EDC Floristry course video (East Durham College)

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EDC Floristry course video (East Durham College)

[music]>>KAY: My name is Kay Hawker and I am the
Lecturer for Level 3 Floristry.>>SUE: My name is Sue Leigh and I teach Floristry
at Houghall College.>>KAY: The students will be on a daily basis
creating designs that are set for skills showing their ability at Level 3. Lots of new techniques,
lots of new skills, design ideas from around the world.
>>SUE : Full time students have all their equipment provided so everything from flowers
and foliage to bases that they’ll make funeral tributes onto, holders for wedding bouquets.
>>KAY: Students that are at College now with us now can go on to a career path to work
as a florist, to run their own business and employ people, they may be a designer working
for one of the top companies, they may even travel around the world; cruise ships and
that sort of thing. So there is a large range of things for them to move onto.
>>KATE: My name’s Kate Stowthore and I’m on ND Level 3 Floristry.
>>VICTORIA: My name’s Victoria Tildon and I’m doing the Level 3 in Floristry.
>>KATE: We do practical work so we make things like hand ties and funeral arrangements and
loads of floristry arrangements.>>VICTORIA: The lecturers are helping me
to learn advanced techniques in floristry to give me a good positive goal.
[music] We’re provided with great flowers; seasonal,
materials usually, of good quality and different every week.
>>BETH: My name’s Beth Tunney and I study at Houghall College and I’ve done Floristry
Level 2 and 3.>>KELLY: My name’s Kelly Graham I finished
overall in June 2008.>>BETH: I started the business, I started
on 4th December 2010. The best thing about being a Florist is pleasing the customers
with the work I’ve done. It’s nice to deliver the flowers and see their
faces when you give them to them.>>KELLY: My business’ name is Dunelm Florists.
We’re based in Durham in the village of Carvil. I took the business over in February 2009,
so not long after I’d finished college.>>BETH: The courses helped me to learn all
my basic skills in Level 2 and then go onto Level 3 to improve and have distinctive qualitites
to my work.>>KELLY : The best bit about the course looking
back now is the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to purchase my own business and to
have a new career.>>VICTORIA: If someone was thinking about
coming to Houghall I would absolutely recommend it, yeah its fantastic.

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