Doctoral Research in Computer Science


Doctoral Research in Computer Science

I’m working on a project called PacMan,
it’s a robot manipulation project and we have partners in Italy and Austria.
PacMan is about making Boris, our robot, be able to load the dishwasher, using a
unfamiliar objects and my specific role in this project is involves developing
object representations for Boris to see what he has got on the table in front of him and to locate them to see what pose they are in their environment and things like that. Studying for PhD involves a lot of different skills coming together from
you, it requires lots of collaboration, you collaborate with people in your project, which helps you
to be a good team player, it involves a lot of problem solving and analytical
skills, so you to analyse what situation you are in and you have to come up with good solutions to get out of that situation. In Birmingham, working with world-class professors and colleagues, so that means you have a lot of people who think
outside the box and who can give a great push and help to your workplace and to your research as well. The work environment here is great, it pushes
you forward, definitely. You’ll never feel like an outsider, because it’s so
international and also, the good thing is that we live in a great campus.
After the PhD, I want to go straight into industry, and a well-planned PhD can help you do that because you’re basically developing algorithms and
theories and applying them to practical situations, which consists of problems that are important now and they’re going to be important in the future as well. For example, in the robotics field, we are going to have robots all around the
world, all around our world, in ten years or fifteen years or so, so if you get a PhD in robotics or about vision, it is going to help you to make an impact on the community later as well.

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