Doctoral Research in Metallurgy and Materials

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Doctoral Research in Metallurgy and Materials

My PhD project is a joint UK/French MOD funded project, which is taking a look at developing a new nano-composite
ceramic for light armour applications, such as body armour. Studying for a PhD has affected my understanding by prompting me
to take a more proactive approach towards research. Working with academics
in Birmingham has been very insightful, they’re always very eager to share their
knowledge and their approach towards being able to carry out the work and do the work more effectively. I chose to study at the University of Birmingham due to its
research education and reputation, particularly in material science, due to
the great degree of social ethnic and religious diversity at the University. My typical will vary depending on the manner of deadlines that I have to
address in my project, so if I’m working up to a poster competition or conference
that would normally involve having to do some experimental work and then
feeding the results into my poster presentation; if I have to develop a
report, that would normally be office-based work; or if I have to carry
out some experimental work, prior to working in conjunction with our partner university that
will primarily involve lab work. My career aspirations involve moving on to
do research into, ideally, solid-state hydrogen storage. Being able to do this
PhD will help in providing me the transferable skills, such as the ability
to review literature, develop experiment plan, to develop an auto-dictation
approach, which are fundamental aspects of being a good researcher.

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