Degrees For Sale: Inside The Essay Writing Industry: Students On The Edge


Degrees For Sale: Inside The Essay Writing Industry: Students On The Edge

I’m a recent graduate, I write
essays for an essay writing service.
The way the company gets round it,
is saying that they’re advisory
as opposed to essays that
you should submit to university.
If anyone is genuinely thinking that
these are advisory essays,
it’s probably a bit naive.
I don’t know the student, I have no
contact with the student themselves.
They just submit their essay title
and some…requirements that
they want,
references, etc, and I…
I just write the essay.
And then send it back off.This is the website.I get an e-mail from the company,
every now and then, saying,
you know,
these essays are available.
I go onto the website, now I click
the button for available work and
it comes up with just this list of
essays that I’m qualified to write.
One brief that I did recently,was a 3,000 word essay
due in for the next day.
That was worth about £350.So that was a big payday for me.You have to question why these
students feel the need to go
and buy their essays.What makes them feel so much
pressure to succeed that they
have to go and literally, you know,
purchase parts of their degree.
It’s the system itself that
is flawed, having students that,
you know, rack up five,
maybe even six figures of debt.
it requires them to succeed.
They can’t fail and so that is why
they turn to services like this.
A lot of friends of mine
have said…
..have admitted to having paid
for an essay, in the past.
So, it is…
yeah, it’s a taboo subject, I think.
People do do it a lot.I had taken a trip down to London
for the weekend.
On my laptop I had about three
essays sort of that night,
stopped off, had a drink at a pub.Suddenly realised,
my laptop is no longer on me.
I hadn’t backed it up.General university policy is that
you don’t get granted extensions.
Obviously, I was angry and upset.My crisis management was awful
and I went into panic mode.
I did what…
I really shouldn’t have done.
My first thought was
immediately to pay for an essay.
I paid £130for a first-class standard essay.I received the essay back
and then within a couple of days,
a number of e-mails start
flooding into in my inbox,
asking for extra costs –could immediately sense the whole
thing was a bit of a scam.
I was asked to pay 70
for a plagiarism check.
And then,
if I didn’t pay that within an hour,
they would suddenly tell…..they would tell me
that it was now…
..the price had now gone up to 200.I was getting blackmailed.Initially, I refused to pay
for anything that they asked.
They would tell me that they’d post
the essay online, so that,
once I’d handed in, which I already
had, it would show up
as 100% plagiarised, through
the university plagiarism checker.
But if it had failed the check,I knew my position at the university
would be at stake.
Stress levels were
increasing rapidly.
Obviously I had other work in,
at the same time.
This probably eventually got
up to about £400 that I had paid,
as opposed to the initial 130
that was promised.
I paid a final amount and told them
in the e-mail that I’m blocking them
and this is the last
they’ll hear from me.
This just eventually led to them
sending my essay directly
to the university.
I receive an e-mail from
the university,
in big capital letters,
saying, “Urgent, meeting required.
Essay plagiarism.”
The actual blackmailing sort of
provoked a lot of emotions.
I…I was obviously slightly
embarrassed, at the same time,
which meant I didn’t want to talk
to other people about it.
So, one of those things you assume
would never actually happen to you.
I’ve learnt from my mistakes.I’d hope, I’d like to hope.Um, I think there’s a big taboo
behind people actually admitting
to using these websites or using
other people to write their essays.
I would strongly
recommend not doing it.
Of course, it was a terrible
mistake, on my behalf.

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100 thoughts on “Degrees For Sale: Inside The Essay Writing Industry: Students On The Edge”

  1. Christabel says:

    So this one girl at my school had used one of these guys and they went completely off topic talking about why it was important to carry out research on the subject as opposed to actually discussing the subject….needless to say, she failed!

  2. Will says:

    if anyone needs an essay doing. Check out my: website, (not scam)

  3. Rossana Evaristo says:

    The guy whose laptop was stolen- there’s a thing such as goggle documents.

  4. TheDOTKU says:

    Prince Harry's wife.

  5. David Duncan says:

    This is pathetic. Don't go to university if you can't put in the time and work. I hope they all get caught. Bunch of losers.

  6. Gentleman Gamer says:

    Couldn't the guy just go talk to the university lecturer and explain what happened about his laptop being stolen? That would have been a wiser and avoided all this trouble?

