Discussion Board Netiquette


Discussion Board Netiquette

Most of us are familiar with society’s
guidelines known as etiquette. Online communication has its own rules
and guidelines for etiquette. These are often referred to as “netiquette.” Keep
these rules in mind for any kind of online communication, including email, discussion
board posts, and other online contact with your classmates or instructor. First, avoid abbreviations that you might
use when texting or on Facebook, like “talk to you later,” “laugh out loud,” or other
abbreviations. Not everyone knows what these mean, and even if they do, avoiding
them will help communicate more clearly what you really mean. Second, make use of the subject line. Imagine walking into the library where
none of the books have titles on the covers. You would have to open every book until you
found what you were looking for. If you don’t give your post a subject
line, viewers will have to open your post to see what you said. So always give
readers a clue about what’s inside. Third, it’s important to know that all caps
is like yelling at someone. You probably wouldn’t yell at your
classmates during an in-class discussion, so please avoid doing it online. Next, be careful with joking or sarcasm. Since these frequently rely on nonverbal
facial cues or tone, they often do not come across very well in online communication. [robotic voice:] “That post you made was totally sick.” [crickets] It’s easy for someone to misunderstand your
meaning, or even become offended, because they couldn’t tell that you were joking. Finally, be frugal with exclamation points.
Overusing these gives a much greater sense of urgency to your message than it
likely deserves. Plus, it can make you seem like you’re yelling,
or that you lack maturity as a writer. By keeping these simple guidelines in mind
and remembering why we hold discussions, you can help make your online course a
truly meaningful experience for everyone involved. Now go discuss something!

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    I like the part about NO CAPS!!!!! it really does look like you are yelling.

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    um I don't remember not using abbreviations lol. laughing out loud (lol) if anyone does not know just saying.

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  51. Todd Nelson says:

    I'd love for their to be some more diversity in the video. I don't feel comfortable using it in our online course because some of my students are going to be students of color and the unconscious message for them is that the course (and its netiquette) is only suitable for white communities.

  52. Phoenix Storm says:

    I AM BREAKING EVERY ONE OF THESE BECUZ I AM ANNOYED!!!!!!!! (and yes I am yelling I was forced to come here when I have alot of homework to do but they said it's mandatory!)

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