Dean’s Message: College of Doctoral Studies

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I want to thank you for considering attending GCU for your doctoral education. The doctoral journey is a long one, requiring much time and effort, and you need to do diligence in selecting the right university to partner with you on that journey Like many leaders in the doctoral college here, I completed my doctorate while working full time. After more than a decade at GCU, I can tell you that we know that complications and challenges that modern students face because we have lived them, and we’ve designed programs and systems that work with you, not against you. Whether your interests are in psychology, leadership or business, our flexible online classes are taught by experienced practitioner-scholar faculty who are highly engaged and provide valuable and supportive feedback. Face-to-face residencies provide intensive week-long instruction on research skills as well as allowing interaction with fellow scholars. Our curriculum integrates development of content knowledge with building research skills. Our experienced support staff includes student service advisers, doctoral reference librarians, academic quality reviewers and research specialists. Now completing the doctoral dissertation is the culmination of modern academic pursuit, an achievement earned by a very small percentage of the population. A pursuit during which you will transform from a student doing homework into a scholar conducting research. To quote our provost Dr. Hank Radda, The ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The doctoral journey can seem like a thousand miles or longer. Such a journey requires preparation, commitment and support. It is best taken with a company of like-minded scholars who have mapped the roads and prepared the way. Let us at the College of Doctoral Studies be your partner on this journey, and we will see you all the way to the end.

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