  7. plok ijuh says:

    That’s some Black Mirror shit

  8. Sean O'Donovan says:

    Lol 3 days to write a 2000 word essay and he should remember most of it anyways?

  9. Eric Draven says:

    If you cant even buy a flipping essay without getting scammed then youre not cut out for uni lmao

  10. Winston Chirpsehill says:

    Can someonw tell me what site hes on lol?

  11. fish and banana says:

    I was doing a postgrad last year, a nigerian student in our class spoke very broken english and was not the sharpest tool in the box. but somehow he kept getting almost 100% on all his essays and courseworks. i later found out that he was using a content writer back in his home town to do his course work and his dissertation for him. and as for the exams, he simply downloaded all the previous exams papers and memorised the answers for all the common repeated questions.

    So yeah, with these services you can breeze through university and even get a distinction masters degree with little to no effort.

  12. Zak Zak says:

    University unfortunately leaves most people without the skills required for any occupation – do away with these Mickey Mouse subjects and courses and have apprenticeships and on the job training through which you can study for actual professional qualifications such as PRINCE 2

  13. Triple Gem says:

    I wrote a degree essay for a mate in criminology he got his 2.1
    I don't mind doing it for people it ain't that bad and not that hard besides anyone doing it forgets I'm working life when are you ever going to do it again?
    Never so ppl come to me when they can and I help nothing wrong with that! Like oj paying a good lawyer it was no problem to the law then and yet we all know he's guilty as shit

  14. Aidan G says:

    This video was sponsored by

  15. KNIGHTFALL says:

    well obviously Cheating is on the rise!! who the hell wants to right 5,000 words of crap about a topic they didnt liked and learns little to nothing or the info just flys off their heads

  16. Mohamed Hamza Nora says:

    I'm a Uni student, and I dont agree with these guys, dont do that. I hate cheaters. :/ I'll write always my own essays.

  17. Vince P says:

    Lol 3 days for 2k words, I wrote my 8k word dissertation on physical chemistry mostly in a 21 hour straight session

  18. O T says:

    Not just for lazy students but international students. English entry standard has dropped (cos unis know they can charge them whatever they want) and kids come over barely speak English and use these mills to get through it. If you paying 3x more than UK students you can afford abit more on essay mills. Was loads of plagiarism in the Chinese students on my course but I bet they didn’t get kicked cos of the money they bring in from fees

  19. Ethan Gt13 says:

    Cheating has gone up because they keep making school harder not essay mill

  20. Stanley Otieno says:

    You guys won't let us eat hehehe

  21. paschal kamau says:

    These essays are mostly written by Kenyans and Indians on these mills. This is a very profitable business and often better than the regular jobs available in the market.

  22. A Human says:

    I write 2000 words for a level takes 6 hours

  23. Commentator541 says:

    Poor him, he is doing so badly, HE USES A 200 GBP COMPUTER! Please!

  24. Devisi says:

    this is huge business in afrika, jobless youths write essays for people.

  25. Diogo S says:

    Certifications need to be worked on to promote high level education beyond the exploitative University realm and research publishers need to stop selling a research paper for 30 pounds. Its ridiculous how education has been commodified when its so desperately needed to raise social cultural economic and political standards of countries.

  26. prashant mishra says:

    [email protected] ans best essays great rate. Get your essays from the best.

  27. Charlie Graves says:

    As a student myself, they turn to essays because of laziness not because of stress…this guy is just trying to cover his back

  28. Joseph Parker says:

    If only they would pay someone like me rather than buying a paper. I can advise and tutor you from essentially an failing rated paper, to a top notch one. I don't write the paper for you but I do give you wisdom on how actually achieve quality in writing.

  29. Richard Goode says:

    A system as a education for a student as Britain.

  30. Rage games says:

    Essays are meaningless.

  31. Sexual Chocolate Robbie says:

    It's not crime though.

  32. WeiYinChan says:

    I’m never gonna use it for my own but I would totally write essays for other students. It’s not like I would get in trouble if they got caught

  33. Iamtop says:

    Most people in my computer engineering school were cheats that spent their days procrastinating and their education was paid by their parents, doesn't surprise me the slightest that people w/ loans would do this.

  34. William Roshi says:

    Im guilty to be part of this too… in the past hahaha.

