CRAZY classes I took in College (Animated)


CRAZY classes I took in College (Animated)

Certificates, diplomas,degrees basically even more studying after high school now tell me who wouldn’t want that! I decided to do YouTube after four years of university anyway. So that’s great. I guess just kidding, I have the best job in the world which shows you don’t need a fancy degree to landing your dream job But hard work and determination Okay, so I didn’t go to just any university. I went to art school. Oh, well, not really It’s technically a design course at one of my local universities, but you know what I mean Let’s rewind this back to the beginning It took much Persuasion to convince my parents to even allow me to follow my dream to venture into the world of Arts You know how parents are like they want the very best for you So they want you to settle on a “stable” job with “stable” income that typically falls in the line of doctors, lawyers, Accountants, engineers and… you get the idea. skipping over some of the details my parents decided to meet me halfway on the matter Architecture that maybe the ideal job for some but it definitely was not my cup of tea… I mean, I wasn’t too fond of the choice, but at least it was something related to the field I wanted Kind of…? lucky for me, during one of the open days at the university visited, the odds happen to be in my favor Hi nice to meet you. My name is… N NP NPC NPC 1 and I’m a student here I’m one of the volunteer helpers for the day and I’ll be showing you around. I’ve been told you’re interested in architecture *Nods* Wow, okay. So would you like a tour of our studios first? uhh… yeah, Sure Are you an architecture student as well? I used to be I mean, I found myself confined to the boxes who required to draw on a daily basis building after building Room after room I was trapped in those four walls of suffocation But then I changed to one of the design courses and I’m currently really enjoying my stay at this University, yeah, Mm-hmm Did you hear that? Okay, Okay. That wasn’t actually what she said but whatever she did say, I used this ammunition to convince my parents otherwise It was then decided that I was to enroll into the design program. Yay! Some weeks past as soon enough it was time for me to start my journey as a design student And once again the odds were in my favor During my first week. I met three peeps that was soon enough become some of my closest friends and now without further ado, Introducing Yen, Yen, meerkat Yen, Meerkat and Angie woman. Yes These are definitely their real names during my time as a design student We certainly had our share of “interesting” classes in our foundation year We barely touched any of the digital stuff our classes taught us more of the traditional media Creativity you’ll see what I mean The strongest contender for weirdest class would definitely have to be my human Communications class wanna know how my first day of class went? Why hello there My name is miss Natalie and welcome to human communications class. now for our first activity I like you all to stand on their chairs and start screaming Okay Are you sure that’s how humans communicate? the goal of this class is to become completely shameless Now get on this charity and start screaming *Inhale* HOLY MOLLY What was that!? Shouldn’t we call for help? Nah, brah don’t worry about it. It’s just miss Natalie breaking in her new class. It’s.. it’s fine Oh, Apparently most of the artsy types are “shy” so this class was used to break them off the shells Kind of… we had plenty more adventures during this class some of them being presentations being delivered in a non so conventional manner being asked to dress up as an alien and roam around the campus a karaoke session that help the percentage of your grade But not in the ways you might think and many more that karaoke session also took place during one of my “emo phases” Which I’m so glad it’s over as for the second contender. It would have to be my principles of design class You may think this doesn’t sound is interesting But my friend, the most interesting part of this class was our lecturer. I can only describe him as colorfully vibrant *Ting* Okay, okay, let’s call him Mr. Paul He would wear the most outrageous color combinations But somehow it matched his personality and our projects, they also kind of fold through with that theme I remember those a majority of this class spent trying to find various textures Yeah Textures we would then use these textures for most of our projects. How would we get these textures? Well… The best part was the feedback session we had at the end of every project at the time I was still trying to comprehend design terms, but the “terminology” in this class was… Urgh… So this is what I came up with the textures I used for this were concrete, dog fur, sponge, feathers, glass mug and unborn child and… leaf Hmm… I think it needs more… tsskk! And this part, this part needs more… Hmph!! *confused* Ahh.. this part particularly, it definitely needs more… tsskk!! Eh? In principles of design we were supposed to well… understand the principles of design. we were just thought in a very “unique” manner. I also learned how to bullshi…. shhhh…… Bull shirt very well. So why did you use this color for the fur? uhh.. because white and brown are common colors for a dog…? Hmm, but why? uhh.. I don’t know Um… Biology? but why? But why biology? um, start a question. Should we really question why the universe was created in the first place? I don’t know… but why? Okay, okay The white represents the purity of the dog soul right down to its core the white untainted innocence It was born with the brown represents a bitter corruption of mankind as it stains the pups white blanket Perfect Perfect, Yes. I have no idea what just said… what I learned in this class Was that every element in the piece needed to have a meaning the more explanations and symbolism You had the higher your grade would be the brown also represents dogs sh-(BLEEP) We had plenty of interesting classes during my university Life and I had a tough time trying to narrow them down for you in this video the two classes I mentioned before were in my foundation year and let me tell you the foundation year was the best year like every other university student my degree year was a mass heap of sleep deprivation Cost by the mountains or projects and assignments you were given we had plenty more classes that were interesting to see at least Anyway, if you guys are interested in a part two of this video Please let me know by giving this video a big ol like if you have any Interesting college stories of your own that you’d like to share. Please comment down below. I’d love to read them Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you later But why?

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16 thoughts on “CRAZY classes I took in College (Animated)”

  1. Ferren says:

    once i had to bullshit my way through an essay talking about the meaning of a painting which only consist of a white canvas and a single black dot in the middle of it.

    i now have a degree in excuses and bullshittery.

  2. Foule Rez says:

    I love ur vids cam!

  3. Eternal Potato says:

    Teacher: so get on your chair and-

  4. LateCurve Plays says:

    lol my mom is an artist (and so are a lot of people in my family)

  5. mrmcmahon68894 says:

    7:00 when you hit gamers block. Every. Fricking. Time!

  6. foxyhat says:

    well….. crap
    now I have no idea what course to choose now ;-;

  7. numaTruehome 100 says:


  8. silja lin says:

    Education has become a joke in America, it seems. 😛

  9. Bittles The cookie says:

    Lol undertale reference because of the sweeter

  10. lps nanik says:

    BUT WHY?

  11. Vinyl Air says:

    You should do a part 2! That was so good!

  12. Timothy McLean says:

    3:55: That makes sense…I almost wish someone had tricked me into taking that sort of class. Dunno how well it would help, but hey.

  13. SJ_MoonlitALpha says:

    Me + human communication = disaster….truer words have never been spoken….😤😧😐🤓

  14. Pee Head says:

    combines all the jobs that your parents want you to become

    yay a nightmare

  15. Markus Schaffrik says:

    I learnd russan for 4 year's and after all of that work i know how to say one sentence in russan

    Яа понимаю па русский

    That's all i know

  16. Ethan Mueller says:

    Why are you so cute? ❤️❤️

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