Do men need to check their privilege? | FACTUAL FEMINIST


Do men need to check their privilege? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Do men need to check their privilege? Gender
activists tell us that men carry around with them an invisible knapsack of advantage. Well,
is this true and is it the whole story? Let’s check the facts. Coming up next on the Factual
Feminist. If you are willing to cherry pick, stretch
the truth a bit, and suppress counterevidence, you can easily make it seem like women are
the have-nots in our society. You point to the wage gap, the glass ceiling. You focus
on women’s vulnerability to body shaming, sexual objectification, mansplaining, street
harassment, intimate partner violence. Before long you will have constructed a full-scale
patriarchy. And we have hundreds of women’s groups who do just that—they specialize
in persuading us that Venus is victimized and Mars is privileged.
But here is the problem. Women’s advocacy groups tend to exaggerate the plight of Venus
and ignore the troubles on Mars. As I have tried to show in earlier segments of this
series, most of the standard feminist injustice statistics are exaggerated or just plain wrong.
It not true that women are being cheated out of 23 percent of their salaries or that 1
in five will be victims of sexual assault. And it’s also the case that, in many critical
domains, women are faring far better than men.
Let’s consider a few: In education, it is women who are the privileged
sex. At every level of education—from preschool to graduate school—and across all ethnic
and class lines, women get better grades, win most of the honors and prizes, and are
far more likely to go to college. Today, women earn a majority of BAs and advanced degrees.
Our schools do a much better job educating women than men. Now look at the workplace. Women’s groups
focus a lot of attention on people at the pinnacle of achievement—CEOs of Fortune
500 corporations, tenured physics professors at MIT, U.S. Senators—and they are right
to say that there are too few women. But look what happens when you consider the entire
workforce. There may be a tiny handful of women—but the lethal professions are largely
a male preserve. As my favorite dissident feminist, Camille Paglia, has noted: “It is
overwhelmingly men who do the dirty, dangerous work of building roads, pouring concrete,
laying bricks, tarring roofs, hanging electric wires, excavating natural gas and sewage lines,
cutting and clearing trees, and bulldozing …” So it’s no surprise that the Bureau of Labor
Statistics reports that every year about 5,000 Americans die each year in workplace accidents—92
percent of them men. We hear about the Fortune 500 CEOs, but what about the unfortunate 4,600?
Alongside male salaries, perhaps some mention should be made of male sacrifice. Whenever perturbed gender warriors draw up
lists of male advantages, they always mention men’s freedom from fear of being attacked.
It’s true that women are much more likely to be victims of rape and sexual assault.
But men are much more likely to be victims of violent crime as a whole:
Consider Campus crime–men may need safe spaces more than women–according to the Bureau of
Justice Statistics: Men are twice as likely to be victims of a violent crime on campus.
Look at the overall Murder: Of 12,253 murder victims in 2013, 78 percent were men.
Even on the Internet, men face as much or more bullying than women. According to Pew
Research, More women than men are sexually harassed (7% women and 4% men), but men are
the primary targets of threats (10% men compared to 6% of women).
Let’s continue: Here are more facts that challenge the male privilege mantra:
Suicide: 77.9% were male, 22.1% female . Incarceration: 93.3% of federal inmates are
male and even when men and women commit the same crime and have similar criminal histories,
men receive 63 percent longer prison sentences on average.
Homelessness: it’s estimated that more than 60% of homeless individuals are male.
Combat: 85 percent of active duty soldiers are men. Though there are many women serving
in the armed services, fewer than 8 percent profess a desire to engage in combat. If you
visit a veteran’s hospital or rehabilitation center, male privilege is not the first idea
that comes to mind. And now for the mother of all gender gaps—life
expectancy : Women’s average life expectancy is nearly 5 years longer than men.
In sum: men must be the only oppressor class in history who are less educated, more victimized,
and shorter lived than those they oppress—and who have claimed society’s gritty, dangerous
jobs their exclusive preserve. The Factual Feminists verdict: Modern life
is a complicated mix of burdens and benefits for each sex. Men and women enjoy distinctive
advantages and face distinctive challenges. So if men have to check their privilege, then
so do women. But why play this game? Why do so many activists
want to promote gender resentment? Men and women are not two opposing teams competing
for some trophy. We are in this together. Our fates are intimately connected. As one
wit has observed, “Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There’s too much
fraternizing with the enemy.” My advice: Let’s dispense with the bitter
rhetoric about male privilege and get on with the fraternizing … and sororitizing. Do you think one sex is more privileged than
the other? Or do you agree that it’s a complicated mix? Let me know in the comments section below.
I invite you to subscribe to this series, follow me on Twitter, and like me on Facebook.
And remember—before telling a man to check his privilege, check your facts. Thank you
for watching the Factual Feminist.