  35. Haha Bobblehead says:


  36. Yaamin Mohmmed says:

    Is this sponsored by edubired 😭

  37. Husna G says:

    I know a lot of people who cheat and make others write there essays for them. Reality is they have money and I don’t. So I spend all my time doing the work for myself where as they get spoon fed. They party, don’t come to uni and still have the audacity to say shit like I am just struggling and have issues going on with my life so I can’t do it. What the hell man, why go in debt when you can’t even try writing a bloody 2000 word essay.

  38. ShadowMaster 45 says:

    Lol in my school we have to hand write essays so i still copy paste most of the shit so i would never be paying for this shit lmao

  39. astrophysx says:

    I dont think this is bad. this is like any other industry, and it is far more ethical than companies that sells weapons to the military for example. Ideally the type of client that would use this service anyways isn't an english major, probably some kid who just needed an essay done because they don't have time to work on english.

  40. Weegie Oppa says:

    I get hit up for these all the time. Mainly on WeChat

  41. Friday Night Live says:

    Uni waste of time I don’t get it waste of time I understand you want get better job better is it worth it ? Paying loans and stuff

  42. Just another youtube account says:

    How could people be so cruel. The poor guys laptop got stolen. He paid. Yes he shouldn’t have done it but you gotta feel sorry for the guy. Some people are evil…

  43. Anna says:

    If your not interested in the topic your studying, then your not motivated to write an essay. Your just getting into debt for something your not passionate about 😳 what’s the point 🙄

  44. Erik Nilsson says:

    How are is this guy not in jail?

  45. toomuch4em says:

    I appreciate the hustle of this guy writing all the essays. Reminds me of that skit from The Amanda Show about ordering finished homework from a business that works like pizza delivery.

  46. Josh B says:

    I enjoyed writing essays for university , and the feeling when it gets graded 80+% was awesome. I think a lot of the rich Chinese students use these services…

  47. Ma Boi Scotty says:

    Universities offer degrees for subjects that are not/do not require a degree level of learning. They then accept students with unsatisfactory academic results to fill quotas and top up their funds. The students then rack up debt for a course they're not suited for in order to obtain a degree that will not secure them a job or even pay for itself.

    This is our system, and it's abhorrent. A slip of paper is more about filtering people (on increasingly irrelevant criteria) than actually progressing the knowledge and capabilities of our society and the people within.

  48. Machiavellian II says:

    This man should be a professor on good essay writing!

  49. PornHubChairman says:

    I wonder how much trouble you could get in for writing the essays for money. 🤔

  50. Cormy SyStem says:

    It actually astonishes me how many people still don't back-up their work on a cloud service or a separate storage device they just keep at home. It's not that hard. The amount of time that's spent in classes now-a-days with students and lectures arguing about "lost work" gets on my nerves big time.

  51. JD says:

    People don’t go to university to study. As a med student, your life is 90% clubbing.

  52. Kevin Linton says:

    I'm in my first year of A Levels. I did 1800 words for my last philosophy exam which took about 4 or 5 hours to complete. I know it isn't at the same level as a uni essay but 3 days for 2000 words isn't hard if you just sit down and do it.

  53. Christopher Blackburn says:

    I fucking hated university

  54. Knuckles9T5 says:

    I got paid £500 from two Chinese students who wanted me to put their name on my essay. you can make big bank from these type of jobs.

  55. Sara S Ahmad says:

    Yea imagine if asian like me have to pay triple of that price (depends on a few factor as well eg: currency factor) 💸💸💸

  56. Adam Younis says:

    I Hate the uni system, it doesnt work and even if it does, it doesnt give you a job. I will jus end up with debt. I hate how frivolous knowledge has become in the 21st century

  57. Chris Lewis says:

    2000 words is a few hours work. People that are too dense or lazy to produce that in THREE days don't deserve to pass.

  58. Mr Fake Beast says:

    Why do you go to uni if you can’t write an essay

  59. Joe M says:

    The guy who got scammed…If you've been a victim of a crime and provide a police report, it's pretty standard that unis will consider this extenuating circumstances and grant an extension. Seems like he gave himself a lot of hassle for nothing.

  60. DeRepear says:

    Essays are a fucking stupid idea anyway. Is there not a better way?

  61. Keith Appanah says:

    Totally disgraceful. If students are not capable of writing their own essays then they shouldn't be at university in the first place. Academia is not for them. Simple as that. Totally unfair that these crooks could get job advantages above honest graduates with their false qualifications. A very scary prospect if they later go on to have careers with responsibility such as in medicine or primary education. Students caught using these services should be thrown out of university forever with no course refund and prosecuted if they have secured employment through deception .

