Criminal Justice Undergraduate Degrees

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Choose from two undergraduate degrees as you prepare for a new career, promotion, Federal service, or graduate study the bachelor of applied arts and science degree in criminal justice administration is designed for the working professional. Their going to get 33 credits toward their degree from their professional training hours so their TCOC hours sometimes military service in kind of probation parole hours the wherever it is that they work we can work with them to try to get those transcripted and get them those 33 credits most of those students are going to go on to try to promote within their agencies or maybe moved to a different agency in a promotion. The traditional bachelor appliance and criminal justice degree offers courses that emerged academic knowledge with applied experience. We have a faculty that are very diverse in terms of their academic background and professional background the students are going to have a chance to engage with people who are actively working as police chiefs, as police officers, as probation officers, as district judges they are also going to have that chance to work with people are full-time faculty that have expertise in cyber crime, expertise in mediation and arbitration, expertise racial profiling and all other avenues. Many of our students go on and become criminal justice practitioners and some of them end up as lawyers and perhaps even judges someday it’s a matter of making that decision and taking the chance with yourself and about yourself Choose online or face-to-face studies and discover who you can

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