Criminology and Criminal Justice Program at Shenandoah University

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Criminology and Criminal Justice Program at Shenandoah University

criminal justice is a very broad field it’s
it’s a lot of different things there’s a lot of different disciplines within it
it’s nothing like you see on TV people try to compare criminal minds to
criminal justice no it’s not whatsoever we look at how the justice system fits
into society why do we give some people shields and sidearms and say that they
can literally police the rest of us they can tell us what to do people learn
about the law about the Constitution and how it affects how we implement laws in
this country and how we manage the use of authority how we manage the use of
force we now have four full-time faculty and in several adjuncts who work in the
directly in the justice system our courts class is taught by an attorney
our policing class is taught by a member of the Winchester police department we
have guest speakers into many of our classes who work directly in the justice
system when I first got into the program they were wonderful they came and
introduced me to everyone they came with open arms I love just how it felt like a
family more than anything we’re good size for students to get individualized
attention to have access to professors to be able to study a wide range of
topics that relate to this to this field of study it’s a great program there’s
all the teachers are extremely knowledgeable in what they do all of
them are very open to talking with you outside of class inside answering
questions through email if you need to get a hold of them outside of their
office hours they’re all more than willing to to work with you you’re not
just a number here this university is small for a reason so the professors
will come to you and help you with everything they do not believe in
failure here students don’t come here and get lost in the student body in fact
students come here and they get found one of the great strengths of our
program is our internship opportunities because then as graduating students they
not only have the ability to have references from their academic faculty
of recommendations but from persons actually working in the field we have
students who want to work for federal law enforcement agencies that aren’t
interested in a career at the FBI we have students who want to be game
wardens one of the real strengths here is we do get to know our students we can
help them to make choices help them get placements you should know this field is
right for you that’s one thing you should know if you’re mentally prepared
for any of the obstacles that might come your way dealing with this program you
should just be ready to put in work open-mindedness that’s the best thing
anybody can have going onto a program and then that’s real more so for criminal
justice I say for anything in college really but in criminal justice
specifically you’re talking about a lot of different topics that are very
controversial especially today unfortunately there’s always work in the
criminal justice system crime is something that has been around for a
long long time through all the things you see on the news and social media
I feel like criminal justice for us this generation is making a change

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