Doctoral Research in Chemical Engineering


Doctoral Research in Chemical Engineering

My research is about the production of
biodiesel from algae in supercritical ethanol, so basically I put
an alcohol high-pressure and high-temperature to convert the biomass
and biofuels. The University of Birmingham is one of the best
universities in the UK, especially in my field of chemical engineering, and the
city’s really good, so it’s really nice to come here to live here and also
there’s a lot of partnership with the Brazilian government and the government
of my country and opportunity for international students. Working with my
supervisors really helped me, as they have a lot of knowledge and expertise my fieldwork and
he always open to helping me with questions with my daily problems. There are different
things that they help you with, but especially to be creative and solve problems on a
daily basis. Studying for the PhD has helped me a lot to improve my skills,
especially the communication, the self- motivation and organisation skills,
presentation skills. There isn’t really a typical day or activity in my life here in the PhD, usually you spend one day working in the lab, collecting data, analyzing data; in
another day you just sit inside your office, doing reports and writing about it.
As far as the future’s concerned, I’d like to stay in academia so the PhD is essential for that, they give me the opportunity to develop their skills in research and
also in the teaching, so giving tutorials and help in the students.

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