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100 thoughts on “Do men need to check their privilege? | FACTUAL FEMINIST”

  1. Hannah Gazette says:

    I really like this video, and I'm using some of the examples shown in it for my essay on the problems with modern feminism. Is there any way I could have the links to the primary sources? If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it 🙂

  2. ADAM WAITE says:

    One sex is more privileged……………………………………………………………women.

    I made the mistake once of telling my girlfriend at the time that I was in control in our relationship. She wisely responded, "you're not in control, I just allow you to believe that you are". After careful consideration I replied, "fair enough, just don't ever break the illusion."

  3. Red Pill Rage says:

    It's not even close when talking about gender equality! Women have NEVER had it this good. It's ONLY equality up until the boat starts sinking, then it's women and children first

  4. ephraim vaiphei says:

    i love this woman…if only all women were rational like her.

  5. Zaki Ede says:

    Actually more women commit domestic abuse

  6. Petrazenka says:

    Why is it fun to punish men?
    Why do men stink of sweat, piss and beer?
    Why is it fun to make women feel good by making men feel miserable?
    Why do men not snuggle and cuddle up with other men like girls do with each other?


  7. Ralph Williams says:

    You know on ships if there was any problem you would here women and children first now it would be children first fuck the women

  8. shane hester says:

    this is why women need to be back in the home while the men go work and pay the bills.sounds crazy.think about it.

  9. Jonathan Entwistle says:

    It's refreshing to see a woman speaking truth, on point

  10. GeorgeShallus Doogood says:

    MAGA TRUMP 2020. MGTOW no pets plants or girlfriends.

  11. iicei says:

    If a woman has any more than 2 sexual partners and at least one of them was casual, she is damaged and the more sexual partners a woman has the more damaged she is emotionally and the harder it will be for her to pair bond, the more likely she will cheat and or initiate divorce when she gets bored. The pattern of behavior will have been established, so she isn't worth a man investing much time or resources in. Facts are facts. Add to that female hypergamy, monkey branching, and women riding the CC and what decent man wants that woman long term, no valuable man. Feminism baloney and Cosmo bull crap has done the most harm to women and their chances for true happiness. Case in point, with all of this so called women's freedom, sexual and otherwise, why are women the most unhappy they have ever been? Add to that the vast number of women on anti depressants because of massive emotional baggage due to not being able to have normal relationships because of the damage feminist propaganda women buy in to and many women past the wall end up living with cats. Ahhh and now the light comes on…Tinder THOTs and plowed out whores have no value to a valuable man except to pump and dump while trying to avoid STDs which most of these bitches have. Hard pass.

  12. Jesse Seonza says:

    Please buy more cats and leave us men alone!!!
    We have left your weird Simp plantation.

  13. Satai Miller says:

    EXCELLENT. I just found your channel and I love it. So often as a woman, other women critisize me for being conservative, or not identifying with all of these ideas that modern feminism spouts, saying I stand for the oppression of women…blah blah blah. I am so impressed with you and the information you put out

  14. Jared Semik says:

    Finally a woman that helps the war I've been waging for years, thank you I can rest a bit finally. Well spoken!