  62. Tom Ripley says:

    Laughable. You've got the unethical smug profiteer who writes the essays blaming "the system" for putting pressure on the poor students to do this when, in reality, they're just dumb, entitled, bone idle dickwads reaping the rewards for work that is not their own. This happened quite a bit when I was at uni. No sympathy. If you do it, you're a POS.

  63. Andrew Atkins says:

    School is the biggest scam ever…I will continue using till I graduate then follow my real career path in music

  64. Ahmed Choudhary says:

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    field that requires expert writers which are found in Creative Savants’ team of
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  65. Sully 1234 says:

    Use Fiverr its cheaper!

  66. Rezvlt says:

    University/College is the biggest scam of all.

  67. Zeus Knobblewacker says:

    I though the thumbnail was a werewolf 😂😂

  68. AdamDrakeDidIt says:

    more widely i don't know why students really find it so hard not to get done for plagiarism. literally if you're lifting stuff whack it in speech marks and cite it…

  69. Raphael Miller says:

    Writing an essay at the very last minute is a right of passage. It is a great achievement and preparation for the real world. These people who get someone else to write a last minute essay are weak.

  70. EmailmeEssay Essay Writing Help says:

    Essay & Research Paper Writing Service

  71. Liam Watson says:

    Buying someone’s essay is fraud as well as cheating. This is a criminal as well as an academic offence. These guys will be fined thousands of pounds. Submitting a bought essay can even result in jail time, because it’s fraud.

  72. Екатерина Громова says:

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  73. Mercy Kofi says:

    I found one Essay Doctor ( They are really good at this!

  74. MacQuel Ortega says:

    essay is an eassy job for your education because it depends the title of ur essay..

  75. Sam Y says:

    Poor guy, so sad for him…

  76. Moksu says:

    2k word essay? Here in the IB programme, we have something called the extended essay which is 14k word essay.

  77. YH CHUNG says:

    I am a university lecturer and I know many of my students use essay writing services but I turn a blind eye to it because my university is akin to a degree mill and needs money.

  78. mariah Bill says:

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  81. Ум Грибабаса says:

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  83. J R says:

    This is why I use google docs so it automatically saves on the cloud

  84. crystalidx says:


  85. Lucas Demingos says:

    I spent one whole year reading to write my dissertation. I cannot imagine how someone can write an essay inpromptu

  86. Damian Ramey says:

    Universities no longer teach you anything. They are merely a business that pushes you through without giving any skill set. You are paying for a piece of paper with the false hope that has been drilled into your brain that there will be jobs waiting thrown at you.

  87. Coffee Link says:

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  88. Вадим 34 says:

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  90. Yusra Ali says:

    If this happened in America, you probably won’t even get into another university 😳 and it haunts you forever

  91. Moksu says:

    2k word essay? Here in IB (high school) we have something called EE (extended essay) which is 4000 word essay. Writing a decent 2k word essay in 2-3 days is pretty easy if you have good time managing skills

  92. Homework Lance says:

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  93. Rossana Evaristo says:


  94. Seoul Boy says:

    this has to be the most self righteous comment section of all time … CRINGE lol there's no honour in wasting hours of your life writing essays of which you won't be able to recall their subject matter within 2 years, most degrees are arbitrary, employers want to see if you can handle doing tasks you hate for extended periods of time to a regulated degree of quality, which is what you do once you start working for this ensues for the following 50 years or so, I know some people like their jobs of course but a lot of people tolerate them, which is what you learn to do at university through assignments. Let's all just take a deep breath and stop shitting on other people for doing stuff they don't agree with themselves, there's no moral linearity between whether or not you cheat on a university essay , obviously if a person never learns to work hard then they will hit a point in their life where these habits will catch up to them (WEALTH DEPENDANT) but everyone here whose shitting on this guy just be happy you got your degree and the sense of achievement you felt from doing it honestly and save your energy on working towards your own day to day success and well being.

  95. DapperDan Man says:

    2k word essay in 3days? He must not know any Americans. I was know in college as the procrastinator king. I would pull all nighters and turn papers in with no time to spare. I was an B and C student. Could you imagine if I would have tried.

  96. EmailmeEssay Essay Writing Help says:

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