DV-alert’s E-learning course in domestic violence response training

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DV-alert’s E-learning course in domestic violence response training

I’m Cassandra Beaumont I’m a registered
nurse and a registered Midwife I’m employed at Canberra Hospital under ACA
health a component of the services we provide as providing medical care and
injury interpretation or documentation to victims of domestic violence one in
three women are subjected to some form of a domestic violence and it’s still
what goes on behind closed doors stay behind closed doors it’s still I
don’t to get involved it’s nothing to do with me there’s still a lot but we’ve
got a long way to go to get their awareness out there that domestic
violence ease and unacceptable what’s really important is as a nurse as a
mother as a friend as a colleague that you’re aware that domestic violence is a
huge issue across every facet of our society it has no social constraints or
ethnic constraints those injuries often are not visible to the general community
and often it’s more the the psychosocial emotional component of providing support
that’s really important being listened to and responding appropriately as human
beings we find it a really threatening and vulnerable topic so it’s not often
talked about the key with them the developed training program is that it
brings that out into the open and brings up to the for what domestic violence is
the online training you can do in your own time whatever suits you
once you’ve involved it’s really as a series of modules 17 modules very easy
step-by-step process it’s out to any allied health caregiver whether that’s
whether that’s any for anybody from the nursing fraternity or caregivers social
workers psychologists doctors or in fact people from the local community affect
that they come in it’s challenging to be able to to change that underlying
culture without you know targeting the next generation and if we can actually
have those conversations with our children at younger ages to be able to
give them the tools and skills and to help them recognize what a healthy
relationships then I think well-well goes some way to improving the situation
of domestic violence ideally if there was you know no violence within our our
communities would be fantastic and I’d be out of a job which would be lovely if
more people understood what a an abusive relationship was and what a respectful
relationship was and what the categories of types of abuse are then there would
be that in itself would dramatically cut down the light of domestic violence
so naming it from what it is and they will have the courage to name it for
what it is because of what they’ve learned on the course Register at

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