Countdown to the College Football Playoff National Championship! Clemson vs. LSU | ESPN


Countdown to the College Football Playoff National Championship! Clemson vs. LSU | ESPN

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71 thoughts on “Countdown to the College Football Playoff National Championship! Clemson vs. LSU | ESPN”

  1. orionNBF orionNBf says:


  2. Angel5999 says:

    Who else loves ESPN

    I’m gifting my next 10 subs 😍❤️

  3. Angel5999 says:

    Who else loves ESPN


    I’m gifting my next 10 subs 😍❤️

  4. Quantel Sefrus says:

    This is not what was on TV. They cut out the part of LSU shoving the police officer violently to the side.

  5. EJ Clash says:

    Wth is this lol

  6. Towelie Sr says:

    Turned this game on the sideline cams with two jack asses running back and fourth I turned it off wow way to ruin a game

  7. Samoan Boss says:

    The game started already bro

  8. Matthew Takes the challenge says:

    Go cleamson

  9. Campino Milligan says:

    Seriously? Punt on the 37y?? Forgot your kicker or what???

  10. Crown & Coke says:

    Download ESPN app & watch the game there

  11. Gina Misa says:

    🔴 Live now here 👉 « »

  12. Kofi says:

    If you have a TV, you can watch it on the ESPN channel

  13. Redneck Logic says:


  14. Dionte Gilchrist says:

    Hey whats wrong with the app?!!!!!

  15. lol oof says:

    I am a fan of lsu

  16. Ssmbx Bot says:

    LSU come on I'm here

  17. clarise says:

    LETS GO CLEMSON!!!!! been a fan since i’ve been five, so it’s been way over half my life i’ve been a Clemson fan, and I always will be.

  18. The Giants 85 says:

    Why cant i watch this any sites?

  19. Billy Hudgins says:

    They are empty seats wow

  20. john cunningham says:

    clemson too strong. defense wins championships.

  21. Vezor says:

    I’m betting on the Tigers

  22. Christo S says:

    Don't watch this garbage anymore…..its all fixed. Either by vegas, the people who run cfps, or both.

  23. Linda Gayle Hogue says:

    Am I the only one that hates the split screen broadcast on tv? It is awful!

  24. Timothy Israel says:

    Lsu babyyyy

  25. Wayne A. W. says:

    Thaddeus Moss wearing OchoUno? Man, GTFOH, you ain’t no T.O. — not even a wide receiver, muh-fuh lol. Yo’ daddy Randie [sic] behind T.O., not in front, muh-fuh 😘

  26. magmax76 says:

    Tigers got this easily!!

  27. Tyler Danner says:


  28. Duong Dang says:

    What's wrong with ESPN.? We watch the game ? Or those guy with the microphone?

  29. Kara Burnison says:

    cant get your link to work]

  30. Ms Robinson says:

    Let's go Tigers

  31. arabion knights says:

    Both teams are called tigers.

  32. Tyler Danner says:

    less talking more playing

  33. Tyler Danner says:

    how do u make a live chat

  34. Tim Valacarys says:


  35. Pat Downs says:

    LSU: They weren't prepared for the game. They have two problems: offense and defense. Turn it around or you're goin down.

  36. Royale Rose says:


  37. Korey Jerelds says:


  38. Laude Reyes says:


  39. ava _gacha says:


  40. Lil_BoBo-67 says:

    Anyone here for black widow reveal ?

  41. Michael Carraway says:

    I'd like to see Joe Burrows get a career ending injury

  42. Richard Hampton says:

    Referees suck

  43. Daniel Phasavath says:

    Macaulay Culkin is out dueling Caitlyn Jenner. Geaux LSU Fighting Tigers!

  44. Marcus Brown says:

    I can see the MVP in the with his face in the camera instead of saying I want to go to Disneyland say I want to go to McDonald's

  45. Mark Nethercutt says:

    LSU you like that.

  46. Cashton Bates says:


  47. David Overstreet says:

    That ejection hurt me. I'm an LSU fan living in Louisiana!!!

  48. baddie bre Period says:

    Lsu all day baby

  49. Daniel Phasavath says:

    Early 4th quarter. The route is on!

  50. Ryan Elliott says:

    Roll tide Bama fan.. Supporting LSU go tigers Congrats

  51. Daniel Phasavath says:

    Wow! All LSU receivers averaged: Moss 7.2 , Marshall, Chase, Jefferson, and CEH over 10 yards per catch. Two 100+ yards receivers.

  52. brianjschumer says:

    Is it me or does Joe Burrow look exactly like Macaulay Culkin

  53. Korey Valentine says:


  54. NDFOOTBALL #1 says:

    Ha ha! I have to laugh at Clemson. I know they're going to kick our butts next season , but it's good to see them lose after the molly wopping they gave us the last time we played .. 💯🍀🍀🍀

  55. kub73158 says:

    @ 1:16:30 Nice to see them displaying faith in God.

  56. MegaGolgo13 says:

    Sounds good.

  57. BeerGrills says:

    Geaux Tigers!!

  58. Muhammed Al Boo Boo says:

    bama only lost to lsu by 5

  59. Jesus band and basketball says:

    Yes!!! LSU for life!!

  60. Gunhill Bain says:

    You took out Trump's appearance… Not cool, ESPN

  61. SGT. York says:

    Geaux Tiger Geaux Tigers 2020 National Champions!

  62. Donnie Dixon says:

    LSU fan here I would love to see Clemson play an SEC WEST SCHEDULE EVERYYEAR DEAL with LSU, bama auburn

  63. Len Connor says:

    Where can I find the Tim McGraw video

  64. XxSnipperboyx X says:


  65. Daniel Phasavath says:

    Eaux Eaux Eaux! Eaux Really!!! L…S…U!!! Ouw!! National Champs bey bey!! 😁

  66. Artest Jeune says:

    This could have been Alabama vs LSU or Clemson if the Alabama schudle was not soft on the other hand could have been Ohio State vs LSU

  67. george roupas says:

    Black bla bla

  68. Grayson Filsinger says:

    GO LSU

  69. Michael Riedel says:

    # 9 was right on time. He spoke the win and thats what they did do bruhs

  70. Ronan Ott says:


  71. panter69able says:

    How did Clemson lose if they have Trevor and Travis Etienne

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