Degree Works at Jamestown Community College


Degree Works at Jamestown Community College

[nature sounds]
You look a little lost Is it that obvious?
Where you trying to get to, champ? Same place everybody else is trying to get
to. Graduation day. That’s not gonna happen if I can’t figure out where to go.
Well, you’re not alone in this thing. Especially with the help of Degree Works.
Degree what? Degree Works. It helps you track your degree
progress by letting you review and monitor what you’ve achieved so far, and what requirements
are yet to be fulfilled. Degree Works helps you and your advisor pick out the most efficient
route to graduation. Not only that, but with the “What If?” feature, you’re able to see
what coursework you would need to complete, along with what you’ve already completed,
if you changed your major. So Degree Works can really get me out of here
in one piece. You better believe it. Now let’s get you prepared
for the rest of your life.

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  1. FalconKPD says:

    awesome work, Pat. Let me know if you need my help on these.

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