Dr Disrespect Comes Up with Online Nicknames for Klay Thompson // Omaze


Dr Disrespect Comes Up with Online Nicknames for Klay Thompson // Omaze

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr Disrespect, here with the three-time NBA champion, Klay Thompson. And we want you to come play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with us. That’s right. To support the Call of Duty Endowment, we’ve joined forces with Omaze to fly you and a friend out to hang out with us to play some Call of Duty on my stream. We can team up, go head-to-head, basically whatever you want. But first things first, if you’re gonna play with us, you’ve gotta have a great online name like Dr Disrespect. And if your current one sucks, don’t worry, I can fix that. Check it out. I actually came up with some names for Klay. I mean, I told you not to do that but… Too late. Let’s begin. AKlay-47. No. Klayzervision. Pass. What about Klay’s Anatomy? Double pass. I’ll mark that as a maybe. How about the Termiklaytor? No. Termiklaytor 2: Judgment Klay. No. Termiklaytor: Dark Klayt. No, man. Nothing with Terminator. Okay, here’s a classic, like mine: Nurse Practitioner Inconsiderate. Why not Dr. Inconsiderate? Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you had a PhD. Oh, you have a PhD? We’re not talking about me. National Lampoon’s European Vaklaytion. Yeah. Really? No. Well, no need to decide on it yet. In the meantime, you go to and enter for the chance to join us to play some Call of Duty. And the best part of all is that every donation supports the Call of Duty Endowment. They’re an incredible nonprofit committed to helping veterans get back to work. Go to and donate right now. And we’ll see you soon. Okay, so… Yesterklay by The Beatles. Klayby, It’s Cold Outside? Too seasonal, or… Okay, I’ll keep thinking!

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100 thoughts on “Dr Disrespect Comes Up with Online Nicknames for Klay Thompson // Omaze”

  1. Keen Observer says:

    This makes me want to unsubscribe

  2. llMangoJuicell says:

    Is that BigDawsTV?

  3. diRiG says:

    That’s what I’m talking about! I’m donating since it’s 100% going to Veterans, that’s sooo cool they are all in! Also I’m down to slap Dr. around a bit online.

  4. The Nerd Herd says:

    It’s funny cause Dr Disrespect went off on this game

  5. Strono says:

    His mustache looks fake asf 😂

  6. Jonathan Horton says:


  7. SuperiorIsland says:

    Are we just going to ignore that Doc is taller then Klay by 2 inches


    Dr disrespect reminds me of the penguin from Madagascar

  9. VRGA DURA says:

    Call of klarymore:modern safespace

  10. ME IS NOOB GAMING says:

    Who plays call of duty: mobile and thinks they made a world record.

    I am one of them because I had 41 kills in front line multiplayer.

  11. Helpless Doggo says:

    They are the same height

  12. ChilledGhost -Mobile Gaming says:


  13. Mr.Darkness says:

    Klaymore! There’s literally no better name

  14. Jonathan Mora says:

    Klay is gonna love Claymores.

  15. El Have says:


  16. محمد العنزي says:


  17. ichbin gut4792 says:

    Why donate they make enough money and mw is just for Noobs because its made for camping and shotgunners

  18. Hououin Kyouma says:

    ok boomer

  19. Warwick Davis says:

    Klay 6'7 looks taller than Doc

  20. Tonimeister says:

    Call of Klaymore: Modern Disrespect

  21. David tay says:

    i love you dr disrespet

  22. Joseph Lopes says:

    E N E M Y S P O T T E D

  23. Night_Slayer014 says:

    My is noobMaster69

  24. Rigidmemes says:

    Clay looks like Jeff

  25. spankmepink says:

    Didn't he cheat on his wife?

  26. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    I would clap klay and dr disrespect

  27. julle vv says:


    Y'all are morons for believing that it is offensive

  28. BUICK GS-77 says:

    Use claymores

  29. Spring_ says:

    Isnt it ironic that the doc actually worked on a COD

  30. ICE CUBE says:

    I love CALL OF DUTY i Hate CAMPER 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  31. gamers here says:

    Fix ur spec ops on PS4 no add on section is working can't play it on a CD help?

  32. McBucketsTvJ says:

    Dr is not 6’8

  33. cybor says:

    My name is [Daddy]420BLAZE

  34. Zeke Lopez says:

    this video is loterally the ONLY reason I'll but the game lol

  35. If you laugh you sub! says:

    Treyarch stole my purchased items in black ops 4 and are now listed back in the black market as if I haven’t bought them!

  36. Lee roy says:


  37. Surfacekilla 1 says:


  38. Alan says:

    Didnt doc said he was 6 8 ? Klay is only 6 7 and doc is smaller than klay

  39. Ville Tarvonen says:

    Doc is THE BEST 🖤❤️🎮

  40. Michael Cuckdrey says:

    Of course his name is Klay…..SMH

  41. Jester says:

    this was mega cringe

  42. AchievementBird says:

    I can’t play call of duty because they still haven’t fixed the crashing

  43. Melvin347 says:


  44. данил черинько says:

    Пошли нахуй со своей call of duty

  45. Cher H says:

    Una actualización yaa

  46. Victor Lindvall says:

    The two timer ForsenCD

  47. Robert Elkins says:

    This was a tease by Treyarch….

