Dancer’s Ways | TREES – SHAPES FROM NATURE (Trailer) | Online dance school

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The inspiration that feeds our creativity is here, there, around… It is abundant, changing, in constant evolution… Today, in the forest, I saw a tree… The ground is our support base; to train it, I gather my feet together, hip distant. I open my toes to then close them thinking about my anchoring to the ground; then, I connect to the flow focusing my spirit on the hollow of my foot, I am now stable and connected to the ground. it is my spine that I stretch out to look like him… I breathe through the belly and give air between each vertebra; A little further, I see another tree dancing with the wind. It’s better to transpose its shapes to my body; I look for lines, angles, curves… I inspire myself from it… and give intentions to the movements. Don’t look for an aesthetic movement or a beautiful pose; look for new feelings, explore the infinite capabilities of the body.

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