Daniel’s Education Explained – Life is Strange 2


Daniel’s Education Explained – Life is Strange 2

Hi there, folks! It’s Lucy here from the
Square Enix Life is Strange team. Life is Strange 2 expanded on both the impact and nuances of choice and consequence after the first game. So, we wanted to deep dive on one of Life is Strange 2’s most important, but also most misinterpreted systems: How your speech and actions affect Daniel. This added insight will hopefully
guide you in making decisions as you start Life is Strange 2 for the first
time, or binge again from the beginning. We want to keep this video simple, but if you fancy a more in-depth explanation on the educating Daniel system, head over to our official blog. There will be spoilers for all episodes coming up, but we’ll cover them in chronological order with clear spoiler warnings on screen at each point, so it’s easier for you to watch the parts that you want. But first, a brief explanation before
we dive into specific examples. As you may know, choices and their consequences in Life is Strange 2 are primarily centered around Daniel, the younger brother of Sean:
the character that you play. But what we purposefully haven’t
outlined properly to-date is the depth of this ‘Educating Daniel’ system, or how it actually functions. As we want players to experience the narrative as naturally as possible. Daniel: “Right! Yes!” We’ll often see players deconstruct the outcome of a Life is Strange 2 episode using the choice and consequence
system of previous games. Like, if you chose these specific three or four options, you’ll get outcome X. Max: “Sorry Lisa… too much water.” But interpreting Life is Strange 2 in this way may lead to frustration and confusion. Daniel: “I hate this place.” You see, there are added layers of complexity when it comes to educating Daniel. Rather than relying on a one-track model where you can only teach him to be “good” or “bad”, with only major key decisions affecting him, the truth is that Daniel grows and learns from your example based on two separate values: Morality and Brotherhood. Daniel’s ‘Morality’ state determines how he acts in any given situation. Is he kind and considerate? Or is he entirely selfish, without regard for other people’s feelings or safety? Daniel: “I hate this game.” Daniels ‘Brotherhood’ state determines how he responds to what you, as Sean, teach and ask of him. Daniel: “Can I play? Please please please?” Sean: “Sure. But don’t beg!” Does he trust you to make the
right choice for the two of you? Or will he disregard what you say because you’ve been unable to bond with him? Daniel: “Sean…” “You better not steal again.” “You better not.” Here’s the thing… the choices you must
make in Life is Strange 2 are, like in other Life is Strange games and life in general, imperfect options. There’s no true ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decision and all of them are laced with their own pros and cons. And even the sweetest-looking option could contain a sting in the tail. While some decisions may improve Daniel’s Morality, the same choices can have a negative impact on his trust in you and your Brotherhood, and vice versa. They’re also weighted differently, so
it’s not always +1 or -1 per choice. Let’s check out a quick example of this. In Episode 2 at the Reynolds’ house, Daniel will complain about having to write in his workbook. As Sean, you can either cut him some slack and allow him to stop working, gaining his trust in you, but taking
a knock to his ‘Morality’. Sean: “You don’t.” But being a responsible big brother and telling him to finish his work will provide the opposite effect. Sean: “I know it sucks, but…” “You still have to learn things.” “Or you’ll become dumb.” Daniel: “Okay…” You will have to weigh up each option for yourself and decide which outcome will be better for
your personal Diaz brothers. Major choices will have a greater impact
on Daniel’s education overall, but the lessons they teach him can still be
outweighed by the many smaller choices you may make throughout your journey, and
the examples that you set. Sean: “Dude, step back!” This is also why playthroughs can
result in different outcomes, even if you make the same major choices as your friends and other players. To date, Life is Strange 2 has
featured over 50 individual choices that have altered Daniel’s moral
compass and trust towards Sean. This is what we mean when we say “everything you do will have an impact on Daniel”. Sean: “You can do this.” “Trust me.” So now, we’re gonna delve deeper into some specific scenes from Episodes 1 to 4 that showcase how educating Daniel works. Daniel: “I’ve never seen anything like this! Never ever!” Spoilers ahead for Life is Strange 2: Episode 1. Episode 1 is packed with smaller moments that can easily be overlooked, and are vital in setting up your trust
and morality with Daniel. They may seem minor, even insignificant, but they will accumulate and web out into consequential outcomes. Sean: “Who are we fighting?” Daniel: “Orcs and Goblins tracked us down!” “Watch out!” Sean: “They can’t beat our Fellowship.” Do you steal to survive? Or do you risk you and your younger brother going hungry to set a good example? This is a vital decision to make in Episode 1. There are numerous points where you
can take what isn’t yours. Stealing the Chock-o-Crisp from the car, breaking into the parking fund box, shoplifting at the gas station. But let’s take a closer look at the latter. If you decide to use Daniel as a decoy and
use the distraction he creates to steal food, Daniel’s ‘Morality’ and ‘Brotherhood’ will take a blow. As Sean, you can steal without getting Daniel involved, but it will still negatively impact his ‘Morality’. Because, let’s face it, stealing isn’t good. Both of these options also teach Daniel that it’s okay to take what isn’t yours, a lesson that is reflected later down the line. But when you’re both starving, perhaps
this is just what it takes to survive. Sean: “Could you spare a little food or… something?” Sean: “Hey, look at that one!” It might be tempting to be a sarcastic big brother rather than a supportive one, but this will leave Daniel in a negative headspace. Daniel: “Do not feed… or disturb the animals?” “What?” “What kind of animals?” Antagonising him by claiming there are bears and wolves in the forest will freak him out and cause him to get scared. Daniel: “We shouldn’t be out here.” And he blames you when he’s having his nightmare. Daniel: “You said there are bears… and wolves!” And letting him eat bad berries, either intentionally or because you weren’t watching him closely enough, will cause him to get sick and have even more of a rubbish night. Daniel: “It hurts…” Both of these options will cause Daniel
to trust you less. Sean: “Maybe it was something you ate?” Spoilers ahead for Life is Strange 2: Episode 2. ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Morality’ starts fluctuating with Daniel as soon as you hop into Episode 2 with the snowball training. You’ll have four methods of interacting
with the snowball, each of which will alter how Daniel perceives you. You can throw the snowball properly,
gaining Daniel’s trust. You can throw a snowball at Daniel’s head which will rightly decrease his trust in you. Throwing it at Mushroom – how dare you! Will take a knock to not only his trust
in you, but his moral compass too. Daniel: “You almost hit our dog!” “Learn how to aim!” And finally, if you’re a truly harsh big brother, throwing a snowball at Daniel and Mushroom will negatively affect both too. Sean: “Daniel…” Daniel: “That’s what you get!” “Happy?” Spoilers ahead for Life is Strange 2: Episode 3. There’s a scene in camp where Daniel is helping with the chores by doing the dishes. This is another example of apparently
inconsequential moments still shaping young Daniel’s perception of the world and his older brother. Not helping him out will result in a double ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Morality’ drop, whereas offering help, whether he chooses
to accept it or says he can manage alone, will boost both values. Sean: “I don’t miss doing the dishes.” Daniel accepting your help is based on
your developed relationship so far. But additionally, the outcome of that scene
impacts on your relationship differently making a system that can, at times, perpetuate itself. So, your ‘Brotherhood’ being low at that point means that Daniel won’t accept your help, leading to further ‘Brotherhood’ loss. Sean: “Alright then.” Spoilers ahead for Life is Strange 2: Episode 4. Daniel is missing for the majority of Episode 4, Sean: “You lied to me. You have no leads. You have no f**king idea where my brother is.” And so your influence on him comes down to what you’ve taught him so far. There are some key points where you can affect your relationship with Daniel, and some *really* significant moments where your actions up until this point will shape the course of events to come. Namely in the scene where you reunite
and talk about Sean’s eye. Daniel: “What?” “What happened to your eye?” Even though *technically*, Sean being pierced in the eye with a shard of glass *is* the result of Daniel’s telekinesis rage, blaming your ten-year-old brother for
something he struggles to control is hardly sibling-of-the-year worthy. So, if you say that it’s his fault, of course his moral judgement and trust in you will decline. Sean: “I know…” “But I warned you.” At the fiery conclusion of Episode 4, as the church
burns down around the Diaz brothers with their mother and Lisbeth inside, the way
that Daniel behaves in the final confrontation with Lisbeth shows
perfectly how you’ve raised him to date. If Daniel’s Morality is low, he will try to hurt Lisbeth without any direction from Sean, lifting her up with his power. Daniel: “She really did try to use me!” If your Brotherhood is high enough, Sean can convince Daniel not to harm her. Daniel even says: Daniel: “Okay…” “I trust you.” Which implies that letting her go isn’t something he really wants to do, but that he will follow your judgement. If Daniel’s Morality and Brotherhood are both low, then Sean is trapped by the choice between letting Lisbeth be strangled and Daniel having her death on his conscience, or shooting Lisbeth, taking
the moral burden for himself. If Daniel’s Morality is high, he will
stand next to you and follow your lead, allowing you to resolve the situation relatively peacefully. Lisbeth: “You can still repent!” Daniel: “I don’t believe you anymore!” With the lid now lifted a little bit more on how Sean’s actions and speech affects Daniels personality, how do you think *your* Daniel will act in the climactic ending of the game? The only way to find out is to play all
the way through to the finale. Thank you for watching.

