Delaney – Online School Success from Grade K to 12 (Short)

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Delaney – Online School Success from Grade K to 12 (Short)

I attended school from my home through Connections
Academy from Kindergarten to 12th grade. When I initially enrolled Delaney the response
I got from my family was “How do you feel like you’re qualified to do that?” It’s not like my mom is just teaching me,
I have actual teachers. What initially attracted me to Connections
Academy was that I would have certified teachers as well as high-quality curriculum. To be able to make adjustments to the curriculum
to suit your student is invaluable. I definitely think that Connections Academy
helped me learn to be more motivated. It taught me how to be a good student and
work hard. She was able to transition from online schooling
to going to a community college seamlessly. If you really want high success for your student
and you’re willing to put in some effort as well then this is a wonderful program for
you, and it’s been such a blessing for our family.

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