Cousins Explained


Cousins Explained

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100 thoughts on “Cousins Explained”

  1. CalamitySV says:

    Roman wants to know your location

  2. Alexandria Tayla says:

    i went from being like "aww yes this is cool information" to "wtf your cousin grandchildren gave birth to you, so you are negative 1, huh"

  3. kEySeR SöZe says:

    Somehow we all are cousins in a way..

  4. Kaya Zec says:

    Btw I'm not sure if it is in the video cause I'm only 6 minutes into the video as I'm writing this but of u have a nephew who is older than u what would it mean cause that confuses me still?

  5. yumikumi2 says:

    This genome path is accurate enough, assuming no one in the tree had reproduced within the same tree, EWW.

  6. Dragon Engine says:

    I just wanted to point out something on 3:52 although I'm a bit late
    Michael said his parents took DNA from his grand parents but not both it's only his dad cause his mom is not from the same grand parents she has other parents and has no relativity to Michael's dad's parents, and I said his dad cause you get your family name or last name from the ancestors from your dad's side

  7. Ciarán McDonnell says:

    Other people : I went to the shop
    Me, an Intellectual: my negative 1st cousin went to the shop

  8. Saleh Hashmi says:

    White ppl have naming issues when it comes to relatives…. I mean most don't connect their relationships anyways. Thats why they call 10 people dinner, "a bid family gathering". Naming everyone your cousin also seams kinda lazy. If you really wanna understand ancestry, look at Asians and the way we connect to people around the world who we have never met.

  9. Mustaali Kapasi says:

    [insert Alabama joke here]

  10. The Mayo Monster says:

    if my aunt/uncle is married, is their sibling/cousins child my cousin?

  11. MYthic Gamer says:

    wait VSAUCE watches or watched CCP GREY

  12. Julia C says:

    Me and my brother are 4th cousins. Apparently some incest happed a couple generations back.

  13. jose juarez says:

    Dam What are the odds of you committing incest if you never met the ones that are less related to you

  14. Cristy Miranda says:

    I’m so confused 🤣

  15. xXPizza ParkerXx says:

    Idk but I'm Mexican and anyone in my family that's twice my age is my Tío or Tia, no exemptions and it doesn't matter what relationship they have in the family. Anyone five years older than me are my cousins and anyone younger than me are also my cousin.

  16. Mycydric7 II says:

    It just made it more confusing xD

  17. Diya Sengupta says:

    I can now find out how Count Olaf is related to the Baudelaires!!

  18. Joe says:

    Incest on a whole new level

  19. Ghost 1030 says:

    In Alabama your sister good enough, and you’ll have nildren

  20. Jack Whitla says:

    You write in caps and lower case in the same word 🙁

  21. FaithxoxoMiami 1 says:

    Alabama take notes babes😚😏

  22. TheMatrix1101 says:

    Imagine getting married to someone without even knowing that they are your cousin to some degree

  23. LEGO Yoda Ghost says:

    Swear on my momma 2nd Cuz 2 Removed

  24. imranhb ahmed says:

    4:30 it's not niece man! You named them niblings

  25. Joewhyman says:

    this is alabama math

  26. Lily A says:

    Finally. I have never understood this removed business.

  27. Lily A says:

    For our culture our first cousins kids are also our nieces and nephews.

  28. Ericka Reyes Cabral says:

    2 of my best friends are my 1st cousins once removed and one of them is my age while the other one is 2 years older than me their moms are sisters and they’re also my cousins

  29. Skipsotz Gaming says:

    0:51 for those few seconds that he tried to decide what "e" to use the entire universe collapsed through his mind he saw every combination of everything and he saw many universes, the combinations, abstraction and even the feint ideas of the letter "e" showed how mythical this symbol is. Then, he decided to use 3.

  30. KetchupGuy Official says:


  31. Yellowboy Playz says:

    Hello cousin 726th removed haven’t seen you in a while

  32. Yellowboy Playz says:

    Hello cousin 726th removed haven’t seen you in a while

  33. the dark night says:

    I am married to my first cousin.

  34. •X Sirus• says:

    What's the name of the daughter of my mom's cousin?

  35. Not a Western Spy says:

    wait she’s not my cousin?


  36. GAMETHINGS says:

    Lost you at great parents lol

  37. PeePee PooPoo says:

    Woah mr sauce

  38. Fallout boy Skits says:


  39. Sheila Katz says:

    If I was to take a genetics test with some of my cousins we would be half siblings ( my dad is a identical twin)

  40. Dhany Shaf says:

    Alabama has left the chat

  41. D M says:

    I speak & write english comfortably as a second language but this topic has always been cryptic to me, because in my mother tongue there is not an equivalent for degree and remove "3rd cousin 2 times removed."

  42. samin azad says:


  43. Choose your Difficulty says:

    Take notes Alabama…..

  44. General 666 says:

    I mean, applying the same logic to nieces and nephews, they are really my siblings once removed. And my grandchildren are my children once removed. And so forth…

  45. Nahla ABABSIA says:

    I'm offended that you said my mom isn't a great parent

  46. Aya 010 says:

    What is my non binary cisgender moms sister called

  47. shashidhar reddy says:

    May be its logical to call the A/U as 1st A/U and children of Grand A/U as 2nd A/U. Then it would be in line with 1st cousin 2nd cousin kind of numbering

  48. Another Account says:

    I have up to 6th cousins to remember… love family trees…

  49. Megan Marie says:

    Had no clue cousins were this complicated haha

  50. rjh4 says:

    fun fact: i have 14 biological aunts and uncles.