  15. MadDilla ATCQstarr says:

    I just checked my male privilege.. yup it's there.. and :
    1) I will never apologize for it.
    2) I will use it (and abuse it if need be) to my advantage just like females use / abuse theirs.
    3) If anyone has a problem with it, they can suck it.

  16. Douglas Brinkman says:

    "too few"? based on what?

  17. J P says:

    must be hard having a brain and some semblance of morals and still call yourself a 'feminist'

  18. Dano1947 says:

    Let's not let the truth get in the way of politics.

  19. Dano1947 says:

    The rich have more privilege the rest of us.

  20. Tom says:

    Men need to become the monsters we are said to be. 😎

  21. Colin Bell says:

    Yes yes women do everything better. Why cant they apply themselves then.

  22. Joe C says:

    Please STOP debunking the wage gap. If we can keep these idiots fixated on one “injustice” then it’s possible they won’t move on and attempt to destroy any other area of civil society.

  23. Reasonable Guy says:

    Liked and subbed.
    Thank you!

  24. Thomas Ross says:

    am i supposed to be priviliged….bitch my ass gets put the ringer for fucking self defense for god damn sakes….if this shit would happen to a woman shed be all gullied the fuck off and it wouldnt make a difference

  25. Thomas Ross says:

    alls a sudden the factual twit starts gawking intimite codependence….ne one realise theyre was a spike in manosphere activity lately

  26. Super Duper says:

    Factual feminist please stop talking sense you know it's not allowed!

  27. Noel Normandin says:

    No however women need to get back in the kitchen….

  28. Neal Murfitt says:

    The gender wars will continue until life starts getting hard again, then women will forget all about it.
    Everyone will have to knuckle down and do what they do best.
    Take your pick from asteroids to volcanoes. From war to disease to climate change. Our lifestyle is on borrowed time.

  29. CookieMons says:

    I hate that only anti-feminist watch this and not feminist

  30. Mark Beetham says:

    I'm 55, going blind, I can't work anymore, my wife divorced me, I live in a little flat and survive off benefits. You've gotta love male privilege

  31. alex cockburn says:

    It's difficult to see male privilege past the colossus that is female privilege. The biggest being holding most if not all the cards yet still play the victim.

  32. Adam Young says:

    Factual feminist, never has there been a greater oxymoron.

  33. david longstreet says:

    what about men being battered and abused but not mentioned,what about when it comes to be given the children after a relafionship has broken down,what about the man that loses everything in a breakdown ,the home the children etc.and if that was not enough men still have to pay the woman and alot of the time not even aloud to even see the children,man privilage is rubbish,women have more rights than men

  34. Peter Salmon says:

    Well said that woman. You must come to the UK and present your ideas to our media. Put forward a challenge to the BBC! You will get a rough ride with our female television presenters who still maintain that that women get a rough deal and get paid less compared with their male colleagues. Cathy Newman [Channel 4] has already been put in her place by Prof Jordon Peterson, but still more needs to be done. Feminism is becoming extremely divisive toxic in our society. It pits husband against wife, boy against girl etc.

  35. Karam Levi says:

    🤩 GRATITUDE 🙏🏽
    This Is A Great American Woman.

  36. Rod Fleming says:

    Society has always been run for the benefit of women, because women make babies. As a result, they have always been the privileged and protected group. But modern feminism denigrates motherhood; so why should men today allow women the privileges that accrue to it? Men are perfectly capable of arranging almost everything they need, including sexual satisfaction, without women. The sole exception is the ability to make babies. If women reject that, men don't need them at all.

  37. Farron Lourens says:

    You are my favorite person on youtube

  38. James Uberman says:

    I never knew getting drafted into Vietnam and dying a horrific death in the jungle was a privileged.

