Culminating Experience in Music Business 2 Overview | Master’s Degree | Robert Lagueux | Berklee

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Culminating Experience in Music Business 2 Overview | Master’s Degree | Robert Lagueux | Berklee

[MUSIC] Hi everyone. My name is Robert Lagueux. I’m the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies here at Berklee College of Music. My PhD is in music, history and I’m very pleased to be the author of the three courses that lead to a complete culminating experience; research methods, culminating experience 1, and this course, culminating experience 2. This class is the last of three that leads to a complete culminating experience project. Research methods focused on crafting an idea. In culminating experience 1, those ideas were brought to life and resulted in a complete draft. In culminating experience 2, we finalize and refine that draft and turn it into a piece of public scholarship. This course has the same two overarching goals as culminating experience 1. The first is working on the culminating experience project itself. You will find a draft of what you’ve already written. You’ll work on a public presentation and build some effective visuals that will support the results in the conclusions you’re trying to convey, and you’ll draft a reflective essay that looks back on what you’ve done and charts a course for the future. Along the way you’ll get advice from your course facilitator, from your adviser and from your classmates. As in culminating experience 1, we’ll talk about some of the skills that lead to those results. So we’ll talk more about the writing process, we’ll talk more about giving and receiving feedback, and we’ll add some new things like creating effective visuals for presentations. The second big goal is thinking very deliberately about the way you present yourself in a career and professional context. We’ll continue to get guidance and insight from the Berklee Career Center including some new elements like using the Berklee Career Manager and effective interview skills. We’ll also think about presentation skills or how to talk to an audience persuasively, effectively, and engagingly. When you’re done with this course, you’ll have some new skills and insights you can use to help build and sustain your career. Most importantly, you’ll have a complete culminate experienced project and thereby complete the requirements for your Master of Arts in music business degree. [MUSIC]

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