  51. sweet burnt_potato says:

    im going down to heck guys

  52. Livin’ Luuxxx! says:

    My family is very complicated because the cousins that are around my age come from my moms cousins ( except her niblings ) it’s too complicated..

  53. Sophia Lopes says:

    why do I know exactly what he's talking about

  54. Brianna Nava says:

    My parents are related and I was born and raised in LA 😱

  55. Michelle Florian says:

    But what about your grandparents siblings children

  56. Gentlemen Beatz says:

    Did not know i needed to know this…now it's known that knowing this was something i never knew.

  57. S_Qian says:

    when your parents are 2nd cousins 👀 I mean I'm using that as an excuse for why I don't do as well in school…

  58. فاء بن ألف' says:

    This is really just common knowledge in the Arab world😊

  59. Momore Alade says:

    But you have two sets of grandparents

  60. Chelsea says:

    My family trees is a bit confusing since I only have "half cousins" or "step cousins". All of my Grandma's children have different fathers, and she was married to my step-grandpa who had children who now have children that I'm not connected to by any blood but are still my cousins. Plus the children who my Uncles have had in past marriages, some of who I regularly see and some who I haven't seen in years. Not to mention that one of my uncles married his technically cousin. She was the neice of my Step-grandpa and since my step-grandpa was my uncles step-dad, they are technically cousins. idk.

  61. TheDeer Man says:

    Alabama basics

  62. Alzarax says:

    hyuh! golly i sure love mah cousin

  63. sam says:

    I'm i the only one that calls my cousins kids my nieces and nephews?

  64. BBA 69 says:

    Anyone: who is that?
    Me:Oh that is just my NI🅱️🅱️A

  65. Queen of Swimming says:

    This how many times Michael said “cousins”


    Only came here for the comments 😂

  67. DEAN SATI says:

    I’m lost

  68. Anna Zully says:

    Oh gosh this is a labyrinth 😂

  69. Adi Arbiv says:

    I learned who I thought were my second cousins were actually my first cousins once removed. My life is a lie

  70. Sebastian Potoniec says:

    Technically, being your own -1st cousin makes more sense. If they have the same title, they have the same percentage of relation. Correct? Such as both first cousins once removed.
    This means that if you and your siblings are zeroth cousins, then you're either 50% related to yourself, or 100% related to your siblings. Which is wrong.
    Your most recent ancestor with yourself is actually yourself. And if you look at the pattern for the other cousins, it's how many steps you take to get to the most recent ancestor, minus one
    You take 0 steps to get to yourself
    0-1 is -1
    You're your own -1th cousin.

  71. Josh_2k47 says:

    A cousin is the person you loose you v card to according to what my uncle told me

  72. Kanishk Gang says:

    Whenever he said nibbling I laughed so hard😂😂😂😂

  73. Rebekah Bell says:

    My great grandparents adopted me, so I got some great parents 😂

  74. Ire96 says:

    Why is there a video on YouTube explaining what a cousin is… man Americans are so weird… glad to be safe in educated Europe…

  75. Rafael Perrella says:

    So, once removed it's safe, otherwise it might be a little too risky.

  76. rii nei says:

    the inconsistency of capital and lowercase letters amuses me

  77. 《ScrpioN》 says:

    "So I share 100% of my DNA with myself…"

    YoU DoN't sAy

  78. ExQtics says:

    this video proves that everyone is related without the whole adam and eve bs

  79. Andrew says:

    Can someone translate into Alabama

  80. Lyra Misty says:

    This is in American, cause bish I’m Mexican, and I know that my cousin’s children are my niblings (nieces and nephews).
    I know this stuff, I had to review my family tree like 30 times.
    My parents’ siblings’s kids are my first cousins.
    My parents cousins children are my second cousins.
    My parents cousins are my aunts and uncles.
    What is this thing he saying about them being first cousins?

  81. L M says:

    I’m Mexican American, and in my family I just call my cousins kids my nephews/nieces. They never refer to me as aunt (my name). They just call me by my name. Less confusing in my opinion

  82. javier aguilar says:

    I’m so confused

  83. Sarah Keegan says:

    This is cool to know! I thought my parents cousins were my second cousins

  84. Quyen Lai says:


  85. BerriiMochii omo says:


  86. Alejandro Aragon Tan says:

    0:08–0:10 ah vsauce is also cultured

  87. Dylan Gilbert says:

    If you're father and mother are siblings and you have a sibling you are your own cousin and your sister or broter is then your cousin too.. imagine an incest family tree.

  88. I'm here for the drama says:

    Soooo we're basically all cousins 🙄

  89. HitzCritz says:

    "i hope gosh sends u to hecc >:c"

  90. Hh Hh says:

    so my 100th cousin is somewhere kickin

  91. thewho186 says:

    Check cousins in xxnx

  92. thewho186 says:

    My cousin's son is my nephew, not my counsin.

  93. Very Listed says:


  94. Real_nikklas says:

    Thx u broke my brain

  95. Bullion Vicarduds says:

    1:17 "But I, someday…may have children."

    I think Michael's wife was just behind the camera with a rifle

  96. angeloezu 6yn4xgma0 says:

    Do I still share 50% with a half sibling?

  97. ZANYA x says:

    Anybody know their 4th cousins or beyond?

  98. Magnogen says:

    My 14th Cousin thrice removed's name is Markus…


  99. s a n a says:

    wait so I just have first cousins..

  100. Daniel Purdy says:

    I didn't know I needed this until now

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