  39. masche360 says:

    If you were a man this video would probably be taken down off of YouTube for harassment or hate speech but since you are a woman it is still here and thank God it is still here. You and a few other women that I have seen speek are an inspiration thank you for speaking some truth that is backed up by facts. Because of you and a couple other women believe in the facts as they truly are and that are not afraid to speak on it I have not lost complete faith in women. I think they're a very large portion of women are very very delusional and eat up all this nonsense that the feminist party has created over the years. Thank you for all that you have done. They say they cuz I am a white male that I am supposedly privilege they say that because I am a male I am the in most cases the primary aggressor they say because I am a male that I am the only one that is sexist or that objectifies the opposite sex even though I know this is all nonsense and a bunch of rubbish no one seems to believe that it is rubbish so this is absolutely refreshing to hear someone who hasn't drank the Kool-Aid speak up I pray that you never stop sneaking up and that others will finally hear your message and realize just how are they have gone astray. In reality I have been treated in many different ways that have been horrible I have had women DeBary sexist towards me an objective by me an assault me both physically and verbally I may be a white male but I am definitely not privileged I'm on social security disability income and I barely get enough to cover all of my bills the real privilege is the rich.

  40. Augustus Friez says:


  41. Adam H says:

    Always look at the FACTS

  42. William Taylor says:

    A very fair and impartial perspective. We need to look at the overall situation of men and women in society and face the truth.

  43. California Dreaming says:

    What the Left is trying to do is obvious. Over the US history mostly white men have held power. It’s not a judgement call it’s simply true. But it’s also the case that those in power, at least until the last 20 years or so, have been mostly conservatives. So the Left wants to shift that power. The Left says they want to give power to minorities and women but that’s an out-and-out lie. What they REALLY want: to shift power to liberals. But they realize it would appear “unseemly” if, say, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden held the power because, well, they’re “old white men” — the Left’s words not mine. They say they dislike that demographic but it’s not true; they dislike CONSERVATIVE white men — or women. So the Left is creating artificial rules and also lying to people with little minds in order to transfer power away from conservative white men and they’re willing to take that power any way they can get it. So they’re acting as a so-called proxy, at least implying, “If we liberals have power we’ll at least give some of it to women and minorities.” It is total bulls—t. Unfortunately not many conservatives even understand what’s going on so they’re giving in to these artificial rules, such as “checking their male privilege.” I say to Democrats, “Screw you. I will NOT allow myself to get run over by your stupidity because you are morons. And you have no ethics to boot.” This is why I strongly dislike modern-day liberals: they are liars.

  44. anthony wragg says:

    If I said she was super hot would I be violating some post-modern feminists sensibilities?

  45. Comp Wiz2007 says:

    Equality is a MYTH, equality only exists in one and only one place and that is mathematics.
    People need to understand where they stand in the pecking order and NOT be bamboozled into thinking they can be anything they want to be.

  46. Jadin Jarvis says:

    Real shit you a good feminist

  47. Jay Aargh says:

    Look: money isn't everything. What I want to know is why when I walk into a surf shop like city beach or osmosis in my city, 90% of the employees are women? This is literally an inequality of opportunity! You don't think I want a kushy job working in retail?! I HAVE NO DEBT. I HAVE NO OVERBEARING FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS! I HAVE NO CHILDREN! I HAVE EXPERIENCE AND I'M QUALIFIED!

    The reason is that they employ attractive young females to prey on the weakness and stupidity of thirsty males in order to get a sale. And this is all and only because we have allowed women to govern sexual selection. That and most males are fucking idiots who don't see this.

    Turn it on it's head, men.

    I don't want money, I just want a nice easy job where I get to wear nice clothes in air-conditioning rather than car detailing in a sweatshop all summer.

    You know, like MEN do.

  48. Hello There says:

    What privileges do men have

  49. Im An Asshole says:

    The words Factual and Feminist contradict each other.

