Earn Your Graduate Degree In Project Management Online

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Earn Your Graduate Degree In Project Management Online

[Project Management forProfessional Engineers] In the Clark School of
Engineering, we are very proud
of the investment we have made in state-of-the-art facilities. Specifically our classrooms where we actually capture
content and make sure that the experience of our online students is the
same as that of the
on-campus students. The online programs at the A.
James Clark School of Engineering are extremely flexible. They allow you to take the course when you have time to take the course. And that’s effective because a lot of us are very busy
especially as project managers. Because we get students that
are from many differnt homes
of engineering, from systems engineering,
from computer scientists, to
design and construction; Those students can pick out of
those electives, some set of
electives that uniquely fit their career path. –And as a result, you getinsights that you can then takeand apply directly to the project you’re on right now. That, plus the flexiblility of
the ciricullum means that
whatever I’m working on, I have a course that I can now take to
apply those lessons directly
in my job. If you want a degree where
every day, you’re going to show
up at work with something new and novel that’s going to make
you stand out, you should take courses from
the University of Maryland
Professional Program. [Industry-leading employers need
skilled project management
professionals. Meet the demand.]

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