Earn your Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at ASU College of Nursing and Health Innovation

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Earn your Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at ASU College of Nursing and Health Innovation

My grandfather had Parkinson’s so that’s
kind of what got me in the door to doing exercise for people with Parkinson’s. So
I decided to switch from kinesiology to nursing because I really wanted to
impact people with Parkinson’s more than just the physical aspects. I’m having
more of a role in the whole person so holistically rather than just one small
part of maybe physical or mobility wise of Parkinson’s. What made me want to get additional education or to pursue my DNP was
probably just the fact that I I wanted to have more control over
what was happening to my patients that I was seeing every day. The nice thing
about the DNP program is you can research whatever you feel passionate
about. Obviously I went into the program really passionate about
Parkinson’s disease. The nurse navigator really helps to kind of
connect the dots for people and bridge that gap between not only the gaps in
patients’ education but the gaps in our health care as far as connecting that
community wellness setting to the medical aspect as well. So when I started
at ASU I had no idea that I would be creating my own job, in creating this new
role. But as I went through the program and the more I worked in my job I realized that this was something that was missing. I’ve had so much support
from all of my professors I have not had a professor that I didn’t like and I
didn’t feel like was there to support me. This is my third degree from ASU so
obviously I’m a Sun Devil for life Really happy with ASU. My name is
Stephanie de Santiago, I am a Doctor of Nursing Practice student at ASU’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation

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