  50. Jonathan Dee says:

    Women have more privilege in the Western world than men.
    Women, by default, get custody of children in a divorce case and that a man has to file separate to prove that the woman cannot sustain the child rather than the court deciding whether who is more beneficial to the child immediately.
    Women cannot be incarcerated for sexual assault of a man.
    Men by default are the ones police assume is the aggressor in an emergency call for domestic abuse
    It is perfectly legal for hospitals to circumcise a boy's penis after birth without consent of the parents.
    STEM fields favor female enrollment and employment over equally qualified men
    Abuse shelters do not accept men.
    Just the mere accusation of Rape can destroy a man's life (It is probably more expedient to just kill the guy accused of rape immediately as the damage is almost irreversible and the sweet release of death is probably more welcome than being poor forever because of severe underemployment and a destroyed career)
    Non-reciprocated Domestic abuse, Women make up the majority of aggressors
    Women can file for Child Support from a sperm donor.
    Women can file for Child Support from a man they stole their semen from
    Women don't get their issues shot down by mobs, politicians, and the Media. cough cough International Men's Day debacle
    Women are not treated with disgust and harsh criticism for failing to support a child.
    Women are free to give children up for adoption without the consent of the Father
    Women are free to abort a baby without the consent of the father EVEN BEFORE THE PRO-CHOICE MOVEMENT
    Men require the consent of women in order to get certain medical procedures like a vasectomy

    Men require to sign up for conscription in order to qualify for Federal Aid, a Driver's License, and the ability to vote.

  51. ashok nayak says:

    I like her, this is true. The bosses behave with a male Vs a female is a huge difference. Me and my wife are in same finance profession but the humiliation a male take everyday is 50 times more. You will feel like either kill your boss or kill yourself

  52. Gottrek K says:

    Somehow I don't feel privilege doing dangerous job on construction site.

  53. Real life Facts100 says:

    Thank you for your channel it’s truly refreshing👍🏾

  54. BigXChungus 0 says:

    There’s a pay gap. Since when? 😂😂

  55. yousef 501st says:

    It actually saddened me that men are seen disposable. They are more likely to get killed in a workplace and are less likely to live longer and sometimes I think about it alot and learn they done so much for us they deserve better

  56. Al B says:

    This video should be required viewing for every woman's studies and sociology class in high school and University.

  57. fuzzy pilot says:

    So why does it matter anymore because I think we live in a very euqal time

  58. Samuel Shin says:

    You know what? It's true men are privileged. Men are physically larger, stronger, and faster, while men are also more emotionally stable, calm, cool, and collected, while men are also smarter and more inventive than women. Name one nation, country, or empire a woman founded. In 10 seconds name female inventions vs 10 seconds name inventions made by men. So yes men are in fact privileged in that men are the better sex.

  59. ZajkoKokorajko says:

    At last – a reasonable woman!

  60. Matthew Bigelow says:

    I am going to play devil's advocate. For the most part, male privilege is a myth. The wage gap was debunked by female Harvard professor Claudia Goldin:

    Who said that the real reason men make more money than women is because men prioritize earnings more than women:
    Men are more likely to work overtime:
    Men are more likely to ask for raises:
    Women are more likely to take time off:
    Women are more likely to take sick days:
    Men are more competitive:
    And men are more likely to take risks:

    Another alleged male privilege is the fact that men account for the majority of CEO's and politicians. When pointing out that fact, there are a few things that people fail to take into account. First of all, that is largely the result of different choices that men and women make. Second of all, the majority of men are NOT CEOs and politicians, and the fact that the small percent of our population that are happens to be mostly male does little to nothing to benefit the average man. Third, even though men are the majority of people in power, men are also the majority of people who work dirty dangerous jobs like trash collector and sewer maintenance worker, the majority of people who die in combat (see page 13 of American War and Military Operations Casualties @t ) and the majority of the homeless population ( @t ) and there are a lot more trash collectors, sewer maintenance workers, homeless people and dead soldiers than there are CEOs and politicians.

