Early Childhood Education Degree at Central Maine Community College

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(upbeat happy music) – In order to do great
things with your life you need to have good
people like speak truth into your life. My instructors this year are
doing a very good job of that. – The instructors are great, they have faith in you. They’re very resourceful and I feel like they’re very
educated and have experience. – It makes learning fun, it
makes me wanna go further in not just like life, but in a career. Makes you wanna push yourself harder. – [Blonde] The field experience
is definitely helpful. So you get that hands on
learning and get yourself in the groove in learning
what’s to be expected when you’re done here. – It’s really kinda helped me
understand children better. – I wanna take this experience
back to home, Somalia, or Kenya to teach them
early childhood education. – With this associates degree I can work in childcare setting but then eventually I wanna
become a teacher, K-12. – I wanna become a psych NP. I just wanna be that person
that’s like there for kids. Central Maine Community College
is a great stepping stone to my future.

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