Don’t let money get in the way of a Doctorate

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Don’t let money get in the way of a Doctorate

Are you thinking about starting a full or
part-time postgraduate course? Postgraduate study includes a range of Master’s and Doctoral courses that can enhance your career prospects, providing you’ve completed
the necessary qualifications for entry. A postgraduate Master’s usually takes around
two years to complete. A Doctorate could take six years or longer. Postgraduate study is
an investment in your future, so it’s important to think about costs. Whether you study full or part-time you could
get financial support – even if you juggle your course with other commitments
like work and family. If you choose to study a postgraduate Doctoral course you could get financial support in the form of a loan. Eligible students could get up to £25,700
to help with living costs and tuition fees. Payments will be spread over the duration
of your study.

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