Design and Development of Educational Technology | MITx on edX | About Video


Design and Development of Educational Technology | MITx on edX | About Video

ERIC KLOPFER: Educational technologies
have the potential to transform how we teach and learn, but realising that
potential is a significant challenge. To be effective, these
technologies need to be designed based on what we
know about how people learn and how they interact with technology. Learning, however, is not
a straightforward matter. Knowledge can be as
complex as the students and groups of students
engaged in learning. That’s why it’s helpful
to have an understanding of existing educational
theories, frameworks, and rich history of
previous efforts that can inform the design
of learning experiences. Hello, I’m Eric Klopfer. I’m a professor of education at MIT,
where I run the Scheller Teacher Education program and
the Education Arcade. You’re here because you have
an interest in the enterprise of educational technology, be it the
development aspects, product design, or the underlying theories. So welcome to Design and Development
of Educational Technology, the first of MIT’s Ed
TechX course series. We hope and expect that you come
from a variety of backgrounds with varied experience in
education and/or technology. This course is different–
or at least I hope it is. We’re not only trying to teach
you about some important past and present educational technologies,
and good pedagogical practices, but we’re also trying to practice what
we preach through the course itself. Throughout this course, we’ll
travel across the nation to talk with a variety of experts
working with educational technology, including educators,
researchers, and developers. Through interviews, informal lectures,
and on-location case studies, we’ll hear more about
the tools they designed, the theories their
designs were based on, and what they found out
about how they were used. This course culminates
in a final project– a Kickstarter-style pitch for
a new educational technology that will serve as
proof of your learning. There will be no grades. This is your chance to design your own
technology-based learning experience and gather feedback from your peers. The real source of learning in this
course, however, comes from you. Throughout this six-week course,
you’ll be an active participant engaging with the exciting
ideas introduced in the course through your projects and your
interactions with fellow learners. In fact, developing this course
is part of our own process here at MIT– of discovering what works
best in online learning environments. This is only the beginning. Educational technology is
a rapidly-expanding field, but the best practitioners
know that you can’t just mash education and technology
together carelessly. It’s a delicate process
to develop technology from an educational approach, and
here, at Design and Development of Educational Technology,
we’ll show you how. We’re excited to begin
the adventure with you.

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    Interested in getting in on the ed tech game? We recently announced Design and Development of Educational Technology from @Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Explore educational technologies and the theories underlying their development through interviews with experts in this project based course. Finish the course with a kickstarter style pitch for a new educational technology.

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    Don't miss out on the first course in the EdTech XSeries from @Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Design and Development of Education Technology examines educational technologies, outlines the theories that influenced their development, and examines their use. Sign up today:

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