Dr. Peggy Wright: Associate Professor of Biology, Columbia College

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Dr. Peggy Wright: Associate Professor of Biology, Columbia College

My favorite class to teach is probably Ecology
because it uses what I know best. My field of study was originally fisheries
in wildlife, so I’m really interested in the environment and, kind of, the world around
us. Just the fact that I’ve always like the outdoors, I’ve always been interested in studying
what’s going on around us. Depending on what you study you can do all
kinds of things. You could go into teaching, you could work in a lab, you could do research,
you could work outside, work for the conservation department, so there’s a lot of different
things that you can do. The new building has almost changed the attitude
of students and teachers. I just feel more energy, more positive energy about learning
and the environment. I’ve really taken advantage of the dedicated student research space for
my classes. Space where we can set up experiments, set off to the side so it’s dedicated space
for that. Students should study science at Columbia
College mainly because of our excellent science faculty and because of the small class sizes
that make learning a little bit easier. And also I tend to have the same students over
and over again so it’s nice to get to know them as people, not just students.

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