Debunking the Myths of Online Learning Myth #2: You’re On Your Own | Bellevue University

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(gentle music) On screen: MYTH: With online learning, you’re on your own. It’s up to you to figure it out. I never once felt like it was somebody shoving me off a boat and saying sink or swim. It was okay, you’re having trouble, paddle. I need you to back float. There was instruction along the way. We are all here to help. If I can’t get the answer for you, I’ll get you to another department who can. So if you need help with time management and figuring out a schedule to do your homework, we have a study skills and tutoring center. We care. I mean, we care about our students. We will go the extra mile. When you come to a non-profit school, it’s not about getting your money. It’s about finding the good fit. As a professor, I have a responsibility to ensure that all my students are engaged in what’s going on in the course and finding ways of bringing them into the community that I’m trying to create within that course. I always felt like somebody was there. Whether it was me reaching out to them or my coach reaching out to me, it seemed to be perfect timing, but I’ve never felt alone. (gentle music)

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