    However, there is one thing that MIGHT be an example of male privilege. Getting sterilization surgeries. Click this link ( @CJfw ) to see a video by You Tube personality Vegan Gains, his real name is Richard he goes by vegan Gains online, where he talked about how, when they were dating, he and his wife bonded over their hatred of kids. The wife, who was in that video, was born in Belgium and moved to Canada to be with Richard. She talked, in that video, about how she wanted to get sterilized but you can't get a tubal litigation surgery in Belgium unless you are at least 40 years of age or you have given birth before. Richard got a vasectomy in his early 20's never having reproduced before.

    This one isolated anecdote doesn't prove that male privilege is a real thing, because aside from being only one isolated anecdote, these two different stories happened in two different countries. It could simply be a matter of geography.

  61. Bryan Lawrenson says:

    Those extreme feminists are MORONS! The "My body, My choice" is a CROCK OF SH*T. MEN, Use birth control or morning after pill if you arent planning on having a family, or you are just as guilty! Feminazi's convince brain-dead women to go to Planned Parenthood, who profit off of killing babies for their body parts and andrenochrome farming, and
    who disguise it all as a womens right issue. These people are literal demons in the flesh. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! ABORTION IS TORTURE AND MURDER.

    Also another big issue for feminazi's are trangender issues. If your gay, thats fine, but transgender people are mentally ill, with an insane rate of suicide. They should not be reading to kids in schools, kindergardeners shouldnt be asked what sex do they feel that they are. Stop confusing  our kids and taking masculinity out of society. There is an attack on our childrens mind body and spirituality and everyone is just letting this happen….. I pray anyone reading this that agrees with this view to share it as much as possible. God Bless

  62. Octopod says:

    You are a wise and educated woman. You have my trust.

  63. Rinaldo Rivera says:

    That's a well-balanced down-to-earth logical female

  64. J V says:

    the fact that you have to do this proves that women are in fact stupid overall.

  65. Anonomous Jawa says:

    1:43 and most likely flex the “law degree” they got

  66. SIGMA MALE says:

    I ignore women on my job. They either slow me down or represent unknown risks.

    Men are waking up in droves. Men built western society and all women have done is complain

    There are very few women in western society who contributed to the great works of art, literature or sciences.

    Matter of fact Women and the feminized men who follow them are ripping down monuments of great men in western history.

    Throwing out great writers and philosophers, pulling their books from shelves in every campus.

    I dont want women around me at all… stay out of my home and dont come up to me at work.

  67. Varun Gaur says:


  68. johndickson76 says:

    I like this lady’s videos but wondering if it is some kind of social experiment, especially when looking at some of the comments from men. I sometimes find myself disagreeing with her suggestions. Eg, surely females attaining higher grades is based on merit rather than female privilege?

  69. Steve M says:

    Sure would like some of that privilege! Got any I could use?


    See what happens when you use facts over feelings? Take notes feminazis.

  71. moloch says:

    Ehat about the White Matriarcy ?

  72. Daniel Joyner says:

    Women don't know what it's like to be a man. Their thinking is all wrong. I've got a lot of problems and what privileges do I have? None.

    This world abuses the hell out of men just as much as women.😢
    In some cases it's harder for men then women.

  73. SpaceFace says:

    This video was great. The only problem is people are going to use this as advantage to insult others. But this has great points and talks about things I've always wanted to say. Both women and men can be trashy humans. So don't take it all on men. And don't take it all on women.

  74. K J says:

    Brilliant. Bet this won’t be shown on mainstream tv media.

  75. S R says:

    I have always known that most of feminism is based on grievously exaggerated data (if data is even used) but it is nice to see how it exactly breaks down by the most reputable studies available rather than something a woman hears from another woman through the typical social media inspired epidemiology.

  76. TheShadow4884 says:

    Thank you

  77. Jorge abuauad says:

    Funny feminist movement was created by man this person is a man and demonic

  78. Will Franco says:

    Thank you so much

  79. Chlöe D. Lindström says:

    Thank you. And thank you, men of our world.

