CTY Online Programs In Schools | Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

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CTY Online Programs In Schools | Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Well, I think we have a moral obligation as
an educator to make sure that for kids who have the ability to accelerate through our
standards to provide something for them. We knew the CTY program was
coming, and we liked the idea of it being an enrichment program and something that he
could really do at his own speed. Before I started CTY, I thought the computer would be harder. Kids are fantastic with [the] internet and with cellphones, you know I just knew
– you know – different ways to introduce technology through learning would spark something
in him. “Hi guys! CTY.” The way we came about the idea of
even trying this pilot program [is that] a couple of my kids were enrolled in the CTYOnline
math program after school, and I had these kids that were needing some challenge. She wanted to offer the kids who are accelerating another avenue. It would be nice if they had something that
they could do on their own if the child is able to do it and not have to wait. So, I called CTY. I got involved with Mt. Washington Elementary School because we recognized there was a need here. We take a lot of pride in being able to work
with the school because we’re focused on the student and meeting the need of the student. We had one general meeting in the fall with parents and Ms. Tor and some
of the representatives from CTY. We talked about the programs [and] saw a couple of the
screens. This is a program that’s sponsored by Hopkins. They know what they’re doing.
They’ve been doing this for a while. I give the parents a lot of credit
because there [weren’t] really hesitations or reservations, it was, “Let’s try it.” Cause I have seen online done before, but I’ve never seen it done this
way – you know – like to be involved however you want it. But I would like to see: does
it work? We had about 30 kids that qualified
or were eligible for the program. We decided three days a week the students would go on
the computer [and] work on the program. We have it. Here you go. Ms. Chong is going to go over your quiz with you. I’m Michelle Chong. I’m a CTYOnline math
instructor, and I work very closely with the students at Mt. Washington Elementary. [Speaking over the phone] Uh-huh, 100 So yeah, 400. Four hundred plus 100. And you have fifteen 1’s right? I think fifteen 1’s, maybe. Well, Lyla and I were working on addition and subtraction and how to interpret
the numbers from words to expanded form. Five hundred and fifteen? Yes, so that is your answer. Here you go at whatever pace you
need and you can always answer every question. We liked the self-paced idea
because it meant he could find whatever level he was going to be working at. He did really well with measurement but in problem-solving, maybe he was struggling,
so then we could say, “Alright, this is where we need like a laser, focus in on this
area.” The kids have moved through the programs
nicely. I’m right now in fourth grade math. Most of them have made more than
one year’s growth. In school, I’m in first grade. It is amazing how far they have come. So that’s been motivating and exciting for them and their parents. We’re glad that the program challenged him more than the traditional classroom setting and the traditional curriculum could. That’s – that was the biggest thing for
us. Our child needs to be challenged. So the reservations that I
had with it working have totally gone away.

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