Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Degree (Ed.D.) – NIU College of Education

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Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Degree (Ed.D.) – NIU College of Education

NIU would be a good choice because of that mentoring you get through the program. It’s definitely from the NIU Doctoral Program that I can think like a researcher. My education at NIU is not catching up to what goes on in the classroom, it’s actually guiding what goes on in the classroom. You go through and it can take anywhere from two and a half to five years of very rigorous coursework even before you start the dissertation process. I feel that I’m a better teacher today and I know I’m a better researcher. I not only like it, but I enjoy it. I have many manuscripts right now in the pipeline because of the wonderful mentoring. I know that I’m gonna be getting a quality education going to NIU. I know that my research skills will be honed and mostly I know that I will be supported. I’ve come to find that NIU’s graduate program is tremendously respected in the education world so I will tell you there is no other place that I would rather be to get my doctorate in this area than NIU. It has been the perfect fit for me. I have a friend of mine that is at a competing university and she’s actually asking “how can I transfer over right now?” I didn’t look at research the way I look at research now, you know even reading articles in education that aren’t peer reviewed and thinking that that’s true research and it’s not. A doctorate is not like adding on another masters you know, it’s not like you’re doing it just to move through a pay lane. It really is an investment of your soul. Before I took the program, I wondered am I smart enough, wondered can I do this? I just met with my advisor who’s also just sort of become a mentor for Dr. Beth Wilkins and just helped me with sort of guiding me through the program. It has given me the skills and the knowledge to develop myself as an educator. Because they’re staying on top of the research of what’s the latest and greatest. It pushes you so out of your comfort zone and now you’re rethinking about everything you’ve ever understood or knew about, about teaching let alone about curriculum. NIU is truly a place where you’ll gain knowledge to be a more effective teacher and you’ll learn the research that supports that knowledge. The development of the program, the way that they have you take the classes, one, gives you a lot of freedom to choose your classes but, two, it walks you through every step of the way including writing your dissertation. In the end the dividends just from that deep personal “wow, I really did this” is huge. And I feel like for anybody who’s trying to build their research skills, NIU’s a great place to do it. Because they expected the best out of me, they got the best out of me and that’s the NIU program.

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