  48. Sun Jay says:

    If Klay is 6’6” and doc is looking up to him, I would say doc is 6 ‘5. Not the 6’8” he says he is.

  49. Super V says:

    They filmed this separately it seems. Too much distance between the two.

  50. skinwalker 110 says:

    "Klay-mation" "domi-klaytion"

  51. DANNYBOY73 says:

    Glad you listened to the paying public about removing zombie trophies from the list as the majority of us don't play it, thus stops us platinuming the game, this is a first one ever on this franchise.

  52. Diego Schmidt Rimpler Velez says:

    Mw necesita un parche gigantesco si no la gente se irá a otro juego

  53. Damian says:

    Klay-More, yesees

  54. Mdog5 says:

    And we want you, to make the maps smaller, for us.

  55. Christian Santiago says:

    That smells to me like they got paid by Activision!🤔

  56. Jabooty247 says:

    Bro the replacers were better

  57. Un etto di carne più mezzo chilo di stronzate says:

    Nerf shotguns and claymores

  58. Gzus says:

    I hate this video so much.

  59. mrscoobster11 says:

    Funny too bad the game is trash.

  60. srbija says:

    Camp of duty modern klaymore

  61. timDJ2a says:

    Pls bring dead silence as a perk

  62. Ekrem Tipioglu says:

    I go camp in cod mw

  63. Unk ReapZ says:


  64. lieutenant Pliskin says:


  65. MoreBlcvk says:

    Can’t even front, the nicknames fire lol

  66. Propaganda TV says:

    maybe mwr is more cute than mw 2019, sorry boys.

  67. TheKaan14 says:


  68. denerfun says:

    dr disrespect sold his soul after that black hole thing in fortnite

  69. LUD WIG says:

    Is that the guy that looks like Klay? or its the real Klay…

  70. The Fin says:

    Surely the Dr has a more pimpin vest then that ?

  71. - Grizzly - says:

    No one:
    Comments: Klaymore

  72. Dee Boone says:

    So klay is 6’8 I dnt think so doc lul

  73. good content says:

    Not gonna lie, Aklay-47 was kinda fire

  74. Mr Krepman says:

    LOVE IT great vid.

  75. Tripaloski_69 says:

    A-Klay-47 is awesome

  76. Lord Talcor says:

    A-Klay47 for the win!

  77. Boopio says:

    forsenCD I wanna be completely transparent

  78. Only Life says:

    Мрази вы конченные! Вам лишь бы кого то обосрать! Никогда не был Русский человек, таким, как вы показываете и никогда таким не будет! Во веки будет стоять и крепиться РУССКАЯ ЗЕМЛЯ!! А вас кто-нибудь но когда-то покарает, будь то Русский человек или Господь Бог! Смерти вам выблядки американские!!

  79. Santiago Luna says:


  80. PirateBayFats Loyal says:

    I be trying to figure how all you normal youtuber become so big like that’s crazy half your content don’t make sense

  81. NorthernLaw says:

    THE 2 TIME AND THE 3 TIME forsenCD

  82. Joshuea Belis says:

    Doc… ill steal all your thunder if i jump on with you. I couldnt do that to you.

  83. Spykid says:

    i dont care about what they do, it is just nice they are doing it!

  84. Big Shot says:

    Having a horrible time playing cod mobile nothing but pc players ! Going back to fortnite

  85. My Phone says:


  86. Snake Eyes 96 says:

    You guys should really do a new call of duty trailer in realistic comedy as you usually do would be dope !

  87. Tj Litch says:

    Mine is swaggdaddy69420_

  88. Sean Ngyuen says:

    Thommy Gun isn’t bad in my opinion

  89. Eto Hige Gamer Culture says:

    Them some tall dudes.

  90. ReadTheTerms says:

    Call of Cheating: Modern Wifeare

  91. Dark Knight says:


  92. You’re all Insects says:

    No thanks

  93. BigBackBilly says:

    My name is aSsSniffer_ on PS4 like why wouldn’t you wanna play with me

  94. amy zakyah says:

    Amazing Call of duty mobile 😀

  95. FPS Exorcist REMIX says:


  96. Joogiey says:

    My online nickname is no

  97. Yusra Wijaya says:

    FIXED YOUR GAME!!! this game is trash!!! at this point the games been out for almost a week and I haven’t even got to try it out! 12gb update is useless!

  98. Just Me says:

    The only reason why I get ankle broken in basketball is because there was a claymore next to me

  99. Vincent_Bricklayer _ says:

    F*** u and F*** this game

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