Dear Future Generations: Sorry


Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Dear Future generations. I think I speak for the rest of us when I say Sorry. Sorry, we left you with our mess of a planet. Sorry that we were too caught up in our own doings to do something Sorry, we listened to people who made excuses to do nothing I Hope you forgive us. We just didn’t realize how special the Earth was like a marriage gone wrong We didn’t know what we had until it was gone.. For example, I’m guessing you [probably] know it as the Amazon desert, right? Well believe it or not it was once called the Amazon rainforest and there were billions of trees there. All of them gorgeous and oh.. You don’t know much about trees. Do you? Well, let me tell you trees are amazing. I mean we literally breathe the air They are creating they clean up our pollution or carbon, they store and purify water give us Medicine that cures our diseases food that feeds us which is why I’m so sorry To tell you that we burn them down Cut them down with brutal machines horrific at a rate of [Forty] Football Fields every minute That’s 50% of all the trees in the world gone in the last hundred years why? For this. And that wouldn’t make me so sad if it weren’t so many pictures of leaves on it You know when I was a child I read how the native Americans had such Consideration for the planet that they felt responsible for how they left the land for the next seven generations Which brings me great sorrow because most of us today don’t even care about tomorrow? So I’m sorry I’m sorry that we put profit above people greet above need the rule of gold above the [Golden] [Rule] I’m sorry we use nature as a credit card with no spending limit over Drafting animals to extinction stealing your chance to ever see their uniqueness or become friends with them Sorry, we poison the ocean so much that you can’t even swim in them But most of all I’m sorry [about] our mindset cuz we had the nerve to cause this destruction progress Hey Fox news if you don’t think climate change is a threat. [I] dare you to interview the thousands of homeless people in Bangladesh [see] wow while you were in your pit house nestle their homes were literally washed away but need their feet due to rising sea levels and Sarah Palin, you said that you love the smell of fossil fuels Well, I urge you to talk to the kids of beijing who are forced to wear pollution. Masks just to go to school So you can ignore this but the thing about truth is it can be denied Not avoided I’m sorry future generations. I’m sorry that our footprint became a sinkhole and not a garden I’m sorry that we paid so much attention to isis and very little to how fast the [ice] is melting in the arctic I’m sorry, we doomed you and I’m sorry we couldn’t find another planet [and] time to move [to] [I] am You know what cut the beat? I’m not sorry This future I do not accept it because an error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it We can redirect this how let me suggest that if a farmer sees a tree that is unhealthy And they don’t look at the branches to diagnose it they look at the root so like that farmer We must look at the root and not to the branches of government and not to the politicians run by corporations we are the root that we are the Foundation this generation it is up to us to take care [of] this planet. [it] is our only home we must globally warm our hearts and change the climate of our souls and Realize that we are not apart from Nature We are a part of nature and to betray nature is to betray us the save nature is to save us Because whatever you’re fighting for racism or poverty feminism gay rights or any type of equality it won’t matter in the least Because if we don’t all work together to save the environment We will be equally extinct so Hey guys for the past several weeks I’ve been here in Africa the heart of Africa witnessing the horrific destruction of the rainforests which inspired me to write this piece Wire for is being destroyed that such an enormous rate for this Today, we live in a world where destroying trees? Makes you money, so what can we normal people do about it? One way to directly fight the destruction is to stand for trees by standing for trees Not only can you save the lives of trees help forest communities and protect the rights of animals to live in their homes? But you will also balance the amount of pollution that you yourself give off your everyday activities Making you a part of the solution and not the problem This is the option that I chose but whatever way that you choose to stand for trees do it because a wise man once said When the rivers are all dried up and the trees have been cut down Man will then realize that he will not be able to eat Money.

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100 thoughts on “Dear Future Generations: Sorry”

  1. Prince Ea says:

    What steps are you taking to help fight climate change?

