CSU-Global Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

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CSU-Global Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

my name is Dr. Tanae Acolatse Ph.D I am from Atlanta Georgia and I’ve been at CSU-Global mouth for about 3 years. In the accounting field things are changing the accountant is now looked upon as the person who is going to interpret what they have prepared so preparing the information is not enough you have to analyze it a CSU-Global we are constantly changing it is really important for us to be aware of those changing conditions and to adjust what I encourage my students to do in everything that we want is for them to go into workplace pull out what they’re working on and bring it into the classroom and share it with others what happens is that some students who are kind of uncertain about where they want to go they get to see how the real-world experience ties into what we are Financial Accounting II discusses two areas of accounting financial is the first four modules and managerial is in the second half some students come in and they’re unaware about the differences between financial and managerial accounting so I share with them not only what accounting is about but in jump into the financial statements I’m sharing with them examples from the real world things that I have done because I’ve worked on both sides. I’m sharing videos from different organizations so when the student leaves that course they have been exposed to two areas of accounting and they can decide which area they find the most interesting and they can take that path

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