Economic Inequality (FREE COURSE TRAILER)


Economic Inequality (FREE COURSE TRAILER)

The richest 26 people in the world owned as much as the poorest 50 % of the world’s population in 2018. In the UK, the share of household income going
to the richest 1% of people has more than doubled since the 1960s. Inequality has been described as the defining challenge of our time. But while many people
agree that inequality matters, they disagree on what it means for society, what explains
it, and what should be done about it. This interactive course will help you understand these different views on inequality and explore how the problem of inequality is approached
by economists. You will reflect on the meaning and experiences of inequality in everyday life and learn about its dimensions in economics. You will learn how different aspects of economic inequality have changed across time and space, and what are some of the main explanations for these developments. You will also get a chance to have your say about inequality and put yourself in the shoes
of a prime minister to explore different ways in which inequality could be reduced. So, if you are eager to make sense of the headlines and to understand in a practical
way one of the key challenges facing modern societies in a practical way, this course is for you! Get more from The Open University Check out the links on screen now.

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5 thoughts on “Economic Inequality (FREE COURSE TRAILER)”

  1. Pasquale Gelardi says:

    Nobody is equal, everyone is human .
    Is this Spider-Man’s girlfriend?
    Or a relative in Ukraine?

  2. 20alphabet says:

    So… you're selling Communism?

  3. Crumphorn says:

    My god, are we really paying to have this kind of economic phrenology taught to our students?

  4. Vincent de Guard says:

    0:25 …nuff said

  5. Revahe Ehaver says:

    as long as we have capitalism just stop, impossible

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