  2. Muriel Farrell says:

    See this is the type of president we need

  3. Charlie Lindstrom says:

    This won’t happen for another million years don’t worry

  4. Hana Welch says:

    2019 anyone?😪

  5. Emily B says:

    Tell me.. WHY THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE 27 THOUSAND DISLIKES!?! This almost made me cry and I think that he can really make a difference.

  6. RohlikPlays says:

    Imagine our planet as your house with a nice backyard and trees. The trees would burn down and you would do nothing, then the whole backyard would disappear and you'd think you're still safe because you have your house but then one day the whole house would burn down and everything with it. Think about it.

  7. Aminah A0499 says:

    I watched this vid a year ago thinking we r gonna be alright because we can fix this
    I look back at it now and nothing happened acc we did do something we got even worse in 2 years scientists say that we can’t go back and fix everything but ha will anyone do anything in those 2 years? No there gonna start when we can’t even go back we’re gonna start after those 2 years.
    This is the end
    And the worst part is
    No ones sorry

  8. FroztyBotz says:

    Not trying to be mean but I think it makes it all better that he black because 50 years ago he wouldn’t be able to do this and now he is Inspiring many people

  9. Waffles YT says:

    Awwww this is so sad🙁❤

  10. Enlightened Heart says:

    Wait they thought the Amazon would be a desert now?

  11. Breanna Carr says:

    I would rather be poor then let the Amazon brun down Tbh

  12. Alessandra Ezquerro says:

    This is a great video very inspiring

  13. Gacha life Lily says:

    What he said made so much sense. I don’t understand why people do what they do and I wanna help more than words can explain, but I’m too young to do a whole lot.

  14. Jeny Wabe says:

    Click the button if you still watching this in 2019

  15. sandra sutton says:

    I'm crying

  16. Kevin Wang says:

    cough cough, acutally, even though a burning forest could cause destruction and make global warming. But, a burned down rain forests creates rich and fertile soil that could actually grow better and more trees.

  17. m i s t y F o r e s t says:

    Money is made out of fabric
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Kyla Yaffe says:

    im also trying to help but im only 7 but i thought i was the only one that cared about it

  19. AsiA I. says:

    YoU whi t es are fkg dead stinky illegal ho nk y s.

  20. AsiA I. says:

    you bla cks are twaTs why aren't you killingthe whiteforeign bas tar ds we will have to kill them and you  in ww3.

  21. StarTemsPines says:

    Watching this.. and the Amazon is burning right now..

  22. Jays World says:

    WE GOT A NEW PRESIDENT❤️❤️❤️I luv this video

  23. Jays World says:

    Follow my TikTok acc.i got this vid from tiktok @brokenjayyx

  24. footballfreak says:

    Please the President of the EARTH. You don't have to campaign for election. Just take your win.

  25. nyanchan X says:

    Hello 2019 people even though trees are still here but don't make it happen SAVE TREES

  26. Rodrigo Playz says:

    The amazon tree could was been reborn if we re plant them

  27. ELISE KERR says:

    whoever disliked this video needs help

  28. Charles OlRich says:

    @Prince ea You are sorry and you ask what people are doing to fight climate change. Well my question is this; what are you doing? Did you walk to all the places you appear in your videos, did you charge the batteries for your cameras using solar? If so, were the factories who made the solar chargers “clean”? Let’s see, did you make sure the company that produced the fancy suit and shoes you are wearing did not pollute the air or dump toxins upon the earth??? What have you done? Don’t be a hypocrite; you see that’s the problem with all the climate change activists, nothing but hypocrites, because I have yet to see a single one of you who leave a zero carbon footprint behind!!!

