Distance Learning at UNT Dallas

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Hi, welcome to Distance Learning
at UNT Dallas. The Office of Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies manages the eCampus, UNT
Dallas’ online learning environment, provides support to Students in pursuit of
online learning. We also support Instructors in the development of online courses and provide guidance to the Administration in development and management of online programs. Distance Learning refers to a type of learning that occurs in which the teacher and students
are not physically in the same location. Our online courses provide busy individuals – with
work, family, and other responsibilities – the opportunity to continue their education without
having to travel to campus. You will be able to connect via the Internet with instructors and with the other students enrolled in your classes. At UNT Dallas, distance learning involves fully online classes, in which all instruction
takes place through the Internet. And Hybrid courses in which part of the instruction occurs live, on campus, while the remaining instruction occurs online through our Learning Management
System. Our online courses are taught by the same
faculty who teach our on-campus programs. Course content, objectives, and outcomes are the same. Our online course environment is an easy and effective way for professors to share course materials online, communicate with students,
send and receive assignments, post grades and feedback, and much more! It also contributes to student success, saves time, reduces paper and printing costs, and
provides links to a wealth of academic online resources. e-Learning at UNT Dallas uses the power of the Internet to make learning accessible to
you anytime, anywhere. Instructors and students can take advantage of 21st century technology
like e-mail, chat rooms, conference calls, blogs and webinars to create a new and dynamic type of learning community – no matter where you are physically located. Some of our online courses require students to log in at appointed times to participate
in live classroom sessions. Many of our courses are entirely asynchronous – with students and instructors communicating via email and Course Discussion Boards at times that are
convenient for them and just a few courses specify a limited number of visits to the
campus. At UNT Dallas, faculty and staff are committed to helping our online students complete their programs and be successful online learners. We look forward to helping you reach
your academic goals. You’re ready to make the
most of your UNT Dallas online learning experience!

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