David Guetta ft Justin Bieber – 2U (The Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Sync)


David Guetta ft Justin Bieber – 2U (The Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Sync)

No limit in the sky that I won’t fly for ya No amount of tears in these eyes that I won’t cry for ya Oooh no With every breath that I take I want you to share that air with me There’s no promise that I won’t keep I’ll climb a mountain there’s none too steep When it comes 2U There’s no crime let’s take both of our souls and intertwine When it comes 2U don’t be blind Watch me speak from my heart when it comes 2U Comes 2U Want you to share that Comes 2U Cupid in a line, arrow got your name on it Oooh yeah Don’t miss out on a love and regret yourself on it Oooo Open up your mind clear your head Gotta wake up to an empty bed Share my life its yours to keep Now that I give to you all of me When it comes 2U There’s no crime let’s take both of our souls and intertwine When it comes 2U don’t be blind Watch me speak from my heart when it comes 2U Comes 2U Want you to share that When it comes 2 U Want you to share that When it comes 2U There’s no crime let’s take both of our souls and intertwine When it comes 2U don’t be blind Watch me speak from my heart when it comes 2U Comes 2U

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100 thoughts on “David Guetta ft Justin Bieber – 2U (The Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Sync)”

  1. Linnea says:

    Who else gets hella insecure when watching this video 🙋🙋🙋

  2. Fatin Syahira says:

    i dont even blink watching this video..

  3. _Ariana Queen_ says:

    Stella !! 😻😻

  4. ZaediusRA1000 says:

    David Guetta's been putting out much more mature music these past few years

  5. Alanepaxer says:

    Hola soybgey

  6. Shaan Thami says:

    bitches dancing=101%
    bitches showing off=98%
    talent=noise pollution

  7. Maria Fedesova says:


  8. Bonus Ariyanto says:

    OMG Jasmine 😍😍😍

  9. Radija Isabel says:

    A message to The girls in this video

    How does it feel to be God’s favourite 😭

  10. Radija Isabel says:

    Why does this remind me of pretty little liars

  11. BloxyGigi says:

    All these indian men in the comment section thinking they have a chance LMAO

  12. Guy who tries to get a Life says:

    When this came out I thought the girls became justin bieber then I realized it was a lip sync

  13. Max Joel Gameplays says:






























































  14. Boby Starks says:

    Quand tu découvre que tous ce monde du mannequinat n'est qu'un monde de prostitution… Les pauvres…

  15. Samba Africa says:

    2U for 6 models. Just beautiful.

  16. Meryam Aliyeva says:

    Super mahni

  17. Mouhamadou BA says:

    I love it 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😭😭

  18. Xenia Malacenco says:


  19. Mr. ImPerfect says:

    The sole purpose of this song was to make me wank and it did successfully 😀

  20. Ale ARMY says:

    Soy la única latina que ama está canción?😍😍

  21. IzY SoDa. says:


  22. Tejas Toley says:

    Jasmine is angel,no doubt.

  23. Schizophrenia Beat Maker says:

    Really make me so good like's my music. No Copyright Sound

  24. Marlene D says:


  25. Sam Dia says:

    J adore j adore rien a dire

  26. W-queen 02 says:

    Como podran ver ,están todas con las que engaño a selena😆las victoria secret

  27. Edra Nurja says:

    The song is beautiful
    The girls are beautiful
    I am beautiful

  28. Rumeysa B. says:

    Serefsiz karilar cok guzeller

  29. Steffen Aron says:

    romeeeee <3

  30. Havasi Bence says:

    The songs name could be in 2u its more accurate whit this clip

  31. I don't know says:

    Pues no me siento mal viendo el vídeo como dicen muchas, yo me amo y prefiero mi cuerpo.

  32. Missing Semicolon says:

    You should know one thing

    You are beautiful too

  33. christy capers says:

    I feel like a big black horse. 🐎

  34. عالم ألآنمي says:

    Now I suddenly want to workout at midnight…..

  35. MatthijsGames NL says:

    2u is 2 years old

  36. BestChill Music19 says:

    🥇 🥇 🥇🥇🥇 FANTASTIC🥇 🥇 🥇🥇🥇

  37. Safaa gh says:

    2u 😘😘😘😊❤👍

  38. Stacy Edwards says:

    Like Justin bieber

  39. alone man says:

    Who else is having a marathon of listening to old songs?

  40. EmeraldChan says:

    No one:..
    No soul:..


  41. como comentar hoy says:

    This is fun and funny

  42. como comentar hoy says:

    I ehhh kinda liked it

  43. Clarice Almeida says:

    then you look at the models and think one as I am ugly kkkkk

  44. Mathew Hammond says:

    How effective is Mofedest Miracle? I've noticed numerous awesome things about this popular self-development system that created by famous motivator.