  80. The Real Viper says:

    “If you don’t know what it’s like to be a boy, you have no business or right to tell boys they have it easy because of privilege.” -Dr. Shaym

  81. Miguel Pabón says:

    I want to give you a heartfelt thank you for this, it means a lot coming from a woman!

  82. Grandus11 says:

    OH yeah I am so privileged to get up each morning and go to work. I go to work, its expected of me but my wife or girlfriend if she does not work but wants to do housework that is fine but lets say i am not working and she is and i want to stay at home and do housework then WHAT yes i will be called a freeloader or a bum or worse. I love to listen to women who have no real clue giving the rest of humanity a life lesson. Has nothing to do with this woman or her facts i cant refute them..

  83. Daniel Freeman says:

    You aren’t a feminist. You are an egalitarian. Well done. 😃

  84. Andrew Lavallie says:

    I love you

  85. pavelowpower says:

    This isn't realistic at all, its women who are the privileged lityle princess' . This is the reason why feminism is such a joke to almost everyone (Women included), they are literally making it up as the go along, no man thinks he is above a woman, maybe in islam yes but modern western men do not think like that, They're creating all these scenario 's about women being victimized when it doesnt happen. If you all hate men so much just leave us alone and stop trying to be one.

  86. John sonter says:

    No, women need to check there owen privileges and quit thinking they can control anyone other than their Owen actions.

  87. oSILENTDEATHo says:

    Sorry to say it but they are fighting to have it more easy.

  88. Bob Rob says:

    Female privilege is being able to get out of speeding tickets because you look cute. Female privilege is being able to get out of any bad situation or living situation by having sex. Being able to make money just by selling pictures of your body is another one. Those are just the natural privileges. Think about being a girl for a second and tell me it wouldn't it be awesome.

  89. Timmothy Jackson says:

    Hell even when a disaster happens people scream. SAVE THE WOMAN AND CHILDREN

  90. cobra blade 91 says:

    We don't have privileges.

  91. Isolated Potato says:

    Can anybody be kind enough to list out the struggles of both sexes and the statistics?? If you don’t want to, can you at least where to start searching??

  92. Stephen Brookes says:

    Any man that has been divorced,and is now destitute while his former wife owns the home they once shared does not feel so privileged.

  93. Sidharth Dharmasanam says:

    You forgot to mention the false rape accusations. Those can ruin a man's entire career.

  94. Doug Stevens Photography says:

    OMG. How true is this? I've just spent a year at University being bullied, harassed and threatened by "feminists" and when I complained, I was excluded.

  95. Timothy Campbell says:

    privilege my arse! This woman is the Martha Stewart of feminism

  96. Jorge D Lopez Irlanda says:

    While I do love fact based statements like these, I feel debunking "male privilege" doesn't give less weight to the fact that yes, women are subject to more attacks at night or generally walk around with fear of being attacked. Citing the problems we men face doesn't make less important that women are victims to this type of crime more.

  97. Firestorm says:

    Finally some good fucking women

  98. That_One_Guy_Named_Jay says:

    Very enjoyable video, and your views on these problems have proven to be a bit enlightening. This will be really useful when I am attempting to tell someone that their motivations being guided by the idea of "privilege" is misdirected as to avoid revelations of the much bigger picture. Men and women, by nature, are different! Life wouldn't work if we were all the same. Literally AND figuratively! If we didn't have the amazing men and women we have today, who are absolutely KILLING it in their respectively dominated industries, we wouldn't have the world that works smooth like clockwork, as we take for granted to this day.

  99. MrStar Nation says:

    A feminist that goes by fact instead of feelings?


  100. Dennis Hughes says:

    You and I disagree on many things.

    In spite of that, I bear a deep appreciation for your focus on fairness and reason, your willingness to debate and discuss, your polite manner of expressing disagreement, and your reliance on a solid basis of facts in your arguments.

    You're a role model to me. ❤️

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