CU Denver – Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) Online Degree

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CU Denver – Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) Online Degree

– The Master of Science
in Information Systems is a really good foundational degree for a wide variety of careers. – Information is the lifeblood
of today’s organization. – Why would somebody want to come to the University of Colorado in Denver? It’s the largest school that’s accredited by AACSB in the state. We have the largest graduate program. It’s a highly flexible program. – A lot of the students that
we get at the university want to come because it’s close to where they either are working now or where they’re gonna wind up working. – My background is in telecommunications, permanently in IT, so
I found the IS program brought together a lot of
different perspectives. And a lot of the work that you do and collaborate on that
normally I wouldn’t come across in my day to day environment. – We have top notch faculty
that have a good mixture of theoretical background
plus practical experience. – We work with a
collaboration of businesses, healthcare professionals,
and IT professionals, designing the program. – Out in the real world,
you’re communicating through a lot of different mechanisms: online forums, chat, email,
as well as in person. So, it does, the program
does a very good job of mimicking what a real world
collaboration environment would be like. – [Cliff] You can get your
entire MSIS degree online. – The MSIS degree actually
has a wide variety of options, and it prepares students for almost any career path they want to take. – You can come in with very
little IT understanding and not be overwhelmed
by some of the technology that’s presented to you,
because it’s presented in such a way that you
get just the right depth of information you need in
order to work on a project or solve some type of problem. – We have a lot of working professionals in our classrooms, and
so I can always ask them, “Well, how do you do
this in your company?” And they bring their real world experience in to the classroom which, I think, enhances learning for all
the students in the class. – We’ve had various companies come to us and tell us that they prefer to recruit from our students because
they’re more job oriented, they’re more goal oriented than perhaps some other institution. – Information systems are key ingredients of business process today. This makes solving business
problems and design, computer-based information
systems very exciting and rewarding career for students. And these, all these job functions, they’re making over
$100,000 per year salary. – Pure technology is okay.
Pure business is okay. But the combination of
technology and business is excellent. – I think the IS program at UC Denver is unique in that blend
of business and technology that’s really needed
in the industry today.

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