Degree Shows 2019 | London College of Communication

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I’m really excited about sharing my work
with people and I think what I’m looking forward to the most is getting feedback
to the public. I think this is the best place to actually create conversations and I think that this is also the best place where we can find people who are
like-minded you know who where we can bounce ideas off. I feel it’s really
important to bring your work slightly out of a little bubble of being
protected through showing your work to your peers. Have a constant input of people sharing
their thoughts and feelings and views. The show is not an end to the course, but is actually a stepping stone. It’s always a great place to kind of
come and explore what’s going and I think you guys create the next level of stuff.
There’s been a lot of hard work been put into this show and I’m really looking forward
to people actually seeing it. We’d love people to just be like ‘what
the hell was that?’, to think about a specific moment that happened in their
life and that they want to remember, we wanted to leave people feeling quite
tender and quite touched. I’m a byproduct to this degree show as well I did the BA Photography – great variety of work that hits in some very interesting subjects
and topics. It was an insight into kind of different cultures and religions and
backgrounds of people I don’t ordinarily see. I’ve made an installation
that plays on the idea of the museum and making it more interactive, turn these
items from being artefacts to things that – making them alive once more. I did
quite a bit of letterpress some litho as well screen printing, there are
people doing virtual reality, there are people who do film, there people who do
prints, type, I love how this is like showing what the future of graphic
design might look like rather than just books and prints so it’s exciting. So tonight I think that the work that interested me the most was the interaction one because I suppose kind of not only the
presentation of it for all the ideas behind all the different projects is just
fascinating. This year the game’s design lot seem to, seem to have come up with some really good games, some of them are quite simple but
surprisingly effective. Surprising atmosphere, people are excited, having a good time I love it. It’s like really inspiring we people work in like
different media and I come every year and I think this is the best year I’ve seen.

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