Couple uses online boutique to raise money for Newton Falls after-school program

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Couple uses online boutique to raise money for Newton Falls after-school program

A school district in Trumbull County struggling financially is getting outside help — in an unexpected way. An after school program is getting started at Newton Falls Elementary School — with the help of an online boutique. Here’s First News reporter Keely Lovern. VO: It’s been years in the making for Adam and Amber Holley of Ravenna. SOT: “THE PASSION HAS BEEN INSIDE OF US FOR A REALLY LONG TIME.” VO: And now that passion for the community is taking flight – By funding an after school program at Newton Falls Elementary School called Play it Forward. SOT: “IF ONE KIDS LIFE IS BETTER FROM IT, ITS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT AND ITS ALL WORTH IT.” VO: The Holley’s created an online boutique called Forward Thread, where 100 percent of the profits go toward the after school program for things like snacks, tutoring supplies and activities. SOT: “WE’VE SEEN A LOT OF FAMILIES THAT YOU KNOW BOTH PARENTS GO TO WORK EVERY SINGLE DAY OR, AND THEY’RE JUST STRUGGLING JUST TO MAKE IT, AND WE JUST WANTED TO BE ABLE TO HELP THEM TO BE ABLE TO MAKE IT AND MAKE THEIR LIFE BETTER.” VO: Amber Holley says their goal is for Play it Forward to be safe, educational and fun, but also practical – a place where kids can get warm meals, or even warm clothes if they need it. SOT: “WE JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO BE WHATEVER THEY NEED US TO BE FOR THEM.” VO: Rachel Lee manages the online boutique, and says she is equally passionate about where the profits are going, and it follows the mission Forward Thread believes in. SOT: “HELP COMMUNITIES REVIVE THEM GIVE THEM HOPE. BASICALLY MEET ALL THEIR NEEDS THAT THEY NEED MET.” VO: Amber and Adam say they were so excited when the school board approved Play it Forward last week, and can’t wait — SOT: “TO BE ABLE TO PROVIDE A SAFE, LOVING ENVIRONMENT WHERE EVERY CHILD KNOWS THAT THEY HAVE A PURPOSE AND THAT THEY HAVE POTENTIAL AND THAT THEY CAN REACH THAT, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR CIRCUMSTANCE.” Amber says the pilot program starts March 26th with 50 kids, but they hope to grow that number by the fall, so they really need volunteers. You can find the link to the Forward Thread Boutique on our website, Live in the studio, Keely Lovern, WKBN 27 First News.

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