Creating a Sustainable Campus

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Creating a Sustainable Campus

Hi, I’m Lendley Black, Chancellor of the University
of Minnesota Duluth. UMD is making great progress in developing
a more sustainable campus environment. We’ve incorporated sustainability into our strategic
plan, our campus master plan, and a new Energy Action Plan to guide us in reducing greenhouse
gas emissions. Our efforts to make UMD a greener campus are
really outstanding. For instance, thousands of campus community members walk, bus, or
bike to school, and many of them use the new campus pathways. We’ve installed water bottle filling stations
to phase out plastic and disposable containers, and we recycle just about everything. We have a new interdisciplinary and unique
Sustainable Agriculture Project. It’s located on what some of you will remember as the UMD
farm on Jean Duluth Road. In addition to academic research projects, the experimental farm provides
fresh produce to our campus dining centers. One of our five energy-efficient LEED buildings
is an environmental classroom. The Bagley classroom is Platinum certified and built
to meet passive solar building standards. It produces nearly 5 megawatts of renewable
energy each year. Our students are the most impressive part
of UMD’s sustainability focus. They demonstrate real passion and a commitment to making sustainability
work and to reducing the negative impact our campus has on the environment. When our students graduate, they will take
this new environmental consciousness with them, and will have the knowledge and tools
to change the world.

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