Education Change Agents – CSUSA

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Education Change Agents – CSUSA

>>Jon Hage, CEO: So at Charter Schools USA, the student is actually the center point, the reason that we do what we do.>>Teacher 1: They’re important, they’re our future, they are everything, and without educating them, they won’t be successful in life.>>Teacher 2: The reason why I got into this field and this career is because I love kids, so you know, I believe it’s really important for teachers to love kids coming into this field. We want to push them, we want to have that desire, we want to have that drive and we want to give it to them too.>>Jackson Self, Principal: This company is on the right track, they’re moving kids, they’re encouraging students to be successful, they are doing what their motto says: We are putting students first and doing what’s right by children. >>Teacher 1: What I love about Charter schools is that teachers have the ability to teach what they want to the students in a way that they need it best>>Jackson Self: One thing that Charter Schools USA allows us to do is really innovate. What we do in the classroom, sometimes we have to change our approach. Sometimes we have to tweak it, we have to adjust it.>>Student: Like we offer you any classes that other schools wouldn’t offer like debate and political science. We focus on, like, what you want to do when you’re older so it’s not just, like, you’re gonna have to learn for yourself when you’re older. They are teaching it to us now.>>Teacher 2: It’s important to inspire students because you want to get them to love learning and be interested in what they’re learning in, so why become a teacher if you’re not going to inspire kids and if you don’t love being in a classroom with kids.>>Jackson Self: And that’s what it’s about. It’s not about traditional public schools versus charter schools versus private schools It’s not what it’s about you know. It’s about the children

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