  29. moritz adrian says:

    So true

  30. Alyssa_6639 6 says:

    Wow that was in 2015 damn how did he guess the future. HE IS CREATURE

  31. Combat-Fico says:

    all dislikes are from people who burned Amazon Rainorest

  32. Clarissa Muro says:

    we need to help our home 🙁

  33. Mir Kalabas says:

    im with you im 12 and this is sad

  34. AX_14 says:

    This vid was uploaded in 2015
    and 4 years have past yet no one gives a damn🌝

  35. Demi Quirk says:

    I love this video and have watched it over again 💖💖I have realized that we are destroying the world just to be the richest people we can be, and that's wrong!!!! We have chopped down trees for absolutely no reason our power over the world is getting out of control!!!! We need to stop asap!!!!

  36. - XXSHAMXX - says:

    2:44 made me cry( I’m from Bangladesh and I know people who have gone through that)

  37. gothgacha rainbow says:

    My only wish ever is to have a healthy world I'm ten years old right now and I will give it my all to help this world I'm so sorry future generations I want to become president and stop people from cutting down trees well like if you are with me

  38. Gergely Karácsony says:

    if i grow up i will fix it
    i will fix this mess

  39. Pepe WassNess says:

    Your A Real Inspiration 🙏

  40. david ramon belenguer says:

    Your awsome dude

  41. Jondo 5 says:

    When election time comes around, you know who to vote for

  42. Pro Gamer 500 says:

    You should be president I would vote on you cause Donald trump is a piece of sh*t

  43. TBoB says:

    I hope you eat a footatouie and choke from poison rat man.

  44. rosa jaimes says:

    20 mill ppl saw this and 1 mill liked this vid and. 20 k disliked it…………………….like this if you love the earth

  45. Twin Buddies says:

    It's really sad because when I grow up my generation will have to fix this problem. I'm really mad because these problems were caused before I was born. It's not fair for me and for my generation. This problem is already passed down for my generation to deal with when we are older. I'm sorry for my future kids because I also don't want to pass these problems down to them. While so kids like me are worried about the Earth and its complications, most kids are worried about video games, being cool, and ect.

  46. Jett H says:

    It's gonna get to the point where trees will matter more then people. But guess what we still wouldn't care.

  47. L. MorningStar says:

    This Man Predicted Amazon Rain Forrest incident in 2015 !

    -from 2021

  48. Jennifer Diaz says:

    I’m sorry earth🥺

  49. ItzyaboimatthewxD I says:

    I know this is super late but this video is so motivational like I'm actually gonna

  50. Vannah says:

    I wish that the people today had a heart for the Earth like the Native Americans did

  51. Gacha sun and peace says:

    I'm pretty sure if there's no trees in the future . future generations wouldn't be alive since trees and plants give us air

  52. Dr. Doofenshmirtz says:

    My mans predicted amazon fire

  53. ŁØßĒR_ aNgEl says:

    This makes my cry 😭 ❤️💔💔💔💔💔

  54. havoc cipher says:

    Bruh, someone rich gotta do something, run for president or governor at the most

  55. Taneisha Studios says:

    This was made in 2015 and he said the Amazon dessert which is currently on fire in 2019 I am afraid to say but what if the entire video is actually correct

  56. You Are Reading This says:

    How does this have any dislikes?

  57. Foodie Cassie says:

    It’s great that people are raising this issue, although just remember if you are sad to the bone remember there is a bunch of people helping to make what we call “home” longer to live in for further generations. Although also remember this, please don’t ploute, put your rubbish in the bin… it’s not that hard. Also if you can, try to save water, or use more containers than rubbish or metal straws! Lets put all of this political human right issues to the side and come together as a team save this world! Because there is hope 🌎🌍🌏

  58. Jackelin Mercado-Lopez says:

    look there should get all the animals that did not die in the amzon and taking them to anther forest

  59. Astro-_Phoenix_- says:


  60. Garth Kingbird says:

    Today we can make the change. Join us. Strike for climate.

  61. Sneffrey 1 says:


  62. Łøki Gød øf Mischief says:

    Or we could all commit suicide… That will work…

  63. Livin Gunk says:

    Eat more meat. That’ll save the planet.

