David Sedaris Receives an Honorary Doctorate at Binghamton University


David Sedaris Receives an Honorary Doctorate at Binghamton University

Honorary degrees recognize individuals who
by their outstanding service to the University, the state, the country and humanity exemplify
the mission and purposes of Binghamton University. Their lives and their achievements stand as
inspiration to us all. I am pleased to announce that we will now
confer the honorary degree of doctor of letters on David Sedaris. Mr. Sedaris is a writer,
playwright, radio personality who is a native of this area. Provost Swain will you please
bring David Sedaris to the podium. Provost Swain will you please read the citation. David Sedaris, distinguished writer and humorist,
you write and speak about the human condition through triumph and tragedy while encouraging
your audience to laugh at lives absurdities. A native of Binghamton, New York, your essays
are published in prestigious magazines, your stories are broadcast on national radio programs
and your books are best sellers. You have been recognized for the quality of your work
through the Thurber Prize for American humor. Time Magazine’s Humorist of the Year and
two Grammy award nominations for best-spoken word album. For all of these accomplishments
as well of those to come The State University of New York is proud to present you with the
honorary degree of Doctor of Letters. By virtue of the authority vested in me by
the State Board of the University of New York, the Trustees, I confer upon you the degree
Doctor of Letters honoris causa and invest you with all the rights and privileges pertaining
there unto in token thereof we hand you this diploma and vest you with the hood appropriate
to this degree. Thank you President DeFleur and thank you
so much Binghamton University.

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5 thoughts on “David Sedaris Receives an Honorary Doctorate at Binghamton University”

  1. antney1108 says:

    It is pronounced "se – DARE – us" you moron!

  2. missclimpson says:

    You'd think she'd have taken the time to find out how his name is pronounced.

  3. slh950 says:

    wow … cuts off right as he starts speaking. well done

  4. ger6111 says:

    Wow….kinda messy guys

  5. Carmen George Weddings says:

    This ends before he speaks. Grrrrr…

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