EDC Travel & Tourism course video (East Durham College)


EDC Travel & Tourism course video (East Durham College)

>>MARK: My name’s Mark Rochester. I’m doing the course BTEC Level 1 in Travel and Tourism
Diploma.>>RACHEL: Hello my name’s Rachel Willoughby
and I’m doing Level 2 Diploma in Travel and Tourism at East Durham College.
>>WENDY: My name’s Wendy Certe and I’m the Travel and Tourism programme leader here at
East Durham College. The Travel and Tourism industry is one of the biggest and fastest
growing industries in the world. It offers lots of permanent and seasonal career opportunities
in many diverse areas of the industry including organisations such as travel agencies, tour
operations, visitor attractions, accomodation providers and transport providers as well.
>>MARK: You feel part of the course here, people are really friendly and the staff are
really good.>>RACHEL: I think the facilities at the college
are really good. Lots of computers, big classrooms and I really enjoy being there.
>>WENDY: The different courses that we do is we investigate different types of organisations
involved in the travel industry and find out what their roles are and where they actually
fit into the whole industry structure. We develop team-building skills, communication
and interpersonal skills with the students which are essential if you want to work in
an industry such as this.>>RACHEL: Before I came here I wasn’t very
confident and I’ve recently been doing some roleplays and presentations and I think its
boosted my confidence.>>MARK: I didn’t think I would be interested
in cabin crew but I’ve found I am because we got a talk last week from and ex cabin-crew
member. She came in and gave us a safety demonstration that explained what its like being a cabin
crew and I found that really interesting.>>WENDY: We go on a number of superb visits
to local educational attractions in the area such as Hartlepool historic quay, Beamish,
Durham and Peterlee tourist information centres, Durham cathedral and hotels such as The Grand
Hotel in Hartlepool. We also visit major UK cities such as London, Manchester and Edinburgh
and also have the occasional trip overseas. Hays Travel have been very supportive towards
our students, offering them work placements, sponsoring awards within the College and providing
them with the opportunity to apply for their modern apprenticeships.
>>RACHEL: I’d recommend that you come to this college because there’s loads of different
jobs you can do in the travel industry and this college offes you a great opportunity
to do the training for that. [music]

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