool96 says:

    😀 i MUST take the Gaga class.

  56. fiendkracken1 says:

    I really miss when Anna was the only female anchor. This girl is probably the most annoying individual and I hate it when she chimes in to speak.

  57. Tedikun says:

    I am not surprised that a lot of people aren't finding jobs after college if they are taking classes like these. This is the reason why college is becoming the new high school and everyone is getting post grad degrees instead.

    The biggest blow off class I could find at my university was a class on brewing and winemaking, but even then it was mostly about the biology of fermentation and distillation and it was only worth half credit.

  58. Tedikun says:

    Have you seen the Harry Potter fandom on the internet? They have websites and conventions, fan fiction, and expanded story and thousands of pictures on tumblr… By comparison just reading the books and watching the movies makes you like a person that thumbed through the first chapter of book 1 and thought it was okay.

  59. nett103 says:

    Then go elsewhere. Problem solved.

  60. Doplg says:

    Pfft Harry Potter is a childrens book and the last couple books are a mess. The films aren't that great either. Its like watching highlights of the books where they randomly change things for no reason. I enjoyed the series but the last few books and the films really hurt the brand in my opinion. Game of Thrones is a good call though even if the 4th book is meh.

  61. Elias Connor says:

    I took a course called: Grateful Dead evolving America, and I learned quite a bit about the 60s counter culture among other things

  62. Harry Sachs says:

    I took a class called Roman Legions vs Barbarians, it was awesome.

  63. sevens2 says:

    I just realized that all the viewers of TYTU are art students.

  64. DieHardEE says:

    TYT University, this video is nice and all but please do a video about STEM Visa bill passed in Congress on 11-30-2012, that will give green card to international students with hi-tech science degrees. I expect TYT to inform their followers about this very important bill.

  65. karumira says:

    The funnest class I took was mushroom identification — sounds boring, but it was friggin awesome.

  66. doftpunk101 says:

    Ummm, googling to learn how to learn how to learn in a learning facility… Is there a class for that?

  67. Jeremy Hanson says:

    No, JK Rowling IS NOT the Charles Dickens of our time. JK Rowling is trash. Anyone could have written Harry Potter.

  68. Some Anon says:

    In that case, we'll all be waiting for your literary debut within the next year. 😉

  69. Some Anon says:

    If people are still reading Twilight in the next hundred years, we have failed as a people.

  70. Some Anon says:

    Make it happen. Pleeeease.

  71. Some Anon says:

    My school has a course about Wikipedia… No, seriously.

  72. FishDontBlinq says:

    I bet I could learn more on youtube, with proper direction, than in most classes I was apart of in High School 1999-2003. Plagiarism is an issue but fact checking, as a part of the grade for the class, will also teach you to spot bull shitters though the first day of class is likely going to over the definition of a Rick Roll and Trolololol videos.

  73. OuranLoverFabio says:

    I love John's shirt. Like it's my new favorite thing.

  74. altosax1st says:

    it was a freshman seminar (so at least 2/3 of the semester)

  75. rapmanej1989 says:

    Why is john wearing a Clue t-shirt?

  76. Casual Supreme Smasher says:

    I immediately thought of Expertvillage as soon you mentioned "Learning from Youtube" class. 0_0

  77. The King of No-Pants says:

    In the Swedish PCGamer they mentioned a "Norse Mythology & Skyrim" class. In the US that is.

  78. MorganMagnus says:

    As a soon-to-be librarian, I take offense to them knocking the idea of a class on youtube as a reference source. In a world where we are overwhelmed by all of the information available (so-called "information overload"), information literacy is a highly valuable skill. It is important that people are able to find relevant and accurate information in a suitable format. Sadly, most people are far worse at this than they think.

  79. Andrea says:

    Breaking Dawn sold 1.3 million copies. The Half Blood Prince sold 6.9 million in the first 24 hours. I don't think anyone will remember Twilight.

  80. LadyDivine says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! That last class was an amazing idea! I learned how to program using youtube! It's true that some people need to learn how to learn and how to like learning. I would go to that class…. if I didn't already know how to do it. lol

  81. LadyDivine says:

    What if you learned how to learn on youtube from a youtube video?


  82. ChrisMathers3501 says:

    It's funny because Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame sounds like a JK Rowling novel.

  83. Jeremy Hanson says:

    Working on it bud.

  84. tu2kale22 says:

    Common if you are willing to learn about sex and rock & roll, and consider that a valid course than why not the history of hip hop/r&b /rap and its sociological influences. I feel like Lisa's opinion on the rap course is a bit more biased than she's ready to admit…

  85. JesusMySavior says:


  86. QuijanoPhD says:

    I just saw your reply. Thanks for the interest. I tried sending a PM through Youtube, but you have contact-lock set. Do you have an e-mail you can PM me so I can link you to it?

  87. Corey Vaughn says:

    i mean i like jk rowling, but come on.

  88. SirElspeth says:

    JK Rowling is an ok writer. She is not amazing or anything. But then I find Dickens utterly dull.

  89. Erin Winslow says:

    WTF is up with all the Liberal Arts bashing?!!!

  90. Q says:

    Oh god, why did he mention 50 shades of grey? The book is total shit. >_<
    You want a real book? Try "Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns"

  91. Erin Winslow says:

    People told me when I was working my way through college in the 1980s that Anthro & History were "useless majors" but I "do things" with them every day! 🙂

  92. taavi wickman says:

    American fantasy is dark, have you ever heard of the happy ending? thats American. If you want dark reads go look at the Swedish novels coming out!

  93. NAM DUONG DOAN says:

    @fnaaawl yeah right not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. if you want the real shit this site has real girls nymphos who you can just message and they send you anything hit this up in your browser

  94. McKenzie Gibbons says:

    I'd transfer to Ohio State just to take the Harry Potter course but it's probably super popular and always full.

  95. Jeremy Hanson says:

    What? That makes absolutely zero sense. Dr.Seuss had more talent than JK Rowling, and he wrote a bunch of short kids books. The Harry Potter series is bland and lifeless. It might as well be a parody of the Narnia chronicles.

  96. ArchArturo says:

    At least there's no dubstep class.

  97. ursuro2005 says:

    Heya, when I told my pals that I was planning to go make money online, they teased me. But after that I showed them my earnings. Go and Google Tube Cash Exposure to see easy methods to make money online.

  98. JohnQRandom says:

    How many threads have you gone on to brag about your worthless degree?

    "…information literacy is a highly valuable skill. hey everyone, I'm a FUTURE LIBRARIAN."

    Tell people that to their face and you will be laughed at.

  99. cockney gyal says:

    College has come along way …courses but their not recognised degrees.The history of fame should be on the national cirriculum.

  100. Guy Fawkes says:

    Nice try with clickbait.

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