Your Brother ! What’s up? So, today is 12th day of Ramadan,
And…. I didn’t fast. because… I was not feeling well, I’m sick.. *meme music* Really… Really I was sick. *beep* Do you remember that I made a vlog naming
“Admission in Bahria College”? If you haven’t seen that,
you can click here and watch that vlog. And.. come back after watching that
and continue from here So, after that vlog, I got so many messages, I was advised by them not to take admission in that college and it had a reason also, which was explained in the vlog. So, as you people insisted me that much, Now I’m not coming to Bahria Be happy now ! So, as i’m not coming to Bahria now, I have to take admission somewhere else, So, for that purpose, today i’m going to
DA Degree College, Phase VI, Khayaban e Rahat. Let’s Go Then ! Did you check the gamez? Are you done with the showoff?
Should we go to the college now? Let’s Go ! Were going for a positive work,
and early morning we saw Tomb of Quaid e Azam Woah! DEFENCE AUTHORITY DEGREE COLLEGE Name is very attractive, but the college wasn’t that good So, i just came back from college And… As I’m not fasting today so… So the scene is that
I’m waiting for iftar, And after iftar I’ll be going to another place. Then I’ll show you some scenez OK? So, till then wait and watch 🙂 Have you ever seen a traditional millionaire’s house? NO? So, today I’ll be showing you that how does a traditional millionaire’s house look wanna see? Let’s go ! It’s said that this plot was bought for Rs. 500K in Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s era And now people are bidding for it as much as
PKR 1 Billion
But they don’t wanna sell their house. Just checkout their scenez So, i think it’s enough for today Now I’ll meet you in the next vlog till then good bye. Your bro signing off, and..
you are signing…. on 🙂 Ok? Good Bye 🙂 Subscribe 🙂 Subscribe 🙂

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8 thoughts on “DA DEGREE COLLEGE :)”

  1. Ali.mehdi Bukhari says:

    Zeberdest mashallah

  2. Ahmed Yazdani says:

    Bhai degree college sahi ha?

  3. Arham Abdullah says:

    Vlogs Geting better and better

  4. Shahid Hussain says:

    very nice vlog 👌👍

  5. Shahid Hussain says:

    Very nice 👍👍👍👍

  6. Amna Amna says:

    goverments collage kon kon say best hain

  7. Amna Amna says:

    asalam o alikum

  8. Suleman Jeet says:

    Har bacha Irfan Junejo Bane ga

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