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Dinosaur Ecosystems | HKU Online Learning | Course About Video

DR. MICHAEL PITTMAN: Dinosaurs are some
of the most popular and iconic animals, and they have captivated us in
movies and newspaper headlines. However, popular depictions of
dinosaurs in their environments often don’t incorporate all of
the scientific evidence available. So what do we really know
about the world of dinosaurs? Like animals today, dinosaurs
were part of larger ecosystems, so there was a lot to
know about their world. What plants and animals
did they live with? What physical environments
did they live in? What climates did they experience? How did all these things
interact with each other? In this course, Dinosaur
Ecosystems, we will take you on a global search
for answers to these questions. We will bring you to the hot and
dusty Gobi Desert of Erlian China to dig up an 80 million year
old fossil bounty that includes specimens you will be the first to see. We will survey almost 100
years of scientific research to uncover what is known about
this ancient ecosystem, including the gigantic beaked
dinosaur, Gigantoraptor. We will also search archives
in New York for the maps that first took paleontologist
to Erlian, and find out what these first expeditions were like. Most importantly, we will identify
the gaps in our current knowledge and then produce cutting edge research
that helps to fill these gaps. Are you ready to go? A state of the art reconstruction of
a dinosaur world begins in February 2017. Look forward to seeing you then.

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