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    6. Going into Sean's bedroom
    7. Showing off in front of Finn
    8. Being a brat and came inside Merrill after distinctively told by Sean to wait outside (causing three more people to know he has powers)
    9. Agreeing to the robbery (where he said himself "I can do what I want"- severely injuring Sean, Cass, Finn or Big Joe and Merrill)
    10. Taking up for Lisbeth when Sean literally went through hell to get to him
    11. Seeing Sean almost get beat to death and that's still not enough to convince him

    & that's just a few.

    He is so much like Karen. He's reckless, spoiled, careless and doesn't realize the pain that he's causing to his loved ones. I swear if there is a choice of sacrificing him in ep. 5 then I'm all for that.

  95. HBMHD says:

    Honestly, I don't understand why this mechanic confused a lot of people, at least I didn't, until I watched JackSepticEye playing it… Like, how many bad decisions can you make in one episode and then be clueless about the results?

  96. Ethan Johnson says:

    Sacrifice Daniel or sacrifice mexico
    Please dont make again only two endings.

  97. RA si hyun says:

    that day. i'll be definedly buying it all of Episode. im seriously.

  98. Marcos Valverde says:

    LiS2 Episode 5: Sean and Daniel meet with Trump.

  99. Dan thefan says:

    Im starting to think just straight up shooting church lady without hesitation might have not been the best option regarding Daniel's morality lol..

  100. Yago Fernandes says:

    Sexo anal é bom demais

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