Degree – College Algebra

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Degree – College Algebra

Now that you know what a polynomial is, we’re going to talk briefly about a word that we use to characterize a given term in a polynomial. The degree of a term. Now, the degree of a term is equal to the sum of all the exponents of all of the variable that are in that term. So if we have a term like negative 4x cubed, then the degree of this term is 3. Since we have an exponent of 3 for the only variable that’s in the term x. Another way we could say this is that this is a 3rd degree term. Now if, in contrast, we have a term like 6y to 7th, z to the 4th, the degree is 11 or we could also say this is a 11th degree term. Now the degree is 11 here, because for a first variable we see we have a power of 7 and for the second variable we have a power of 4. y and z are the only two variables in this expression, so the degree is equal to the sum of their powers, 7 plus 4 equals 11.

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