  45. ツItsRobinOfc says:

    I miss all of the JB, David Guetta, Sia and Skrillex songs 🙁 take me back

  46. Entspanntenn says:

    hergün izlerim bu klibi kendini güzel zanneden birisine aşık olmayayım diye.

  47. Ricardo shinaider says:


  48. divi rivi says:

    Maybe next song with Selena Gomez?

  49. Lol Lol says:

    Our stupid society has created an "elite class" beauty type showing models that should be skinny, tall and pretty bla bla that's all BULLSHIT! Beauty should be expressed in each and one of us through our souls instead of selling these kind of "idealistic prototypes" of beauty invented by society just to make cash….

  50. Lol Lol says:

    They're all so tall….. :0

  51. Ruth Wang says:

    I dont understand the comments. How are they saying you are ugly if the are just showing their body? It is you who are judging yourself…
    I appreciate how the models look. It is like art. But I think I am beautiful too, just in different ways.

  52. Daniel Arthur Villarruel Quispe says:

    Jungkook no puede ver esto

  53. Xuân Trần says:

    Bài hat thì hay đấy nhưng mà hình ảnh xấu quá.

  54. Rossana Di Masi says:

    Yea 🦀🦀🦀

  55. John Galt says:

    The BEST

  56. Le Perv says:

    Beautiful boobs love it ❤

  57. SweetheartPrincessGloria A. says:

    People say I'm a target of being a bully. But I don't listen to them.

  58. 준김 says:

    Like si estas aqui por JUNGKOOK

  59. Jose Maalouf says:

    Hey people, be respectful,
    Im a male model and I deserve to show my hard work. It is not fair to critisize others because of what they are proud of while the judgers are seatting on their couches. We workout, we take care of our skin and do many more things. Every single person is blessed with something special.I urge everyone to respect hard working people, Its our job.



  61. saleh cowboy says:

    just hadi

  62. autopilot2008 says:

    Victoria Secret's models
    Sara Sampaio,
    Romee Strijd,
    Elsa Hosk,
    Jasmine Tookes,
    Stella Maxwell and
    Martha Hunt.

  63. Carlos Arquelau! says:

    Irmãos berti ❤️✌️

  64. ayya mer says:

    Who come after lose u to love me ?

  65. ღJeon Aylin :3ღ says:

    Jungkook 2u like

    2u Justin Bieber comentt

  66. camila fernandez reyes says:

    me encanta

  67. Emma Hardouin says:

    Omg Justin 😍@emma_hrd

  68. Suman Adhikary says:

    2:05 i think she is inviting me

  69. 나는 나의 최고야알았어*. says:


  70. Nur Aslan says:


  71. María fernanda Castro preciado says:

    Me gusta mas el cover de jungkook

  72. Samarth Singh Thakur says:

    To do:
    Date a supermodel

  73. Adriana Soares says:

    Brasileiros curtam aqui…

  74. mazdek 1978 says:

    Perfekcyjnie zgrany teledysk.. Uwielbiam Aniołki Victorii Secret!!!

  75. Ravi Ravi says:

    Super song

  76. Keltoum Baba says:

    Love this song nov 2019

  77. Arofahz Matsakun says:

    Who is that 0.44?

  78. aliou bah says:

    Valider ❤💛💚

  79. хай says:

    Русские отзовитесь 2к19

  80. says:

    I want their body 😂

  81. sandra whittingham says:

    Those are hot girls am I right?!! Like if u agree

  82. TheFrankii says:

    2:13 me anamore bldo, hsaaaaaaaaa

  83. ༆ルース・タイペ says:

    Jungkook :0 ?

  84. Alexandra Francisco says:

    I am so sad cuz 2 years ago i watch every songs in our tv 🙁

  85. Gemimah Djamen says:

    november 2019?? me!

  86. Hajrije Manxhuka says:

    When I hear this song I belive my live

  87. Sleepyyy Child ;3 says:

    This song is lowkey so good though

  88. Sheikh Suleiman says:

    Sarah sampaio is most gorgeous. Just wow…

  89. Sheikh Suleiman says:

    2:08 that turn sara did was just epic…. ❤️❤️

  90. yourmoms favorite says:

    Ladies really mad cause of the girls here 😂
    They literally called Victoria's Secret Angels,
    I'll say it again Angels

  91. Gabriel Salgado says:

    Elsaaaa hoskkk😍😍

  92. Daniel Dumbeto Mejia Ayala says:

    Like in 2019 and 2020

  93. Jazz Dhau says:

    every inch of there body is PERFECT!!!

  94. RookieO'z :3 says:

    I wonder if she's gonna be fine as a model later on

    Cuz every person always have issues (even with celebs)

  95. military 610 says:

    You're nice, I love you ❤️

  96. Felipe Rosenthal says:

    The KING?

  97. Diogo Gomes says:

    November 2019?

  98. aleleleo says:

    this song makes me sad

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