Eco-Reps | Champlain College

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Eco-Reps | Champlain College

(upbeat music) – So Eco-Reps are peer educators, that are based in the
residential side of campus. They’re generally assigned to
one or two residence halls, but also focusing on the
residential student experience, whether that’s dining or some
of our main hangout areas. – I think the importance
of having a center for sustainability on campus, any campus, is that not everybody thinks
about being sustainable. We have this idea ingrained in us that single use plastic is
a normal thing that we use. Before coming to Champlain
I went to a high school that didn’t recycle and I
didn’t really understand it. It’s one of those things where
you have to have something that is delegated to you, reaching out to other people because other people
aren’t going to reach out and do it themselves. Over the years, I’ve seen the program kinda change over time, so we’ve definitely changed
the structure of the program based on student response and
how we’re able to engage them, and we’re really trying to
use our social media platforms and really get out there
and make it more acceptable for students to learn about these issues. (Upbeat music)

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