  64. Louisa Walter says:

    ‘We pay so much attention to isis, and very little to how much the ice is melting’

    victims of isis: am I a joke to you?

  65. Cg player says:

    I love this guy :)))

  66. SportsInterviewerKid says:

    You should run for president because I guarantee that you would win

  67. Rogita0329 Marvelforlife says:

    Those people who disliked it is is is….

    Definitely not a turtle whatevs I'm gonna try to not litter and not to use the dangerous chemicals on my sun block so it won't damage the coral

  68. Dani Higareda says:

    Prince Ea is my idol. He inspires me and I love that he speaks out for the issues that politicians and government officials don't speak out for. Prince Ea, you are awesome, and keep inspiring people all over the world!!

  69. Mona Marina says:

    Can you please be our next American presitand🙏🏻

  70. Alien #2 says:

    Did anybody else cry and slap theirself?

  71. Sovjet-Union says:

    We rush area 51
    We wanna know whats going on

  72. Aoife O’c says:

    He knew the amazon would burn, it's burning at the moment but this man right here he has made my life happier even in his saddest songs. Someone has to say it and he just has ❤️

  73. lia jurko says:

    Whoever dislaked this video is a monster, how do you live with yourself, we will NOT survive if this goes on

  74. Edwin Miranda says:

    The aliens are gonna be lile o shit what happend here

  75. DCUM - Ahmet says:

    sorry from me.

  76. Beth Boyle says:

    Parents say they care about their children.
    But then they aren't sorting out the problem that has been around for years that will affect there children negatively.

  77. Shaded leaf Cat dragon says:

    You are amazing

  78. NEO tutoriales says:

    Te perdono :v

  79. DepressedDove11 - says:

    The Bangladesh part hit me hard. My dad has a friend who is from there, and she would tell us stories from it.

  80. oofers says:

    You need to be president

  81. _bob says:

    India has left the chat

  82. Poppy Qattash says:

    the sun will blow up in Billon or some years so let's get the earth clean before that

  83. Michael Black says:

    The sad thing is that we all just watched this but maybe 3% of us will do something about it even though we found it touching.

  84. MooderWasTaken says:

    At this rate. It's just suicide

  85. Ulysse Gantois says:

    I think that the rich people won't go extinct, only the less wealthiest people will face the big problems and will probably have difficulties to survive

  86. Snail Noodle Soup says:

    I came here because I remembered “The Amazon Desert”..
    The Amazon burning..

  87. Maddie B says:

    Science proves that if ice if in water as it melts the water level stays the same… I’m not saying that the water level isn’t rising but it’s not as bad as people are making it up to be

  88. Dino Destroyah says:

    Here we are being fat asses and being super greedy

  89. SPILL THE TEA 101 says:

    "I'm guessing you probably know what is the Amazon Desert, right?
    Well believe it or not,
    it was once called once called the Amazon Rain Forest,
    and there were billions of trees there,
    and all of them gorgeous and just um.
    Oh, you don't know much about trees, do you?"

    He spoke the future

  90. theodd vacodo says:

    Those 27,000 people who disliked the video are retards and suisidal

  91. Wet Flames says:

    1 like 1 tree gets planted

  92. Aimen Balouch says:

    Why is there so many dislikes on this video?

  93. Ezra Bean says:

    My 3rd period teacher showed me this. This is important.

  94. Mimi cookie says:

    Only twelve, and I already know this. Just so this. WE NEED to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. this emotional…

  95. DuckFace · says:

    Im crying

    I never cry..this is weird.

  96. Amex Hawley says:

    This is slowly happening and im guilty that I exist

  97. CGGG1 Gg says:

    We sorry God you made us and creating earth for all animals and humans to live but all this human creating is making the earth slowly dying to the end. ITS PEACE DAY

  98. Gacha Craz3 says:


  99. manuel says:

    this will be a meme in future

  100. Cookies areawesome says:

    Wow this is all over tick tock now

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